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2005 ... a year of impact for Future Technologies ...
by Giovanni A. Orlando.



World, 2005-12-12.

From a business point of view, this year 2005, start basically in September when I consolidate the decision to give away my FTLinuxCourse under the GNU Free Documentation License with the support of Richard Stallman.

With this release we create an incredible wave of feedback with the international Linux community, and our years of hard work, from 1995 until 2002, get back with nice words like "Venerable", from a NewsForge article. This article was translated to Russian, Chinese, Polish and Czech ... like are listed in our OnThePress page in our FTLinuxCourse section, together with welcome words from various magazines.

Thanks to this release our FTLinuxCourse, our actual always free GNU/Linux based Operating System, FTOSX and our incoming OSBuilder, FTOSBuilder become and get audience, a great audience for the first time worldwide touching new countries like Bulgaria in September, Czech Republic in October, Germany where we did a little investment in advertising in 1998, and consolidating countries like Japan. My Italy remain the position number 4 (Countries) in our statistics.

My visit, still running to Venezuela, my original country offer the opportunity to share information here and get great satisfaction looking for the results of the lay 3390 forcing the entire goverment offices to Linux. I personally see Debian, but also Mandrake linux in some Venezuelan goverment offices.

Therefore, the year 2005, was and is, a year of real impact touching millions of people in all the world. All this invite me to planify an office in South America, in Venezuela, as well to offer the new edition of FTLinuxCourse in US English for the US Market and the World, Spanish, for Latin America and Spain, French, Italian, German for European countries, and Portuguese for Brazil and Portugal.

We receive various email with thanks. Well, let me give thanks to you!.

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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