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Greetings in the day of the Sun ... The Yellow Sun-day of Healing now under the hands of Beloved EL-MOR-IA ... A Lord (EL) which father is MOR from Planet IA ... on Sirius.

      And ... is not the Student that choose the Master, but the Master that choose the Students ... and Saint Germain consider about 20 years ago ... in 1997, and Saint Germain consider to choose your fellow friend, Giovanni (Johannes) ... about 20 years ago ... before I was under other Master.

      One of my Greatest mistake like a Teacher or Master's Apprentice is to consider ... erroneously that most of my people, those who listen me, personal or from the Web are in position to understand me ... plain and clear.

         My first contact with Saint Germain was ... when him ... in invisible mode propose me ... in Caracas, Venezuela in 1997, The Spanish Edition of "The Magic Presence" ... produced in Colombia, like "YO SOY, La Magica Presencia".

  We will talk a little about this Book ... which is the same ... but the Second is the Original and Official, the first in Spanish is a unauthorized translation, blessed they are ... to be publishers ... without them ... I never will enter in the field of Saint Germain ... but honestly correct is to say ... "re-enter".


My mistake like teacher is ... to not remember ... I take ... about 2 years to read it ... in full involvement in Business ... I complete before a travel to United States, where I live the most fascinating week of my Life ... in 1999. Again, like a company we got the most impressive success ... never possible in Italy, never before and never after ... Then September 11, 2001 ... etc, etc ...

Now ... Let us list ... the concepts related to ... Matter ... Time and Space.

  • Most impressive that production of Jewels or Plates ... or Food like Lord Jesus did ... still Clothes in fine material or golden cards that evaporate after few hours ... You can read ... Subterranean Marvels

"Every kind of material we wish to use is produced right here in this chamber. Of course We do not need great quantities for the experimental work We are doing, but this work is to bring into practical use for the future the Great Genius and Marvelous Ideals of highly illumined Individuals who are fully awakened to the Conscious Recognition of the 'Mighty I AM Presence' and the use of Its Limitless Wisdom and Power.

"It is my desire to explain everything in as simple language as possible so the Essence and Principle of it may be most easily and permanently comprehended. It is necessary in the present age to simplify the technical terminology, that the average person may be enabled to understand these Truths easily and quickly.

"The time has come when great numbers among the mass of humanity will awaken to the Truth and realize they have a Divine Master within them� 'The Magic Presence' of the 'Mighty I AM.' There are many who from an Inner Standpoint are far along the Path of Enlightenment due to previous Self-effort and attainment. Yet in this present embodiment they are outwardly unaware of it and have not had academic training. Something must be done to give such souls the Freedom which they crave and for which they are really ready. These shall have help, and to this end do We work here to give it." Beloved Saint Germain then turned to Nada and Pearl, and remarked:

"Are you weary after so many hours of this kind of observation in what is generally supposed to be man's domain?" They quickly assured Him they were not, and judging from the intense sparkle of their eyes, no one doubted it.

"I have never been so vitally interested in anything in my entire life," Pearl replied.

what impress me, Giovanni was ... The Aerial transportation or ... Teleportation ... at will.

We had a delightful trip on the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean and finally docked at Alexandria. Leto again led the way to waiting autos, and after driving for about twenty minutes, we entered a walled enclosure and stopped before a beautiful home built in the Moorish type of architecture. A youth in Arabian dress admitted us and led the way to a circular room. A tall, beautiful woman who looked not more than twenty, yet whose eyes held deep Wisdom, came forward and greeted us graciously. Leto presented Her to us as Electra.

"Beloved Sisters and Brothers," She said, "I have been expecting you, and you are most welcome. Please accept my humble hospitality, now and at any time that you are in Alexandria. You will honor me to make this your home. Your Beloved Master was here yesterday and asked that you remain for two days. At the end of that time a boat will take you to a place on the coast of Arabia, from which you will drive to your destination." She then touched a set of exquisite chimes. The youth returned and showed us to our separate suites.

During our conversation at dinner we learned something of Electra's family. Her father was an Englishman, and Her mother was a French woman. Someone asked how long it had been since they had passed on, and She replied:

"One hundred and twenty-five years ago. You see," She continued, "I am not as far advanced as your wonderful Escort, but I have attained enough dominion to eliminate time and space."

"Electra," said Leto, "is far advanced and is doing beautiful work, as you will see later. While we are in Alexandria you shall see the places of interest, and we shall spend the next two days enjoying ourselves."

We were very much interested the next morning in sight-seeing. When we stopped at a certain jeweler's stall, admiring the beautiful jewels and the exquisite workmanship of their settings, the old jeweler made a deep bow, and in salutation touched his Heart and head, asking to see Rex and Bob's rings. He was very silent for a few moments, and then looking steadily at them both, remarked:

"My Brothers, you have done me a great honor; only once before have I ever seen such jewels. They are Condensed Light. They are 'Living Gems.' You are blest indeed." As we thanked him and turned to go, he asked the Blessing of the Most High God upon us.

The second evening after visiting the old jeweler, we were listening to Electra describing Her Experiences, when a sealed envelope dropped out of the atmosphere directly at the feet of Rex. He opened it anxiously and found a Message from our Beloved Saint Germain.

  • This Woman ... conquer also Aging. In fact ... I propose recently a Book with exact examples ...



What have in common ... Healing, Matter and Time and Space? ... Light ... that is what have in common.

From Saint Germain on Alchemy

1 Light is the alchemical key!
2 The words “Let there be light” (Gen 1:3) are the first fiat of the creation and the first step in proper precipitation.
3 When man, who himself is a manifestation of God, desires to emulate the Supreme Father and precipitate, 4 as a true
son of Light should learn to do, he ought to follow those methods used by the Supreme Intelligence if consistent and worthy results are to be anticipated.


Our Courses are Open to everyone ... There are much more ... in the Book ... "The Magic Presence".

  • The Relation of Meat ... with Past ... and therefore the Obstacle of Live Happy ... The Great Command

"This loaf," Saint Germain explained, "contains a combination of substance not yet known upon Earth. You see, there is a definite reason why We never eat meat, and why human beings should not eat it either. This is because the atoms of which it is composed are the condensation into the substance of this world of mankind's own vicious thoughts and feelings of the past.

"Animals were not in existence upon this planet during the first two Golden Ages. They only began to appear after humanity had generated the discord that followed those first two periods. The First Creation, described in Genesis, referred to these two Golden Ages, and they were described as 'very good.' Then the mist arose, and the so-called fall of man came about by the attention of the intellect becoming focused upon the appetites of the body, through the feeling.

"Thus the outer mind became more and more enmeshed in the world of things, and hence forgot the Source and Powerhouse of its Being, which is the 'Mighty I AM Presence.' The Plan of Completeness, or Divine Way of Life, was lost sight of, and more and more discord has continued to creep into the feeling of humanity ever since.

"As long as human beings insist on killing animals, they will never be able to break the vicious habits within their own feeling by which they have bound themselves; for they are constantly destroying their own bodies and shutting out the finer mental impulses. The Love of mankind for domestic animals is raising and purifying some of that past creation and releasing that stream of Life into a more harmonious phase of existence. As humanity becomes more harmonious and pure, all animals will disappear from the Earth. Even the weeds and blight upon plant life will be removed, and the Earth once again return to her Pristine Purity described as the Garden of Eden—meaning obedience to the Divine Wisdom.

"The great harm of meat-eating is that the flesh of the animal records the feeling of fear it experiences when killed. The animal has an emotional body, and the vibration of fear recorded previous to and at the moment of death qualifies the flesh—and that quality is absorbed by the emotional body of the human being who eats it. It also causes a certain substance to condense into the brain which dulls the  intellect  and  prevents  the  finer  impulses from flowing into it from the 'Mighty I AM Presence'.

"This substance even an Ascended Master will not interfere with because the individual does these things of his own free will. Fear, in its many subtle phases, is the predominant feeling within mankind today, and it is the wide-open door through which the sinister force holds its control in the personality and does its destructive work. The teaching that it is necessary to eat meat in order to obtain strength is vicious and entirely untrue; for the elephant, one of the strongest creatures on our Earth, is a non-meat-eating animal.

  • The relation between Sex and Aging ...

"'If this Life Essence is released at the generative center for sex pleasure instead of building a new physical embodiment for another Soul, the process of disintegration of the physical body is started, and the journey to self-generated dissolution of the body begins. It matters not what human opinion says to the contrary; this is the inevitable, inexorable Law of physical embodiment, and there is no person in the Universe who can change It.

    "'This is the principal reason for the condition that is called death within the race as a whole. (See Divine Romance)



Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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