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We at Future Technologies had been investigating in different sources, and we will publish here, slowly our results ...

From now, we will simply results ... that probably you don't know ...Electricity is for free ...


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1 Editorial #164d: Reflexiones sobre la vida "ideal" del ser humano al inicio del Siglo 21 (4ta Parte) ... por Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 395
2 BiLingual: Verso l'Indipendenza dell'Energia ... per Giovanni A. Orlando/The Unnecessary Energy Crisis: How to Solve It Quickly by Tom Bearden Administrator 1210
3 It is going to get colder! …by Kryon Administrator 753
4 The Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower and common mistakes in Tesla and other scientists by Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 827
5 Kryon speaks recently about United States, Africa and New Electricty sources ... Administrator 1289
6 Only +10,000 GWh Quaterly than any other ... Administrator 801
7 Do you want to watch John Bedini Motor? ... producing Free Energy ... Administrator 2090
8 Editorial #48: The Next Industrial Revolution ... Goodbye Mechanization ... Welcome Free Energy ... Administrator 1126
9 Can we produce Electricity with a glass of Water? ... Introducing John Ernest Worrell Keely Administrator 1751
10 Introducing the Bedini's Monopole ... Administrator 5362
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