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It's China time ...
by Giovanni A. Orlando



World, 2005-04-26.

Was not five years ago, or four or three, or last year. China time, is now!

Following the latest anti-Japanese episodes in China, it is clear that there are not more breaks to enter the china phenomena in the global world. Following various chinese movies, specially in Martial arts was common to hear "Our moment had not come yet". However, it is clear that their moment has come. This fact reflects a precise plan and a precise time to become public and available for business. This time is today.

However, everyone fear China, and this have no sense. A rich person in China, have just few million dollars (8 or 15, may be a measure), and while the world have more population that china, I think that is more complicated for a chinese enterprauner to move to the global market, that an italian, european, or US american, enter in the china market. For the world is more easy, I think.

Honestly I don't understand the fear people have about China. Just some years ago, more people in China live in bad conditions, like Italians or Europeans before the world wars; after the wars these conditions become still more dramatic. Chinese people suffer the communism with Mao, and its consequences. Something similar happens actually to North Korea, therefore is auspicable, that instead of nuclear stupid weapons North Korea join to South Korea, in some sense of capitalism. I purchase South Korea socks in San Diego, some weeks ago!

Following the chinese phenomena, I think is a great blessing that China open its millenary walls for the business, for the communication, for the integration, for the expansion of their business and their wonderful culture.

Japan, enter in the world in these times, basically with the second war and its consequent hi-tech boom, thanks to companies like Sony, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and other similar. They show to the world its perfection, a not very common word in the Western world.

Now it is the China time. China with its 1,286,975,468 people (estimated 2003, I suppose is superior today), with its low cost for hand manufacturing are moving the global economy to a new dimension. This dimension is not the dimension where everyone is rich, neither where everyone is poor, but just to a situation how must be. A chinese may have a Ferrari, and also a european may have a chinese car, close to become available for about 4,600 euros, around 60% cheaper than european cars.

Europe have an important role in the China introduction to the Global market, and probably will be the place where the economy will suffer more. The high costs for gasoline in Europe, and specially in Italy are real ridiculous.

Here in Italy, for example the situation for the gasoline, is so dramatic that seems that everyone of us have some account to purchase gasoline barrel directly connected to the Nymex or to the OPEC. Everytime the gasoline price moves up, the next day you are forced to pay more money. Actually is around 1.27 euros for liter, or 3.785 liters equals to 4.806 euros, this 6.247 US$ for gallon; around three times the US costs for gasoline. This is not logical and ridiculous, because there are gasoline reserves in every place, and the consumers does not need to suffer the new price, the next day.

The time where business men goes to China to purchase beautiful silver pieces for tea or coffee are resell for 400% its value its over. Now, will be the end-user to purchase directly these pieces from the manufacture or better they will go to China directly.

The new European Community, CEE need to reduce drastically its taxes on different fields. Again, the euro is a great currency if you have and if you travel to other countries, not really in Europe where the value of acquisition is low. In other words, with 100 US$ in the US, you can do, almost double or triple things and purchase material, and food, than in any European country with 100 euro.

The cost per hour for hand manufacturing in Europe compared with China is around 300% higher. In the US the cost is still higher. Therefore, China will force to reduce the costs in every sector.

Probably this is the fear, the fear to change the economy and their predictions. Honestly I said is a blessing, to pay less where costs are ridiculous high. What will be the future? ... The end will be a very stable economy where in any place the cost will be very similar, just the right cost, and not free.

This is our world. Please not fear China!

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