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Greetings in the Sun-day ... the day of the Sun ...

   Humm ... So we will talk about the Chinese masters of Wisdom ... If I ask you where is Saint Francis of Assisi, you will not know ...

   But, Saint Francis lived before like Pythagoras and lived later in Tibet ... he was Master K, or Koot Hoomi.

   He dwell in "his" place ... on Sirius Star ... but today is not Mars-day, but Sun-day ... today is the day of the Yellow Ray of Healing ... previously before 1969 ... and therefore in the Age of Pisces ... Yellow represent Wisdom and the Chohan of the Ray was Lord Lanto.

    Today, we have different signals ... and El Moria who before worked on the Blue Ray, the Will of God under the Orders of Archangel Michael ... now rule the Yellow Ray ... of Healing. He is still a Warrior ...

   Before 1969 ... Lord Lanto ruled the Ray of Wisdom (from year 0 to 1969 ... and until 2012). Lord Confucius take his place on Aquarius ... but not on the Yellow Ray ... but on the Golden Ray of Wisdom.

   In April 1980 ... I began to figure the Organization of the Heavens ... Today, I know more ...

   There are Africans ... many. Mostly are Women, but also Men. There are Chinese like Lanto and Confucius and the Order and Organization is very strict.

    I, Giovanni began to be under the discipleship of Lord Lanto from the young age of sixteen ... until the age of forty. Twenty years ago, in 1997 I began to be under the discipleship of Saint Germain and from 2008 from the discipleship Lord Meru ... from 2012 ... each time more ... The King Lord Jesus assist me ... sometimes and when a Master arrive, this do not means the others leave ... all remain ... may be less present.

    The Dark Cycle began on April 23, 1969, say Saint Germain and will continue for a while ... Also Aquarian Age began in July 1969 ... Now, in September 2017 we are in Aquarius ... and will remain for 2160 years ... When Aquarius ends, no one of us will be here ...

     It is extremely beneficial to enjoy the presence and assistance as well the consequent Peace of Ascended Masters. They are in Heaven and in Places without stress, without darkness ... without Manipulation.

     But let us Listen ... The Masters of Wisdom ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.



Vol. 25 No. 58 - Beloved Lanto and Confucius


Retreat of the Seven Chohans of the Rays III
Message of the Chohan of the Second Ray
Certainty in the Cup


Greetings from the heart of the Royal Teton Retreat. Greetings from the hosts of the Lord and the brothers who serve with us. An emerald light is magnetized in this hour by illumination’s flame. And as you have sent forth the call of freedom, so freedom answers.

I would bring to you a chapter from the Book of Life—your life. I would read to you a poem of the soul. I would share with you the deliberations from the minds of the chohans and those who gather in celebration of your gathering here. In this case, it is man who proposes. And so, God disposes himself to be moved from his throne and to regard once again possibilities in new dimensions.

I come, then, on a ray of light that touches now every heart from out the crystal fire. Illumination’s flame is upon each one, as you are extensions of the hand of God in form, so envisioned by Amenhotep IV. <1> And this ray of light does activate now the hidden man of the heart <2> and the voice of one who within you knows the hour of birth, the hour of immortality, the hour of the coming and the going of your soul.

You contemplate in wonder the question of the unknown future. You say, “How can forces pitted against one another, how can a reeling economy or hatred that remains in the hearts of some be tamed or tested? How can one know the temperature of earth? How can one predict the future?”

With the quicksilver quality of human nature, millions of people make decisions in every hour, but key individuals decide the destiny of nations. We see clearly the hand of God writing—not only in the sky but in the human heart. But we also see free will as choices yet to be taken and sand that has not yet fallen in the hourglass of life.

Therefore, my beloved, consider then with me as the hour strikes and opportunity is at hand: The only certainty in the cup is your own will to be. Reduce the entire equation to yourself seated here. All that you can trust is God, and all that you can hope is that your will tethered to his, your hand reaching out and reaching again for Christ, will take the right step and make the decision—not for life or death, for these are not thine own, but the decision of the securing of the soul wherever it may be found.

Since last I addressed you, I have received some from among this community who have made the transition and been received in our retreat. Theirs was not the expectancy of transition, and yet they found themselves in a new dimension with other opportunities and new life. As the prophet was wont to say, “Death comes unexpectedly!” Therefore, I say to each and every one: It is not life and death in this octave, but the onward movement of the soul toward the goal of permanency in the very being of God that ought to be your concern.

Looking beyond, then, earth’s future, we contemplate the future of the stars—your star, the causal body of your life. Therefore, decisions wisely taken in confirmation of the Word, in praise of God, and in sweet love for his tender vines—these things so precious, these interchanges with brother and brother, the witness unto truth are of paramount importance.

I have seen individuals in the very final week of a given embodiment make such heroic stand for truth, be so outspoken in the pronouncement of the Word by the very impulse of their own Christ flame, as to set a stream of fire that could be seen in the next galaxy! And swiftly the sands fly, and that one would find himself before the bar and receiving the commendation of a word well done—not necessarily for a life fulfilled, but surely for a mark of valor that will count and set the sail for a new beginning and thrust the soul in another plane where angels, too, bear witness to his coming.

I like to think in terms of eternity, for only eternity is real! And the mark we make upon the face of earth must surely be that others may follow and find the stronger path, the courage, and a buoyancy because our step was light and sure as the deer that leaps and lights unto a higher rock.


You have moved to higher ground.
For what purpose therefore
Does the soul abound?
Again we contemplate the philosophers’ stone
And we realize that in life
There is much for to atone.
The atonement, then, is the balancing of every wrong.
Let us not lose the song
Of the bird within the heart
That sings and sings again,
Even when bowed down, its earthly wings,
By soot and chemical warfare
And the burdening of the toil of earth.

Your souls would fly,
Yet you are also encased in form
That binds you to a mortal coil
And a gravitational pull.
Yet it is the will, the perception,
The set of the sail and the heart!

My point: As the blacksmith,
Let us strike a blow—
A strong blow for the Lord!
Let us provide for others who will follow after.
Let us rid ourselves
Of the stifling of a pleasure cult
That has as its goal no tomorrow
But the surfeiting of today
And lacks the vision.
And men wear spectacles
While they themselves are a spectacle
Across the board of life,
As we who count ourselves among the wise
Wonder when they will face the inevitable demise
Of an ego long spent
And the realization that only the soul can fly!
But it cannot fly unless it test its wings
And form those wings as pinions of light.

Without the wings of prayer and hope,
Without a destiny and a concern,
Where may the soul fly
When the body has no more heart
Or nerve or verve to continue in this octave?

Let us use this land to the full cup of our potential! Let us understand that illumination and its flame must not be snuffed out in this land—as youth are in delirium and their senses dulled by drugs and rock, and think of no other thing but lyrics that take them down and down again to a lower level and therefore deprive them of the blossoming of the yellow fire of the crown! Let us realize that there is a movement, a force. And I must say, it is the tremendous force of hell itself to move across the land to take a stand against the light, against the wisdom of the heart!

I AM Lanto in the Royal Teton, and here is a blazing fire of wisdom!

Who shall pursue the fount of wisdom? Who shall be able to rise and mount the ladder of the chakras when these drugs and the downward-spiraling beat does take the youth even beneath their feet to subterranean levels of the hellish fires of these fallen ones—who themselves long lost their wings, blackened now with other things, and therefore dwell in the place of the origin of insects and biting and stinging things that ought to be no more but are because they are fed by mass ignorance?

I come to pierce the veil of ignorance! And if it were up to me, I say: I would dedicate this land to learning, to education of the heart and every level—and the divine art! I would secure the culture of the nations ere they fall! I would bring from one and all the mementos of the past—of artisans and handicraft and those things that souls did work in Matter as a mighty work of the ages before they lost the will or the desire or the love to bring out from within some beautiful, noble thing.

Therefore, let it be the gathering place. Let us see here the fruits of Tibetan monks and their scrolls and records of pilgrims of the ages and of Saint Issa and his journey to the East. <3> Let us see some memory of the architecture of those lamaseries on the rock, of the Buddhist stupa, of the places of prayer that have been destroyed even in this century—without a protest from the West <4> and those who say they love Christ best but honor him not in Buddha or in the great and noble Confucius, who has never been truly appreciated for the fervor of his mind.

Hear the one from ancient China. Hear the one who now serves you as the hierarch of our retreat. For he is come also with me, bearing a scroll—the lovable, noteworthy one whom you all have known.

The practical side of the culture of America comes from the causal body of Confucius. Now and then banned and then popular again, the fallen ones seek to use him in China. <5> But here in America, his dream of God-government is a flame of illumination that lights the way of those who follow Saint Germain in a buoyant freedom.

If I, then, were to have my say (as you have so graciously allowed me this day), it would be, my beloved, to dedicate this land and a portion thereof to the noble goal of the light of Confucius. Had he been heeded, so China should never have fallen.

The sealing of the family and its love, the purity and honor, the grace of interchange, and, above all, the wisdom of Buddhic learning before its time was his bequeathing to a race—a yellow race so named, for they pursued the second ray. And all of these and many more are embodied in North America in this age, as another race has taken their place and not always carried the pure lamp of the Goddess of Liberty.

Truly this land is the land where the eagles gather. <6> Truly it is a place where the ascended masters have come, where Glastonbury and the place of the ancient Druids and the sign of the seasons recorded at Stonehenge <7> and the work and light of Francis Bacon and Thomas More may be sealed and protected in the fire of the rock, in the heart of the mountain.

There are so many secret places of the Most High for you to find and see and know. Why, have you thought, each and every one of you could be hidden in these hills, never to be found again? It is like playing hide-and-seek with fairies and star-fire beings—and realizing that the greatest secrets of God are hidden in the human heart, the divine heart made so by the spark of Life!

Yes, if I had my say, I would tell you that unless the flame of illumination be understood as the apex and culmination of all of life and the key to immortality, unless it be revered, all else must go down.

Think upon it, blessed hearts. One may tell you the law; but without the understanding, did you always obey it? Nay. It requires a teaching, a reasoning of the heart, a motive that comes through understanding and understanding alone. You may know the truth, but the truth that sets you free is the truth that is understood by illumination’s flame.

I encourage the refinement of the heart by the secret rays, the nobility of the path of discipleship, and the pursuit of the highest culture of the soul. This is not a place of escape. This is a place of building! This is a place for the rescue of the great books of the world and the great teachings of all time. This is a place to begin once again the library of Alexandria, <8> where those immortal tomes were burned and then retrieved again in the heart of our retreat. This is a place for the gathering of the artifacts of Atlantis and the lore of Lemuria and the music that has not been heard on earth for a quarter of a million years!

I challenge you, son of light, to write that music of the ancient temple and to know the true rhythm of the heart that is for the healing of a world—yea, the creating of a new world! I challenge you to defeat this lower beat of fallen ones that intrigues the mind for a season but can never, never, never deliver the soul-satisfying nectar of the Buddha whereby that enlightenment of all-knowing does come!


There is a music you can write thereby,
And so allow each one to hear
The ringing of the sacred tone
For the unfoldment of the crown!
There is a science of sound
Waiting to be born—
Waiting to be heard!
For sound is the creation of worlds
And sound is the uncreation of worlds.
And therefore, only to the highest sound
Does the highest unfoldment of divinity take place.
Without the sound, no creation will occur.
And if you do not write,
Another may come and steal thy light
And write not the highest but a lesser melody!

Alas, for each and every one, a noble task
From the Book of Life I read.
If you do not succeed
According to the plan,
Look again, for another man
Will stand in your place,
Sit in your seat,
And take the pen that you ought
And write a book that you could have.
Writing, then, the destiny out of fire
Demands the certainty of will.

You see, then, there are things to be built—things to be built whose construction, begun on earth, continues in etheric octaves. For some of you, transition will be a mere breath and then a new breath and a sigh, and on again with the work at hand, with scarcely a break in the measured beat of the artisan or the heart!

You are so close to the start and then the end of life. And in the etheric retreats the onward movement of the building of celestial cities is ongoing and there are places where all these things that you contemplate can be contemplated because we are free of war, free of hate, free of the rolling tides of energy that must always and always be transmuted in these lower octaves before you can begin the day again to strike some noble purpose for the Lord.


Why, can you scarcely begin to realize
How immortality is such a guise
That in its folds, this garment wise,
You yourself can create
And continue to create with certainty
After the Master Architect’s plan
With scarcely being troubled
By a gnat or a Nephilim god?

Think, O where the saints have trod, my beloved.
Think where they have walked
And how you have here talked with God.
Think how your footsteps can be light,
No more pulled by earth,
And your soul take flight
Into the fiery domain of the sun.
Think of your longing
And your inward soaring
And your heart’s devotion!

Think again, for just above you
The saints are playing games of life and joy
And instruments of music.
Saints are wooing you to a higher octave.
And here in the openness of life,
Here in God’s own beauty,
You may contemplate the immortality of the soul.

Now our Confucius would tell you of his dream of tomorrow. And I sit and I listen also—for his heart, so full of love for you.


Message of the Hierarch of the Royal Teton Retreat

Let Us Start


Most gracious ladies and gentlemen, I address you in great joy. The joy of my heart is the flower’s anticipation of the morning light come again to kiss the petals, blossoming only as a tribute to her God. My heart’s reaching forth to you is as a flower reaching to the sun. And my dreams are forged and won from an ancient travail over many lifetimes, attempting to secure in the governments of many nations the ideal of God and the life of the inner, etheric cities. <9>

You have been led here because of your experience and ours in other temperate zones and climes and many distant civilizations where the attempt to set forth a golden rule and a golden life was thwarted because of an age-old strife on this planet—one you know so well as the strident sounds and tones of those who have not a harmonious beat in all of their bodies and their minds, and therefore the strident sounds are seen as killing civilization and the hopes of souls.

We have seen now for many a year that we must prepare our chelas with the illumination, the very precise understanding of these evolutions of the anti-God and the soulless ones. I must tell you how many hours we have met in our meetings to consider the consequences of releasing the knowledge which we have already released concerning these fallen angels and their spacecraft and their witcraft and their power plays. <10> For we have understood that deep within the soul of even the spiritual devotee there is fear—a fear that can be activated by too much knowledge, and a fear that breeds fanaticism and hatred when fanned by the fires of such as those who conceived of a superrace and in that conception sought to exterminate all else.

Why, mere fragments of this understanding have caused revolutions and bloodbaths. And therefore, we looked to these peculiar messengers and to their endowment of the Holy Spirit to hold steady by a flame of love your very own hearts, that there might be delivered to you that information so needed by you to complete the path of life and to espouse the true cause of Morya—God-government to this earth.

And now we see that experiment, which I voted for and Morya voted for, has come to pass. And you are no worse but much the better and far more illumined for a knowledge in hand which, for the most part, has not been abused or misused. A few have been frightened away. Some have betrayed. But, after all, that is to be expected.

There is always the sifting of hearts as we move up the mountain. It is the age-old story of Moses and whoever wears the mantle. And therefore, where the shoulders are that hold the mantle, there will be the ‘cooking out’, as you say, by a fervent heat, of those momentums of the old stiff-necked generation and the rebellious ones. But he who wears the mantle of Moses wrestles and continues to wrestle with that stubbornness that must say die if it would fly into the sky. And souls know it when they look into our eye that so often gazes through the mild eye of the Mother.


Therefore to your view we bring
The understanding of the need—
The need, once and for all,
For our community and our Brotherhood to succeed,
The force not to impede and not to win.
For with this structure
And this firm and strong community,
We may prove the laws of good government
And a life lived in love,
With all of the ingredients of individualism
And free will and the free-market system
And yet the giving in love,
The giving in love to that work of the ages
And the larger purpose,
Not of the state, not of the commune,
But of an organic whole—
Individuals who sense themselves a part
Of every living thing and soul,
Those who have the fortitude to retain identity in God
While giving all of self to the cause of Life,
And that lived more abundantly.

He who sets his mind to lose himself in Christ must hang on to the God Star, and therefore in Christ reveal a new face more noble than the last, an image in which can be seen clearly the chiseled virtue of the Fates.

I AM diminishing your awareness of the burdened self and the struggle and the strife. I myself was well weary when I came to the fulfillment of my mission, like an old shoe, an old shoe worn and worn through <11>—the story of my life as I went here and there to present my cause. And the doors were closed and shut tight, and I retreated to give my wisdom to the few.

Many of the stories of the disciples are similar. And I tell you, many of the stories of the masters have the same parallel. And therefore, I confide in you that in every master’s heart there is a fervor and a determination to outsmart those closing doors, those noes given in every language—nyet! <12>

You see, then, our hopes are very great for the unburdening of all of the hearts of heaven, that this old earth, lived upon so long by so many, might come to a new birth and a golden age even in the physical octave. We have not given up and said, “We will throw in the towel and only try for the etheric plane.” Why, with bright faces and joyous idealism and wisdom garnered for many centuries within you, blessed hearts, how can we fail?

You look to heaven for encouragement. Ours is here and now in every precious brow wiped by angel hands. Therefore I say, if I may so say with Lord Lanto, I would see this land become a hub of life and activity, a focal point of political and economic discussion, a pursuit of the mind of Bacon and of More, an understanding that the true economics have never been defined or practiced, though many have approached. Yet, even the approach of a sterling standard can hardly provide the answers of how to go about the surgery that is necessary on this economy, that the patient might survive.

Many answers have been proposed and answers are in the offing. Day by day, solutions are given. And yet there is no steadiness to the ship of this economy. And thus, where are hearts who will pause in the day’s occupation to master the learning of this world and then, weary of it, come to our schools at night to be taught where, where they have gone astray, where they have left the path of the abundant life because of the influence of greed and the greed of the fallen ones and the misunderstanding of possession itself or multiplication or the lawful earning of interest upon one’s investment?

The use of money itself is scarcely understood, or precious metals or elements yet to be defined. How can there be the sustainment of a golden-age culture unless problems as elemental as these are solved? And yet, the very economy in which you live has all of you upon a treadmill to keep on and keep on for daily bread and a roof over your head. Well, this tent is quite nice, but it will not suffice in fire or ice. <13> And therefore, we must build more permanent structures.

I enjoy being with you and almost physical, too. I enjoy the descent and meshing of etheric octaves with your own physical form. I can scarcely say that most of you experience here, as I speak, nary a care or a vibration that bothered you an hour or a day or a week ago.


How wondrous it is to commune together
At the point of the meeting of worlds
And to know the kiss of angels
And that all is well,
And that the World Mother in the heart of Mary
Does succor her children still.
And in the end, all will be together—
And in the beginning!
The spell will be broken,
The final Word will be spoken,
And God who is in you will live forevermore.

But this our daily chore is to see to it
That the soul survive.
And there is a vine that must be climbed,
A sacred fire that must mount.
And you realize that the way out must be found.

There is a tiny hole at the top of a tent,
A pricking of the canvas.
And through it, the starlight passes.
And the starlight is a beam
That your soul takes hold
And mounts to worlds which must unfold
Because it is known—
Because it is a fiery destiny!

Yes, let the discussions on God-government continue. Let the sacred heritage be known! Let every one of you be able to come to me and pass my test on this Constitution of this land, the United States of America. These laws are divine laws. They come from the schools of the Brotherhood. They are enshrined for your freedom. And to preserve each article, you must have a greater love, a greater love for the structure as well as the foundation of a nation.

Too much surfeiting in pleasure, too much orientation around the immediacies of life, and all of a sudden you will lose! And an ancient vision may come to pass when armies, in fatigues not worn by your own, may be seen treading across this noble land. <14> You whose forebears have come from nations now overrun by totalitarian governments must also think how in the wink of the eye of God all things can change for a celestial life or a hellish nightmare from which there is nary an escape for ten thousand years. For evolution may be stripped and all things come to the sand of the seashore and a remnant of a forgotten past.

In our love we have contemplated how the greatest cultures and science of worlds have been lost beneath the dust. How long and arduous has been the path to the rediscovery of what was common knowledge by simple people of Lemuria. But, of course, much more important is the knowledge of the soul and of the heart.

Therefore, let there be teachers qualified, teaching students in these hills. Let classrooms appear, and that quickly. Let there be a transformation and a transition where all of our various centers that separate now our communicants might spring up here and provide departments of one Ascended Master University where you may bring the best of the nations and then perpetuate the culture and the learning!

Blessed hearts, often when you have a problem, you sit at a table and all the components are before you. To begin to solve a problem, you need all the pieces. The table becomes your altar of meditation and alchemy. You assemble all the parts, but the mind of God draws them together in perfect synchronization.

It is a very simple matter to bring together the parts of the world’s deliberation on a simple discipline such as economics. But those who come to the table must have more going for them than the mere discipline of intellect. For intellects fail, philosophies fail, systems fail, and even computers—yes, they fail.

But that which does not fail is the flame that burns on and the mind that is the mind of Christ in you. And for that mind, the artifacts of any field become a simple matter of rearrangement and polarization and alchemy and weighing and the law of cause and effect and the understanding of the sacred flow of Alpha to Omega—the sphere above, the sphere below; the crystal chalice above, the one below.

These laws of flow and of the T’ai chi, the exercises of the chakras, the simple teachings you have been given—they are not so simple, for they are the inner components for the sharpening of the chakras. We have been now for many years preparing your chakras so that you could receive in your respective fields the divine inspiration that might bring forth on earth the missing link—yes, the missing link in all of those disciplines necessary to carrying on civilization in a higher form.

While so many areas of science leap forward in bounds, yet from our perspective, they are reaching the ceiling of the tent of life. And to go beyond this perspective, they must retrace their steps and discover the laws of cause behind effect. For one cannot forever dwell in the realm of effect and expect to look at the components of effect and find the solutions.

You have no idea, and therefore I must tell you, how we have deposited with you so many of the keys. And now it remains for you to bring the outer learning to a certain level of excellence, that you might perceive these keys and synthesize the Matter/Spirit and Spirit/Matter disciplines, all according to the geometry of the Impersonal Impersonality, the Impersonal Personality, the Personal Personality, and the Personal Impersonality. <15> These manifestations of God will reveal the quadrants of any discipline to which you would dedicate your heart and head and hand.

And now I say: Let us not lose the art of communication heart to heart. Let us not lose the art of the spoken and the written Word! Let refinement be the goal. And let us maintain a high standard to be emulated, after the wish of Gautama Buddha, in the schools and colleges and universities of the world.

Let us set the standard of true religion in living, walking, moving beings of light such as ye are. Let us write in the atoms of the noble body of man our work of the ages, and then let us let it stand for all generations to come! For we, too, must be on to other worlds to conquer.

We would leave an open door. And therefore to me, the Place of Great Encounters is truly the open door where heaven and earth meet and souls define a path of victory in every ray of the sun and every illumination light that is the key now to your heart.

Now, in deciding what must be done, one by one, let us take those things that are essential and most important. Let us begin at the beginning. Let us build the school, the Motherhouse, the dormitories and offices whereby we, through you, may conduct our affairs here. It is very obvious, when you see the open land, the immediate limitation by an absence of defining of space for the work at hand.

Let us understand that the time is past when we must gather merely four times a year to know this joy of communion. We would know this communion every day of every year of all of our life and our becoming! Why should we be separated anymore? The land is plenteous, and you may surely determine how you may perform your dharma under the canopy of the Buddha’s Shamballa, how you may come and therefore interact and attract the light that shall be for the liberation of souls.

A heavenly approbation of my Word from elemental life! <16> [applause] And I accept the gentle, falling rain as the baptism of my life and the hope of its fulfillment.

I promise you this: that every master will come to teach you how to fulfill the unfulfilled dream of his heart.

Let us start.


NOTE:  These dictations by Lanto and Confucius were delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet August 26, 1982, during the Retreat of the Seven Chohans of the Rays at the Inner Retreat; cassette B82109.

1. The revolutionary monotheism of the pharaoh Ikhnaton, or Amenhotep IV (an embodiment of Lanello), who reigned c. 1375-1358 B.C., was based on the worship of a unique universal God, ‘Aton’—represented in the symbol of a sun disk or orb with diverging rays, each ending in a human hand. Ikhnaton believed that he was Aton’s son and that through the sun’s rays everything that lived had its being.

2. Rom. 7:22; I Pet. 3:4.

3. In 1887, a Russian physician, Nicolas Notovitch, journeyed to the Tibetan city of Himis, high in the Himalayan range, in search of ancient writings on the life of a man the Buddhists called Saint Issa. At the Himis monastery, the head lama read to him from ancient manuscripts, and Notovitch wrote down the story of Issa—an Israelite who traveled to the East to study the sacred scriptures and then returned to teach his people in Palestine, where he was crucified. The parallels between Saint Issa and Jesus were remarkable, leading Notovitch to conclude that the manuscripts provided the account, absent from the Bible, of Jesus’ life between age 13 and 30. He published the story of his discovery in 1890 in Life of Saint Issa (English trans. The Unknown Life of Christ, 1895). According to Notovitch, the original Pali manuscripts of the life of Saint Issa were in the library of Lhasa in Tibet where the Dalai Lama resided. In 1950, Tibet was invaded by the Chinese Communists and is now under Communist control.

4. Following the Communist takeover of China (1949), Tibet (1950), Vietnam (North, 1954; South, 1975), Cambodia (1975), and Laos (1975), many Buddhist shrines were leveled and their statuary destroyed. No official protest for desecration of religious shrines was issued by the U.S. government or other free nations.

5. The teachings of the Chinese political and ethical philosopher Confucius, long the basis of the Chinese moral and religious system, were denounced by Mao Tse-Tung when he formed the People’s Republic of China on October 21, 1949. In his campaigns to reeducate the Chinese to Communism in the Great Leap Forward (1958-60) and in the Cultural Revolution (1966-69), Mao stressed the need to replace Confucianism with his own cultural system outlined in his Little Red Book. A major propaganda campaign was launched in 1973 to mobilize the masses against the teachings of Confucius. Following the death of Mao in 1976, the Chinese politburo under Deng Xiaping assumed a new liberalization policy, making the works of Confucius once again available.

6. Matt. 24:28.

7. According to legend, Glastonbury, an ancient town in Somerset, southwest England, is the place where Joseph of Arimathea and Mother Mary brought the Holy Grail and founded the first Christian church in England. It is also identified as the Isle of Avalon of Arthurian legend. In the Middle Ages, Glastonbury Abbey was a center of learning and a shrine to which many made pilgrimages. The site of Glastonbury is thought to have been a center of Druid worship as well. The Druids were the priest class of the ancient Celtic peoples and were responsible for the education of the young and the intellectual life of the community. They believed in and taught the immortality of the soul. According to Julius Caesar, the Druids in Gaul were organized into a brotherhood that extended across Celtic tribal divisions. They were the judges for the Celtic peoples and wielded great political power. As the cohesive force among the Celtic tribes, the Druids were largely responsible for the rebellion of the Celts against Roman rule. Historians believe that Stonehenge, the prehistoric, megalithic structure built between 1900 and 1600 B.C. on Salisbury Plain, England, was used as a Druid temple. The arrangement of the stones, according to British astronomer Gerald Hawkins, enabled the ancients to accurately measure solar and lunar movements as well as eclipses.

8. The Egyptian city of Alexandria, founded 332 B.C. by Alexander the Great, had two celebrated libraries, one kept in a temple to Zeus and the other in a museum. At one time their combined collection of scrolls, representing the greatest knowledge of the Hellenistic and Jewish cultures, numbered around 700,000. A great university grew around the museum and attracted scholars from throughout the ancient world. The destruction of the libraries began with the invasion and conquest of Alexandria by Caesar in 47 B.C. and culminated in 391 A.D. when Emperor Theodosius I ordered the razing of all pagan temples and structures within the Roman empire.

9. Confucius (c. 551-479 B.C.) was born in the feudal state of Lu, the modern Shantung province. Observations of perpetual warfare between Chinese states and the tyranny of the overlords led Confucius to formulate a new moral system and statecraft that would give the people an equitable government and restore peace to the nation. Believing he had a personal mission to spread his doctrine, he began, at the age of 55, a ten-year tour of neighboring states, visiting rulers and trying to convince them to appoint him to a high office so that he could introduce his reforms. Meeting with no success, he was attacked at the town of Kwang, but responded:  “Heaven has appointed me to teach this doctrine, and until I have done so, what can the people of Kwang do to me?” Confucianism has been described as a “social order in communion and collaboration with a cosmic order.”  It depicts man as a member of a social order who is bound to others in his community by jen, “human-heartedness.”  Jen governs the interpersonal relationships and is expressed through five primary relations—ruler and subject, parent and child, elder and younger brother, husband and wife, and friend and friend. Each one of these relationships is harmonized by adherence to li, a defined system of etiquette and ritual; for Confucius believed that true respect in filial relationships would lead to right conduct in all things. Although Confucius was primarily concerned with principles of conduct and morality, later adherents of his teachings became preoccupied with the detail of ritual, devoid of his pioneering spirit.

10. See the Great Divine Director, The Mechanization Concept (Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 8), pp. 9-142, or The Soulless One:  Cloning a Counterfeit Creation, paperback; Jeremiah:  Heartbeat of Freedom, 2-cassette album A8161; Of Men and Angels:  The Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch, 2-cassette album A8293; and “Galactic Armageddon,” in Forces on the Move in the Middle East, 8-cassette album A8276.

11. Bodhidharma, a Buddhist missionary from southern India, became known as the first Buddhist patriarch of China. Following his passing c. 530 A.D., rumors began to spread among the peasants that a strange monk had been seen walking toward India, carrying one shoe. According to legend, the emperor of China had Bodhidharma’s tomb opened, and to the amazement of all, the grave was empty except for one shoe.

12. nyet: Russian for “no.”

13. Refers to the 100’ x  130’ canvas tent erected at the conference site at the Heart of the Inner Retreat for the Retreat of the Seven Chohans of the Rays.

14. It is recorded that during the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge, a “mysterious visitor” (the Goddess of Liberty) revealed to George Washington a vision of three great perils that would come upon the Republic. In the third part of the vision, as described by Washington to Anthony Sherman, “...My eyes beheld a fearful scene:  from each of these countries [Europe, Asia, Africa] arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into one. And throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who, moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America, which country was enveloped in the volume of cloud....” See “General Washington’s Vision” (National Tribune, vol. 4, no. 12, December 1880) in Liberty Proclaims, pp. 45-46.

15. Four aspects of God correspond to the four quadrants of the cosmic clock:  Impersonal Impersonality, the Father, etheric quadrant; Impersonal Personality, the Son, mental quadrant; Personal Personality, the Mother, emotional quadrant; and the Personal Impersonality, the Holy Spirit, physical quadrant. During different phases of our soul’s initiation, we are required to put on the mantle of each one of these facets of the Godhead. See Saint Germain, Studies in Alchemy, p. 68, paperback; and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History, and Religion of America, pp. 179-80.

16. Moments before Confucius spoke these words, a gentle rain began to fall.

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