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Greetings in the Crystal White day of the Moon ... the day of Lord Jesus ...

         Now ... What is the "Original Sin"? ... The Original Sin is ... the "Fall of Man" ... and What is that Fall? ... is the rejection of God ...

         I, Giovanni=John ... are ready you to offer many ways ... or many explanations ... from many perspectives.

         First ... there are NO such concept ... which metaphorically means ... Eve give an Apple or Fruit to Adam ... Nay! ... That is a metaphor.

         I will give some perspectives from Ascended Masters ... The Great Divine Director first ... Lord Jesus then ... Saint Germain then ... Then I will enter in Judaism ... then in Hinduism and then I will wish you a happy day.

         According to the Great Divine Director ... "The Original Sin is ... the lost of Immortality ... and therefore we become Mortals ... Once we become Immortals ... and ascend or graduate here ... We gain back our original role of Immortality ... " ... Let us listen ...

         Sometime ago I spoke about immortality. Beloved ones, that which speaks and declares, “I AM,” is immortal. When, I am sorry to say, individuals ignorantly or intentionally (and seldom intentionally) speak and say, “I AM,” followed by a negative expression, they are taking the power of God, they are using that power to distort that which would otherwise be a perfect expression of the immortal intelligence of God. They are taking that power, beloved ones, and channeling it into a matrix and a mold which is imperfect, and this is the original sin of man. It is the only original sin.

          The Words of Lady Liberty ... represented in NY are:

“You have heard, beloved ones, of the doctrine of original sin. I am the spokesman for the Karmic Board, and I tell you, beloved ones, there is no such thing as original sin. For God did not create it, the cosmic masters did not create it, and I think that it has never been created! Original sin, beloved ones, is a figment of the human imagination. That which is original is purity. It is the law of life, it is the law of eternal perfection, and it is that which was intended to act in the world of man as it acts in the universe.

       You can read this: Divine Unity—Unity of Hearts and Purposes Enter the Consciousness of Your I AM Presence Part 2

       Now let us ... move to a more "interesting information" ... from the very words of Master Jesus ...

    In fact, the Master ... which name is Sananda ... say to us ...

Consider, too, the words of David: “In sin did my mother conceive me.” <5> Even he was the victim of planetary condemnation. This condemnation is subtle and most of you are completely unaware of how it is directed against you and others who have descended into mortality to be on earth but for a little while only to enter again into the realms of glory.

As you pray for your families and your children, I ask you to recognize that the root cause of discontent in each soul and lifestream (which is shared by families and communities and nations) is the belief sealed in the unconscious that the soul is stained according to the doctrine of original sin. It is the belief that the soul has sinned and that that sin is somehow linked to procreation; and thus the most wondrous act of creation, the giving of life on earth to naked souls who require physical bodies for the journey, becomes compromised by the so-called “stain of sin.”

The blessing of holy matrimony, the blessing of father and mother and child in the glory of the angels must be your first order of business as you serve God on earth. For you do not realize what condemnation of Death and Hell is upon you in this matter.

   ... Therefore ... there are NO SUCH SIN ... in such terms ... Sex=Sin ... but let us continue to study ...

     In case you want to read such words you can read it here ... The Office of Bride of Christ  The Sanctification of Holy Matrimony and the Conception of Children

     Now Saint Germain give us ... another touch ...

Freedom is on the move; and those who will not move with its tide will be left behind, high and dry upon the shoals of human consciousness, apart from the great ocean of infinite love and light for which they shall one day certainly thirst.  Separation from God is the original sin, and it is the sin against the Holy Ghost for which there is no forgiveness; <4>for so long as the separation remains, there cannot be forgiveness.  Only when the separation is ended by man’s self-determined reunion with God can the great givingness of God once again bestow upon man his own rightfully earned and divinely decreed just portion.

     This is very IMPORTANT ... because mostly consider ... there are Forgiveness always ... but they are Wrong. There are no Forgiveness ... ONLY WHEN YOU ARE ONE with GOD ... The trial ends.


       Now ... we will offer another perspective from Judaism ... We never talk about ... but behind the sceneis the "Tree of Life" ... represented by the KA-BBA-ALAH ... and the Sephirot ...

   I will not go to deep ... but the "Sin" is the lack of Female Sephirot. According  to Elizabeth Clare and many Rabi ... Adam do not catch the entire set of Sephirot ... So, Adam catch "only" the latest sephirot and only from male side of it, not the female side ... excluding Female Power of God ...

    According to this theory, Adam sinned by worshiping Malkut/Shekhinah apart from the oilier sephirot. "Instead of penetrating the vast unity and totality of the sephirot in his contemplation," writes Gershom Scholcm, "Adam, when faced with the choice, took the easier course of contemplating only the last sephirot (since it seemed to represent everything else) separately from the other sephirot and of mistaking it for the whole of the Godhead. As a result Shekinah, the feminine aspect of God, was cut off from the upper sephirot divorced from her husband,Tijeret, and forced to go with Adam into exile.

How did Adams sin affect mankind? Before Adam sinned, he had enjoyed a steady, direct contact with God. But his sin severed that tie. "Had it not been for Adam's sin," writes Scholem, "the supreme divine will would have continued to work unbroken in Adam and Eve and all their descendants, and all of creation would have functioned in harmony, transmitting downward from above ...

    See ...


    Let us now listen ... the Hinduism point of view ...

    We must consider ... The Universe is ... Spiritual ... and God is Spirit ... so the Original Adam and Eve were also Spiritual ... lowered from High Spheres ... Yes, there are a connection with Sex ... but let us listen ...

    GOD TOLD THE ORIGINAL MAN AND WOMAN, metaphorically called Adam and Eve in the Bible, to "eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden"; but He warned them "of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden.. ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die." (Gen 3:2-3).

Spiritually interpreted, these words signify that the Lord wished Adam and Eve to eat or enjoy, as human beings, the "fruits" of the fivefold sensory tree. But of the "apple" of sex on the tree of nerves situated "in the midst (middle) of the garden" of the human body, God said: "Do not try to have physical sex experience, lest you die (lose your present consciousness of immortality)."

The Lord created the "original pair," Adam and Eve, by the power of materialization through the divine fiat of His will. He placed them in a garden "eastward in Eden"; that is, with their consciousness focused "eastward" in the spiritual eye of intuitive divine perception.

To them He gave the same power to condense their thoughts into gross images materialized from the ether (ideational world), that by this immaculate method of creation they could multiply and people the earth. He told them to enjoy the sensations of seeing and hearing each other, talking and eating with each other, smelling the flowers, and touching the objects around them that He had created. But He warned these first beings not to touch each other's bodies in a carnal way, lest they summon forth the subconscious memory of the animal mode of sexual propagation, which they had known and employed previously in bestial forms.

Heretofore, God's manifestation as individualized souls had evolved upward through various life forms to instinct-bound animals. God had then introduced souls from the highest evolved animals into the human bodies of the symbolic Adam and Eve.

The bodies of these first humans were therefore the result of both evolution (generally evolved from the pattern of animals) and an act of special creation by God as the beginning of the human race. Human beings are above the lesser instrumentality of animals, for they alone possess the potential to express full divinity because of unique spiritual cerebrospinal centers of divine life and consciousness. Thus both divine and bestial or subhuman traits characterize man as an embodied mortal.

The original prototypes of man and woman had no sexual members in their perfect bodies until after they had disobeyed God's command to them. "They were both naked...and were not ashamed" (Genesis 2:25) —a harmonious unity between the qualities of positive and negative, masculine and feminine, reason and feeling, unperverted by gross sensual sex attraction.

But when the feeling or Eve-consciousness in man was tempted by vague recollections of animalistic sexual arousal, then man's reason or Adam also succumbed.

When Adam and Eve embraced each other with sensual desire, the serpentine or coiled-up energy at the base of the spine, which either lifts man Godward or feeds his senses, stimulated the heretofore undeveloped sex nerves.

From this agitation, the sex organs developed. "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them." (Genesis 3:21)

The positive Adam with masculine reason uppermost became male; the negative Eve with feminine feeling predominant became female. Eden, their state of divine consciousness, was lost to them, and "they knew they were naked": their purity to see themselves as souls encased in a wondrous triune body of consciousness, life force, and atomic radiation was replaced by identification with the limitations of the gross physical form.

Ever since the fall, their descendants have had to reproduce their kind by the gross and complicated process of sexual creation. Adam and Eve, and through them the human race, were required by cosmic law to be subject to the dualities of good and evil, and to experience death, painful change, because they had forfeited their omniscient immortality by reverting to animal habits.

While the Genesis story in the Bible focuses on the fall of original man, the Hindu scriptures extol the first beings on earth as divine individuals who could assume corporeal forms and similarly create offspring by divine command of their will.

In one such account, in the hoary Purana, Srimad Bhagavata, the first man and woman in physical form, the Hindu "Adam and Eve," were called Swayambhuva Manu ("man born of the Creator") and his wife Shatarupa ("having a hundred images") whose children intermarried with Prajapatis, perfect celestial beings who took physical forms to become the progenitors of mankind.

Thus, entering the original unique human forms created by God were souls that had either passed through the upward evolutionary stages of creation as Prakriti prepared the earth for the advent of man, or were pristine souls that had descended to earth specifically to begin the world's human population.

In either case, original man was uniquely endowed to express soul perfection. Those "Adams and Eves" and their offspring who maintained their divine consciousness in the "Eden" of the spiritual eye returned to Spirit or the heavenly realms after a blissful sojourn on earth.

The "fallen" human beings and their "fallen" offspring were caught in the reincarnational cycles that are the fate of desire-filled, sense-identified mortals. (4:7-8).

Mankind in general thus remains reveling in the leaves of sensations of the bodily garden, without understanding its origin in God.

But yogis are able to reclaim the lost Eden by withdrawing their minds not only from the touch sensation of sex but also from all other tactual contacts, and from the sensations of sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Such yogis ascend the inverted tree of the nervous system, life force, and consciousness to reach the paradise of Cosmic Consciousness.

The ordinary man indulges in the transitory pleasures of bodily sensations and fleeting thought-forms, thereby exposing himself to countless subsequent miseries. But a man of Self-realization, being one with the Cosmic Consciousness of his Maker, beholds the human body and mind as delusive thought-forms that provide the soul with a means to experience the Lord's cosmic chiaroscuro.

That is why the Bhagavad Gita says that one who understands this triple tree of life, which has its source in God's eternal existence, is a knower of all wisdom ("the Vedas").


    Therefore ... is more than evident ... that Man have Fall ... and the Fall is the "rejection" and Persistency against God ... Most consider they will be saved at any cost ... but unfortunately while there are no Original Sin ... Man must only "Look for God" ... Then he (or she) find it ... everything get solved.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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