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Future Technologies target ranges 1.6 Billions ...



World, 2005-03-11.

In accord to a recent study, taliored by Dr. Orlando, the worldwide populations ranges the following data:
  • Americas, (51 countries) = 868,821,283.
  • Europe (51 countries) = 797,523,487.
  • Africa (57 countries) = 856,260,618.
  • Asia (52 countries) = 3,747,724,511.
  • Oceania (23 countries) = 32,002,988.
Total = 6,302,341,887.

The primary target for Future Technologies products actually is the Americas and Europe for a total of over 1.6 Billion people.

However this data is not effective. An indicative date may be around 1 million people for country to be interested in latest technology products, and therefore the range in the Americas is around 200 millions + 50 millions (one for country), for a total of 250 millions people in Americas.

In Europe, software products moves around 300 millions, or less. Therefore in 1.6 Billions there are something like just 500 million people that may range all the FT products.

The new Energy Medicine products when available will touch the a range of 1 Billion potential persons.

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