The Art of the King begin in your Neurons (Part 2) by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Print
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Friday, 01 September 2017 09:09


Greetings in the Venus-day of the Love in the Family ...

    And the intent ... just an intent is you expand your consciousness ... to recover your Time and leave ... your Past.

    Here, in 3D ... Space is generated by Time which has a Higher Speed ... both moves (Exercise ... Humm).

    The intent ... and this is the Last "Free" Lesson about is you ... expand your Limits ...

    The idea here is you ... Re-Self-Excite your Neurons ...

     The Book ... "The Electrical Activity of your Nervous System" by Mary Brazier ... propose the following draw:

   You need to do this ... in Conscious mode ... by Yourself ... under Meditation, Walking or Praying.


    The consequences of this Neurological fact are extreme important.

  • The Art of the King ... which can take you few years ... or few dozen years ... let you ... expand or remove your Limits.
  • Your Limits are ... delimited by your Fears and
  • Your Fears are incomplete connections in your DNA ... caused by incomplete synapse. Good Food ... Vegetable and fruits provoke good synapse, Bad Food (or "Fast Food" provoke very Bad synapse and accelerate death).
  • As soon your Fear are removed and your Limits expanded you become more and more ... Wealthy (It is your behavior that expand your Wealth).
  • It is a process ... it takes time ... and help you ...
  • It evident you change toward a benevolent mode ... adopting this system.

   Some Theory.  

    Italian Professor Marco Todeschini has been a luminary in the field of Physics related to Human Body ... He propose "Psy-Bio-Physics", in Italian, "Pscibiofisica".

    He understand and wrote a book about a fact ... Greek catch and Newton erupt in his writings. The fact is ..."All are Appearances".

    What is an Appearance? ... In fact, we can re-write Todeschini book to explain the book ... An Appearance is what the Brain catch and transform or transduce in Information ...


   And therefore ... There are no Colors ... no Blue, no Green, no White ... no Orange ... but frequencies the Brain catch using a very sophisticated Tele-metric Apparatus ... The Eye.

     The same is valid for the Taste, the Ear with the Sounds ... etc. Todeschini generate a Sophisticated "Theory" including Descartes Vortices ...

     Now ... He also unlock the Brain and the Vertebral Column ... which Electricity is ... unknown to Human World ... In fact, mostly study Electricity and Marconi, and Maxwell ... or Tesla ... but do not remember the Body has current at specific amperage ... and voltage ... The Dr. Motoyama AMI Device capture that current (or currents).

     Inside this current we can say ... We have cities ... Humm ... and the Chakra are as big as Planets ... In fact, any Neuron is like a Galaxy and while we are "small" or "tall" ... there are distances inside Our Body ... as far like the distance between Stars.

    From ... the Book ... "The Pleaidian Agenda" we return to Lord Jesus statement ...

Each electron is light within molecules within the cells in your body.  You  actually are more light than solid. The distance from one molecule to another in your body is as great as the distance from one galaxy to another. You have worlds and universes within your body!  -- Satya.


Happy Week-end.
Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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