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Greetings in the Mars-day of Love of God ...

     With the addition of Leonhard Euler between main Actors ... now 56 ... we prefer to keep the Alchemy of Numbers between Secondary Actors in 36 ... and 36 is both a square and a triangular number.

       Now, Professor and Philosopher Rene Guenon ... author of books like ...

S30. Books Written by Secondary Actor # 30: René Guenon

  • R.-J.-M.-J. Guenon Lord of the world (Sophia Perennis, 2003).
  • R.-J.-M.-J. Guenon. Man and his becoming according to the vedanta (Sophia Perennis, 2004).
  • R.-J.-M.-J. Guenon. The symbolism of the cross (Sophia Perennis, 2004).
  • R.-J.-M.-J. Guenon. The crisis of the modern world (Sophia Perennis, 2004).
  • R.-J.-M.-J. Guenon. The reign of quantity and the signs of the times (Sophia Perennis, 2004).
  • R.-J.-M.-J. Guenon. The metaphysical principles of the infinitesimal calculus (Sophia Perennis. 2004).
  • R.-J.-M.-J. Guenon. Symbols of sacred science (Sophia Perennis. 2004).

 now is ... one of the Knights in the Bibliography and ... not any more an Actor ... like we adopt Mathematician generally between Secondary Actors.

    Our System of Bibliography is one of the most sophisticated ... as well simple we can mind.

    We offer in Hardcover (under development) ... only 13 Bibliographies for over 2300 books ... we arrange using Dozenal numbers.

    In Paperback we offer one bibliography for each Actor ... Main Actor, Secondary Actor, Heavenly Actor and also the 13 different Bibliographies ... which are the 13 Petals of Rose of Consciousness ...


     Now, time ago ... we exclude Italian Marconi ... because his litigation with Tesla ... copy Tesla and get credits ... so, now we want to include another more calm ... but genial figure ... and this time from a rare set ... The Groups of Italian Genius in Mathematics ... because is in Physics where Italians ... excel more.

      Professor Enriques ... welcome Einstein in Bologna (the Univerisity where I, your friend got the Italian degree in Mathematics) ... and he lived in Rome ... designing many books about Science and Geometry ...

     Particularly interesting are his Volumes about ... "Euclid Elements" in 4 Volumes ...

     There are also ...

  • Lezioni di Geometria Proiettiva
  • Lezioni di Geometria Descrittiva
  • I Problemi della Scienza ... or Problems of Science.
  • Lezioni sulla teoria geometrica delle equazioni e delle funzioni algebriche
  • Le Superficie Algebriche
  • ... and others.

   With this inclusion we ... like God do ... Geometrizes ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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