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World, 2005-10-10.

The new FTLinuxCourse edition will be available next year, 2006.

The new version is planned to have the actual six training courses updated to a single modern OS: FTOSX.

These courses are:
  • BASE
  • WebMaster
  • X Window
  • Programming
  • Networking
  • Sys Adm
  • Build your own Linux, Step-by-Step.
Between the new chapters will be included a chapter for JAVA Programming, special support for FTOSX 2004/5/6 software like: TeXmacs, maxima and others.

Future FTLinuxCourse Complete versions are updated based on author and customer WishList.

Actually product price back to 399 US$ for the Americas and 399 euros for Europe and the World. Final product price is expected to be: 499 US$ for the Americas and 499 euros for Europe.

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