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A Tour on CygWin

by Giovanni A. Orlando.



World, 2005-03-27.

What's CygWin? ... What is Cygwin/X? For Linux gurus Cygnus software belong to the new utilities developed by Cygnus Software to allow windows users to use UNIX tools.

Why someone or some company will dedicate time and efforts to develop UNIX tools for Windows? ... Because UNIX (and of course Linux) is better than Windows.

In fact. the following screenshot present some Linux programs like "gv", "xfig", "xterm" and "xemacs" under MS Windows XP.

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There around 2.6 GB of UNIX software ... that runs on Linux! ... basically running a program and ... for free!

How works this software?

Well, we need to download the cygwin software. You can use the site: http://cygwin.com/ . Once you download the entire (better programs), start running the "setup.exe"program.

Please note that you are building the complete X Window enviroment under MS Windows.

A neutral distro?

Basically, we have tools,. programs and software like:

[root@ftosx2004 release]# ls -aF
./             chere/           docbook-xsl/  ghostscript/     keychain/      m4/             openssl/     sed/           tzcode/
../            chkconfig/       doxygen/      glib/            lablgtk2/      make/           orpie/       setsid/        ucl/
a2ps/          clamav/          dpkg/         glib2/           lapack/        man/            pango/       sharutils/     unison/
agetty/        clear/           e2fsimage/    gmp/             lcms/          mathomatic/     par/         shutdown/      units/
alternatives/  clisp/           e2fsprogs/    GNOME/           less/          mc/             patch/       singular/      unzip/
antiword/      cmake/           ed/           gnugo/           lftp/          md5.sum         patchutils/  speex/         _update-info-dir/
apache/        cocom/           editrights/   gnupg/           libao/         mhash/          pcre/        splint/        upx/
apache2/       compface/        ELFIO/        gnutls/          libart_lgpl/   mined/          pdksh/       squid/         uw-imap/
apr/           coreutils/       emacs/        gperf/           libcroco/      mingw/          perl/        ssmtp/         vim/
apr-util/      cpio/            email/        grace/           libEMF/        mingw-runtime/  pine/        stow/          vorbis-tools/
ash/           cppunit/         enscript/     GraphicsMagick/  libfpx/        minires/        pinfo/       stunnel/       w32api/
aspell/        cramfs/          epstool/      grep/            libgc/         mktemp/         ping/        subversion/    w3m/
astyle/        cron/            esound/       groff/           libgcrypt/     more/           pkgconfig/   suite3270/     wget/
atk/           crypt/           exif/         gsl/             libgeotiff/    mt/             ploticus/    sunrpc/        which/
audiofile/     ctags/           exim/         gtk+/            libglade2/     mtd/            plotutils/   swig/          whois/
autoconf/      ctetris/         expat/        gtk2-x11/        libgpg-error/  mutt/           popt/        SWI-Prolog/    WordNet/
automake/      curl/            expect/       gtk-doc/         libiconv/      naim/           postgresql/  sysvinit/      wtf/
autossh/       cvs/             fetchmail/    gtypist/         libmcrypt/     nano/           procmail/    t1lib/         X11/
base-files/    cvsutils/        fftw3/        guile/           libmng/        nasm/           procps/      tar/           xemacs/
base-passwd/   cygrunsrv/       figlet/       gzip/            libogg/        ncftp/          proftpd/     tcltk/         xerces-c/
bash/          cygutils/        file/         help2man/        libpng/        ncurses/        proj/        tcp_wrappers/  xinetd/
bc/            cygwin/          findutils/    hexedit/         libsmi/        neon/           psmisc/      tcsh/          xmlto/
binutils/      cygwin-doc/      flac/         ImageMagick/     libtasn1/      netcat/         pstoedit/    termcap/       xpm-nox/
bison/         cyrus-sasl/      flex/         indent/          libtool/       netpbm/         psutils/     terminfo/      zip/
boost/         d/               fltk/         inetutils/       libungif/      nfs-server/     python/      tetex/         zlib/
byacc/         db/              foo           initscripts/     libvorbis/     _obsolete/      rcs/         texi2html/     zsh/
bzip2/         dejagnu/         fortune/      intltool/        libwmf/        ocaml/          readline/    texinfo/
bzr/           diffstat/        freeglut/     ioperm/          libxml2/       octave/         README       TeXmacs/
cabextract/    diffutils/       gawk/         irc/             libxslt/       opencdk/        rebase/      tidy/
catgets/       distcc/          gcc/          jasper/          lighttpd/      opengl/         robots/      tiff/
ccache/        docbook-xml412/  gcc-mingw/    jbigkit/         lilypond/      openjade/       rpm/         time/
ccdoc/         docbook-xml42/   gdb/          jgraph/          links/         openldap/       rsync/       tin/
ccrypt/        docbook-xml43/   gdbm/         joe/             login/         OpenSP/         ruby/        ttcp/
check/         docbook-xml44/   gettext/      jpeg/            lynx/          openssh/        rxvt/        typespeed/
[root@ftosx2004 release]#                               

May be for fools?

With more than 300 Linux distributions available for free? ... Who will be so fool to continue to use windows and run these tools instead to use directly Linux! ... someone that still use Windows like the 'normal' Operating System.

Of course, if you use Windows XP, for example and want to continue to use it, and start to get confidence with Linux, you can use Cygwin!

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