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Friday, 24 November 2017 07:44


Greetings in the Holy Friday ... the Orange Venus day of the Love in the Family ... No, is not a day of Business, is a day of Love ... between Lovers, in the Family ... or Just the day of She, "The Woman".

      Now ... We cannot but accept the World is sick and need Healing.

      Yes ... Of Course Lord Jesus was an Angel between his own People, in Israel ... in Egypt ... in Arabia ... and so Germain, and so each one of us.

       Now ... Angels do not charge for Visits, not charge for Healing ... do not charge for teaching ...

       And in this day ... I will gift a New couple of Books ... for free ... like an Angel is you prefer ...

      Here you have ...

Part 1

  1. The Path of Twin Flames through the Mighty I AM Presence and the Science of the Spoken Word by the Beloved Messanger - 29.25
  2. Keys to the Twelve Gates of the Celestial City The Weaving of the Deathless Solar Body by Archangel Chamuel and Charity - 29.26
  3. The LORD Will Be Magnified! - by The Beloved Messenger - 29.27
  4. My Word Shall Not Be Defiled! - Beloved Archangel Michael 29.28
  5. Christ the High Priest by Beloved Messanger - 29.29
  6. Slippers of the Ancient Guru - Archangel Jophiel - 29.30
  7. The Judgment of Love - The Coming of the Messenger - The Dividing of the Way by Archangel Gabriel - 29.31
  8. The Day of the Coming of the LORD’s Angel Healing, Karma, and the Path by Raphael - 29.32
  9. The LORD’s Vindication of the Divine Mother - by Archangel Uriel - 29.33
  10. The Liberation of the Woman in Church and State The Seventh Ray for the Implementation of the LORD’s Judgment by Zadkiel - 29.34

Part 2

  1. The Cosmic Mission of Twin Flames - People of Light, Rise Up and Hold the Balance! - by Archangel Chamuel - 29.51
  2. “Seek Ye First This Kingdom...” On the Second Death, the Final Judgment and the End of Evil by Michael - 29.52
  3. An Age in Crisis at the Crossroads of Life - “Good People Must Do Better” - 29.53
  4. The Father’s Message of Your Salvation unto Him O Christed Ones, Recognize Your Destiny to Be Instruments of God! by Gabriel - 29.54
  5. The Revolution of the Universal Christ Lightbearers of the United States and Canada, Let the Union Come Forth! - by Archangel Raphael - 29.55
  6. A Sense of Destiny in the Cosmic Stream of History You Were Born to Be the Fullness of the Only Begotten Son by Uriel - 29.56
  7. He Must Increase, but I Must Decrease” by Zadkiel - 29.57

    Today is the day of Zadkiel ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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