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Greetings in the Sun-day ... the day of Healing ... now ruled by El Moria. in Yellow Clothes ...

     El Moria was a Warrior ... is a Warrior and Paul of Tarsus ... or Saul of Tarsus (Turkey) has been both ... Apostle Peter (El Moria) and Paul (now Hilarion).

     Holy Friends ... The Process you watch on TV will not stop ... and all is a "fixing of Past" ... Leaving 3D (Third Dimension) and entering in 4D (Fourth Dimension).

     In less than 3 years we will close to 5D (Fifth Dimension) ... The Dimension of Unconditional Love, then may be ... more a tone of Brotherhood will play.

    We cannot say to ... "Bad people or Delinquents" ... Please be Good ... They will Smile ... They have no Faith, no Will, no tomorrow ... and because they ... "Do not see the Future" ... they become ... "uncontrollable"  or without control.

     You can say ... "Well, there are the Police" ... The arrival of Police in most case is too late. Better to Prevent and How we can prevent? ... The best mode is to say them ... "You are sick ... You need healers" ... May be they go more bad humor ... but my intent is ... a prayer for Union ...

    I leave to the Words of Saint Hilarion ... who was Apostle Paul.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


Apostle Paul

The Real Meaning of Disease

Hilarion brings the wisdom (wise dominion) of healing and the science of healing. He comes to teach us how to heal the diseases of the people of earth, how to heal their ignorance and their ignoring of those things that are being fed to the minds, the bodies and the souls of the children and all people.

Not surprisingly, the master has much to say about the origin of disease, which can be considered to be dis-eose, a state of the imbalance of energy at the level of the finer bodies of man—the etheric, the mental, emotional—and finally the physical body. For illness often begins not with the physical but with the finer bodies.

"My responsibility," Hilarion once told us, "is to release, through the fiery core of my heart, energies tor healing, tor science, tor 1 ruth, tor the enlightenment of souls by the law of mathematics of the energy flow, the energy systems that can and will contribute to wholeness and the integration of souls with the life that is God here on the planet Earth."

Speaking on behalf of the healing masters, Hilarion said, "There has never been a time in human history when mankind have been so plagued by disease of every form. Often these are diseases that are not perceptible to the people themselves, for they are the diseases of the mind, the diseases of character, diseases within the subconscious.

"This energy of malfunction, of disturbance, of an unnatural activity within the cells of the body of God on earth is reaching alarming proportions—in fact it is an alarm that has sounded across the cosmos itself. For if mankind be not whole, then how can they be overcomers in this age? How can they solve the larger problems on the world scene when their four lower bodies are so far from the center of Reality?

"We have seen, then, that Saint Germain and Morya, masters of the age, require the support of the healing masters and of cosmic beings from many sectors of cosmos. We have seen that the dream of Morya to free the earth, that the fires of transmutation and freedom for the Aquarian age in the hand of Saint Germain cannot be realized unless mankind be made whole, unless there is a quickening.

"And therefore, we have appealed to the Holy Spirit, to the Maha Chohan. This noble one was summoned to our meeting by the Goddess of Liberty, the spokesman for the Karmic Board, and we placed the dilemma before the Maha Chohan. And he gave his reply, stating that he was aware of the proportions, and his concern was also a mounting one—

"His statement was that at the very foundation of the problem of disease, of sickness of every type was the estrangement of the soul from the flame of the Mother, the estrangement of the soul from   the   Spirit   Most Holy. In the light of this assessment, he pointed out how troubling world conditions, manufactured to a large extent by the fallen ones, were specifically calculated to separate the soul from the security of the Divine Mother and from the energy flow of the Holy Spirit."

Sealing the Mind for Healing

Then Hilarion gave us an important key: "Will you remember, then, when all else fails, especially when you find that somehow there is a distortion in your mind, in your vision, in your ability to cope with life, that you instantaneously invoke in the name of Jesus the Christ the sealing of the mind with the dispensation of the emerald-teal ray?"9
Hilarion explained that this dispensation, when invoked, is performed by a special legion of angels assigned to the task who seal the mind and mental body in a forcefield of brilliant emerald-teal light, glowing now as green, now as an aspect of the hue of blue.

"Inasmuch as I am the chohan of the fifth ray, inasmuch as the chohans of the rays are the guardians of the Christ consciousness of their ray, it was given to me to organize legions of light for the protection of the Christ mind in the children of the light by the flame of Truth. Therefore, you may call upon this contingent of healing forces to reinforce the Christ consciousness and to saturate the minds of mankind with the healing flame.

"Know, then, that in answer to your call, I come forth with millions of angels and ascended hosts of light, some even newly ascended..., who have determined to join in this specific endeavor of locking the light of healing around the consciousness of mankind for the protection of that light, that Logos, that logic of the divine mind that it might mesh with the lower mental body, the brain, chakras and central nervous system, and be accessible to the race."10

Guarding the Mind and Spirit for the Health of the Body

Hilarion speaks often of the guarding of the mind as well as the spirit: "In the matter of bodily health, the state of the mind and spirit must be considered. How foolish it is for men to ignore the content of the mind and to fail to examine that which they allow to fall into it; for the mind can be a pit and a snare because it is of the earth, earthy. Men should carefully watch the intake of their minds, for out of all that is absorbed therein are often compounded those animal-like qualities that later appear 'out of nowhere' to crush the evolving Christ consciousness, both in its infancy and as it approaches a mature perfection in the soul.

"A man must consider how he becomes his own worst enemy. Unless this be done, his progress may be slow; for within the circle of his being, he will find lurking the most crafty of enemies.

"There are many victims of maladies of the mind and spirit who attribute to outside forces the distortions they themselves have taken into their worlds. Let us seek to cast out of each blessed monad the negativities that have entered there, in order that the eyes may see with singleness of vision the beauty of the emerging Christ.""


Consider for a moment ... The Evil is a Low Vibration ... a Demon if you prefer ... only with Prayers (logos=Word) and Sealing the Cells and its Light you can protect yourself for them ... Fear, Envy ... Darkess remain in your cells until are removed. You can control both Darkness and Light.

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