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Greetings in the Venus-day of Love in the Family ... the day of the Ladies ... the day of the Lovers ...

      Now ... What really said Charles Darwin? ... Well, basically he said: "Everything evolves".

      What really said Professor Albert Einstein ... He said many things ... without doubt a correct result is ... "Time is the Fourth Dimension".

     Now ... a common mistake in Science and not all people is good for Science ... is to consider ... "Old means nothing ... we need to build the Future".

      ... Darwin do not mind ... how species has thorn, or why there are insects? ... or Beasts of prey? ...

     In fact, Nature mimic Human Nature that is superior ... not necessarily Divine ... mostly Carnal.

     In more plain English which not necessarily can be easily understood ... No one of them consider the 2D Elementals ... or Elements of Nature like Conscious being ...

127 The trees, the flowers, the rocks, the earth–all of the variegated expressions of nature–bow to that man who has made himself the instrument of freedom and extend to him the care and consideration of the Master Gardener himself 128 The Father who created the paradise of God referred to in Genesis is now perceived to be in fact the Creator of all loveliness.

129 The sylphs of the air, the undines of the sea, 130 the fiery salamanders of the flame, 131 and the gnomes of the earth are recognized as elemental spirits 132 created to assist that one Father in bringing forth a kingdom of supreme loveliness and beauty.

133 It is recognized by the perceptive alchemist that the carnal nature of man has been outpictured in part by the nature kingdom; 134 for the elementals, from the smallest to the greatest, are great mimics of the human scene.

135 As they have taken on human concepts of duality, thorns and thistles, 136 pain and parting have been brought forth upon the screen of life. 137 Yet with all of the despoiling of the virgin beauty of the earth by mankinds discord and inharmony, much that is lovely has remained, 138 showing that the power of God is greater than the power of the deification of evil.

139 Through friendship with the servants of God and man in nature, the compassionate alchemist learns to utilize the great spiritual flow of elemental life 140 and finds in the presence of the Holy Spirit a cooperation with nature which formerly he did not even dream existed.

      No one consider the Atom of Democritus have Consciousness like the Elementals ... No one considered Old Civilizations extremely most advanced existed that use the Atom in benevolent mode ...

      No one consider ... Time is Cyclical ... What was ... will be again and again ... like a Cycle.

      Again ... like Sir Edmund Whittaker consider ... Professor Marco Todeschini exclaim ... Professor Einstein is NOT Famous for ...


       where ... we have written here and have and see generally the first member of Taylor Development ... more extensive and complete ... and many are the ways we can deduct.

     Einstein was famous for Time ... and he do not go beyond ... to 5D ... to 6D (Sacred Geometry) ... to 7D (Sirius) ... to 8D (Orion) ... neither he moves back to 2D ... where the Elementals of Nature exist ... neither to 1D.

    Of Course, Professor Einstein has been more important in Science than Charles Darwin ... but both failed to consider the Golden Word ...


   We include this following an Idea of Madam Peggy Dubro ... at square C2


   In fact ... the entire Crossing of Travel of Charles Darwin ... in his Beagle ... can be explained in few words ...

Everything evolves ... but evolves according to the Quality of Consciousness.

    This is the Tesla missing Theory ... that he explained in his seventies ...

  • If you add a Genius ... in a place of not-Genius ... in appropriate time all will rise their Consciousness ... May be not be to the level of the Genius but to a good level.
  • If you add the Carnal Mind of Humanity ... which in most cases is Evil ... Well ... Roses will have thorns.
  • Therefore Consciousness may be Good ... or Bad ... Male or Female ... Strong or Weak ...

    Professor Einstein exclude the Aether ... which Alchemist consider in another way ...

    With Alchemy Physics have more sense ...

  • 1 Void is unfruitful energy. 2 The alchemist must develop a sense of the value of time and space and the opportunity
    to manipulate both. -- The Purpose of Your Alchemical Experiment 1-2.
  • 5 Man must come to recognize that space and time are necessary subdivisions of one sole reality, 6 that the limitations which they embody, 7 providing necessary boundaries, can become ladders to boundlessness 8 and a veritable means whereby any electron in space can become a universe or the universe can become any electron.
  • The concept of the multiplication of cells points to the law of nature that provides for a continual addendum.
    This law which governs the reproduction of life after its kind does not involve the physical body alone, but the mind, the feelings, and the memory as well as the pure Spirit of man.
  • 97 Saint Paul referred to a “cloud of witnesses.” (Hebrews 12:1) 98 I am referring to a cloud of infinite energy which, 99 somewhat like the ether so popularized by the scientists of a century ago, 100 is everywhere present but nowhere manifest until it is called into action.

   That's all folks ...

   If you pretend to learn Alchemy ... I propose you to find a teacher and master Patience ...

That the Happiness around the corner knock and remain in your heart.
Giovanni A. Orlando.
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