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Greetings in the Pink Mars-day of the Love of God ... when Mars ... Planet Mars ... engine your Heart and your Blood with an inspirational strength ...

    Only in recent years, I your holy Servant ... discover the Bhagavad Gita ... where God (Krishna=Maitreya) talk to Arjuna ... I confess I AM in love with this Book ... there are Physics, there are Divine Mathematics ... there are Righteousness against unrighteousness ...

     Most people consider the Kurukshetra War ... many years ago ... and there are no reasons to suppose was not in that way.

     But, I Giovanni ... like one of the many Atoms of Maitreya ... tell you ... everyday ... we live a Kurukshetra War ... still many times in a single day ...

     The War is ... between the Sons of Pure discriminating Intelligence and her wives ... the power of dispassion and the power of attachment to dispassion, the Five Pandava Princes ... we can define like Aether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Arjuna is the Fire ... and the Older is Aether or Yudhisthira ... against the Princes of  Vainglorious desire ... in fact is a glorious desire ... vain and the attachment of the senses ... like Malice, Lust, Perversion ... Ignorance ...

     The Book explain the Full victory belong to the Pandus ... or Pandavas ... and then they move to Heaven ... and Heaven is the destination of everyone ...

     Catholic Priests say ... "We will excuse your sins ... and you will go to Heaven ..." ... but this is NOT Exact ... No. You will solve your Sins, and ONLY You and may be one day ... in the Continuous rounds of Life and Death ... Your Lives ... You gain a Place between the Immortals and you will not return to born between the Mortals anymore.

     Enjoy the Words of Krishna ... If we say ... Lord Jesus was Krishna ... we say Truth ... because Maitreya and Jesus are the same born Spirit.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.


Vol. 47 No. 30 - Beloved Lord Krishna - July 25, 2004

Where Are You in the Eternal Cycles of Being?

Thou art the I AM and I AM that thou art. As we share in Brahman, so each one of us does reveal the secret splendor of the majesty of God and the humility of God and the entering in until, by the cycles of sound, by the profoundness of Elohim, your soul, fashioned and refashioned again, does awake, does awake in the divine likeness.

O mirror of the cosmic sea, reflect back to the soul its incarnation. Therefore let the stillness and the stilling of the waters of the mind bear the reflection of the original image. So it is a preparation for the incarnation. Long aeons prepare the soul, first in the incarnation of the soul, then of the Higher Self and then of God. So does the soul move toward the status of avatara.

And where are you in the undulations of the waves of the mind of God, in the eternal cycles of being? Where are you? Where is the point of identity and where is the point of identity lost that must be recalled and put in place? For each diamond point of selfhood must be there—no holes, no missing diamonds.

Therefore, when there is a gap in consciousness or a loss of consciousness, the soul must enter in again and again until the cycles of the mind of God are reflected in the soul. And the soul then gains those skeins of inner being whereby the soul can magnetize more of God.

Yes, beloved, this is the fire infolding itself. It is the soul, by the magnet of love for God, drawing unto herself the tight windings of these skeins of crystal fire and of threads of the infinite. Lo, a soul gives birth to self, and selfhood transcends the sea and enters the next levels of light.

So, then, karma is the great cause for incarnation or non-incarnation—karma as causes set in motion. Send out light, send out light, send out light, send out light. It is cause set in motion by your heart’s fire. Send out fire, send out rays of light. Think of this! Think of the momentum and the rhythm of the sendings of the heart, the sendings of the heart unto the total universe. O beloved, do you not see how these sendings are the strengthening of the cords of being? How strong must the cords be to contain avatar, God manifestation, yea, the Word made flesh! Is it not so? Is it not so?

The heart is the chalice of Krishna. Krishna will not enter the heart’s chalice only to break the heart by the light too intense, too strong. Krishna comes to nourish a soul. Krishna leaves that the soul might grow in a lesser light until the soul is ready for the greater light. Krishna darts here and there, touching points of light, measuring the facets of the diamond, establishing the harmony of the points and the angles. Krishna refines, Krishna designs. Krishna is the ineffable Word.

I AM that Lord moving in the earth, moving, sponsoring all, a part of all, the resident in the heart of every ascended master and cosmic being. I AM God everywhere in the consciousness of man and I AM in the heart of that man who is everywhere in the consciousness of God.

The universal Self is the All-Self, the preferred self, the eternal Self, the conqueror of the not-self, the dispeller of all illusion. I AM that Self. Ye are that Self. All is Krishna. There is nothing but Krishna. I AM THAT I AM Krishna.

And who are you, beloved? Tell me now, each one. Tell me what is thy name and say to me, “O Krishna, I AM ____________,” then pronounce the words of your name that they might be recorded on my garment of gold this night. [Audience responds.]

Thus you have written and inscribed on these ethers that you are God and you are God’s manifestation and your manifestation is the unique self that has a label that you call your name. And by that name does your Christ-Krishna Self translate to the Godhead what you are now, what you shall be and become, and how you shall get there from here.

Be strengthened by increments daily. Always go after the weakest link of being, for the weakest link can cause ultimate failure. Hold on to the strongest link while you mend the weakest link. By strength of thy right arm, convey to the left and through it the healing of the weak link.

Thus you will know how links transcend themselves and the lowest link in the chain becomes the highest and you are forging a ladder midair that you climb even as you raise up the next weakest link of being and the next and the next until you have forged and fired that chain of gold which ties you to my heart forever and ever.

Some of you do not quite grasp who I am, whether I be the figure of a Hindu god or the only God, whether I be in relationship to you one of your loves, one of your identifications. You know me through the Five Dhyani Buddhas. You know me through the Buddha of the Ruby Ray. You know me by traveling the paths of the five secret rays.

I, then, am your other self, your Higher Self. You in polarity with me, we then become the great T’ai Chi. I am the balance of your soul and soon your soul will cradle me, will love me, will become my bride, will become my mother.

You have been my friend. You have been the one who has walked with me as my child, and now I become your child. What is it, then, that incarnates? It is the seed of God. It is the being of God. It is the light ray of God. It is the cosmic essence of selfhood.

Yet what of the unmanifest? I am manifest and yet if you see me not you say, “Krishna is unmanifest.” But the meaning of manifestation is to be in the Spirit-Matter universe an outline upon the face of God’s being.

I am that outline that you recognize and call Lord Krishna. You are that outline that many recognize and call by your name prefaced by the name I AM THAT I AM. You see, beloved, in the unmanifest cosmos God is accessible, as it is written, but less accessible. For many are not able to keep that firm line of attention to tie in to that which is beyond the Tree of Life, that which is beyond the Great Causal Body.

All that you can see, that you can know, that you can contemplate, that you can become from this level is considered to be the manifest—the manifest God. So as you incorporate into yourself elements of the manifest God, and the manifest God incorporates you into the Mystical Body of all servants of the light, step by step of levels of self-transcendence you find yourself the incarnation of God in the unmanifest world beyond all worlds.

Yet this, too, is a contradiction in terms, for is not the incarnation that which takes up its abode in vessels of flesh? Yet there are vessels of pure light unmanifest. And that nonmanifestation cannot be described and yet there is consciousness...there is consciousness... there is consciousness, and it is that Krishna consciousness to which you do aspire.

Let the gentle rain of light come upon you now as snow-fire flakes of perfect design. Let them, sewn together one by one, be a gorgeous veil of snow-fire light. And this wondrous purity of being, beloved, pierces the night of self, reveals the light of self, draws you up, draws me down to your heart. And we together form a figure eight, as Above, so below.

Won’t you visualize me seated in the upper hoop of the eight and yourself in the below, and each of us may swing upon our hoops of light. We bisect at the center and thus the cosmic interchange of which Maitreya has spoken. You become a little bit more of me each day and I shall draw a little bit more of you unto my Great Self, even the vastness of my being.

This is an alternate route, beloved. For if you are able with profound understanding and profound devotion to receive me, you shall know a new way of the resolution of schisms in the psyche. And it is by entering in to the higher consciousness of your being which is approaching my own higher consciousness.

Draw a circle of light around the figure eight. Seal your heart and being with mine and know how the movement of the light as the figure-eight flow can deposit to you, oh, so gently, portions of myself. Even as you partake of portions of the Bread of Life and the Body of God and the Body of the Lord Christ day by day in Communion, so take unto yourself the light essence of me and the life essence. Mirror my threefold flame to increase your own. Mirror my great desiring as the desire body of God and make it your own. Make everything that I am your own and know your Real Self.

In the bliss of this communion in this city where our messenger has come, where our messenger has been challenged, so I seal you. I seal your hearts and I establish a tie in those who desire to be tied to my heart through the messenger. If you do not desire it, it will not be put upon you. But if you do, you will know the singing of my heart with her heart for the liberation of many. And your soul also may know the piercing of the heart that you, too, might liberate many.

Rest your case, then, upon your own God consciousness. If it is not sufficient for thee, then know that my grace is sufficient for thee. Affirm thy name, my name I AM THAT I AM Krishna, each day. And thereby know the vessel empty is being filled drop by drop with the oil of Krishna consciousness.

In this light I seal you. And I place upon your third eye now that impression of my being of light as a photograph, that you might hold that immaculate concept for yourself and others of all lifewaves of these planets and beyond becoming the fullness of Krishna—Krishna, Krishna. The light is so bright, beloved! During your hours of sleep you will assimilate it and also go to temples of light for learning.

In the sweetest love of my being I tenderly embrace you, each one. And I seal you in the divine plan of your incarnation of God—one day when you choose the Higher Self and that Self only. I bow to the light of God, to Atman, who is Brahman in you, and I caress you and seal you with my love.

Background on Krishna

Excerpt from The Masters and Their Retreats
by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Krishna is a divine being, an incarnation of the Godhead, an avatar, and he is one of the most celebrated Indian heroes of all time. He has captured the imagination and devotion of Hindus everywhere in his many forms—whether as a frolicking, mischievous child, as the lover of shepherdesses, or as the friend and wise counsellor of the mighty warrior Arjuna.

Krishna is known as the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, the Second Person of the Hindu Triad. His story is told in the Bhagavad Gita, the most popular religious work of India, composed between the fifth and second centuries B.C. and part of the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata.

Bhagavad Gita means “Song of God.” It is written as a dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna. Krishna describes himself as “the Lord of all that breathes” and “the Lord who abides within the heart of all beings,” meaning one who is in union with God, one who has attained that union that is God. He says: “When goodness grows weak, when evil increases, my Spirit arises on earth. In every age I come back to deliver the holy, to destroy the sin of the sinner, to establish righteousness.”1

Arjuna is Krishna’s friend and disciple. The setting is the eve of a great battle to determine who will rule the kingdom. Krishna is to be the charioteer for Arjuna. Just before the battle begins, Arjuna falters because he will have to fight and kill his own kinsmen. Krishna explains to Arjuna that he must enter the battle because it is his dharma—his duty or his reason for being. He is a member of the warrior caste, and come what may, he must fight.

The traditional Hindu interpretation of the battle is twofold. First, the battle represents the struggle Arjuna must engage in to fulfill his dharma and to reclaim the kingdom. Second, the battle represents the war he must wage within himself between good and evil forces—his higher and lower natures.

Krishna teaches Arjuna about the four yogas, or paths of union with God, and says that all the yogas should be practiced. The four yogas are knowledge (jnana yoga), meditation (raja yoga), work (karma yoga) and love and devotion (bhakti yoga). By self-knowledge, by meditation on the God within, by working the works of God to balance karma and increase good karma and by giving loving devotion, we fulfill the four paths of the four lower bodies—the memory body, the mental body, the desire body and the physical body.

We can see Arjuna as the archetype of the soul of each of us and Krishna as the charioteer of our soul, one with our Higher Self, our Holy Christ Self. We can see him occupying the position of the Holy Christ Self on the Chart of Your Divine Self, as the Mediator between the soul and the I AM Presence. He is universal Christ consciousness.

When we send devotion to Krishna through mantra and sacred song, we open a highway of our love to the heart of Krishna, and he opens the other half of the highway. He sends back our devotion multiplied by his manyfold.

Lord Krishna has pledged to help heal the inner child as we sing mantras and bhajans to him. His request is to visualize his Presence over you at the age when you experienced any emotional trauma, physical pain, mental pain, from this or a previous lifetime. You can ask for these events in your life to pass before your third eye like slides moving across a screen or even a motion picture. Assess the age you were at the moment of the trauma. Then, visualize Lord Krishna at that age—six months old, six years old, twelve years old, fifty years old—and see him standing over you and over the entire situation.

If there are other figures in this scene through whom the pain has come, see the Presence of Lord Krishna around them also. Give the devotional mantra and song until you are pouring such love to Lord Krishna that he is taking your love, multiplying it through his heart, passing it back through you and transmuting that scene and that record. If you see Lord Krishna superimposed over every party to the problem, to the anger, to the burden, you can understand that you can affirm in your heart that there really is no Reality but God. Only God is Real, and God is placing his Presence over that situation through the personification of himself in Lord Krishna.2

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Lord Krishna was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, March 14, 1993, during 24 Hours with Elizabeth Clare Prophet in New York City, a two-day event held March 13 and 14, 1993.

1. Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad Gita (Hollywood, Calif.: Vedanta Press, 1987), p. 58; Juan Mascaro, trans., The Bhagavad Gita (New York: Penguin Books, 1962), pp. 61-62.

2. Elizabeth Clare Prophet has released an album of devotional songs, Krishna: The Maha Mantra and Bhajans, that can be used in this exercise.

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