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Welcome ... in this section we will include the Tips and News about Human Evolution.

Human Evolution is connected with us like a being ... living in a planet. And therefore we comment about Medicine, Vibrational Medicine ... and human biology, as well Human History.

Of course, because we live within an Universe, we comment about Astronomy, and Physics, as well Chemistry. And because all this need Mathematics, we comment about Mathematics as well.

Enjoy human being ... we are moving to a big holiday after long time.

Welcome to the party ... you are the honor guest!



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521 Why Egyptian built Obelisks and Pyramids ? by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 2225
522 Do you want to be inspired? ... Discover the meditations for the nine dimension ... by Satya Administrator 968
523 Why the Vatican is located in Rome? ... Another Revelation from the Pleiadian Agenda ... Administrator 1607
524 Can you accept a lesson from a Lizard who is a Doctor (Emeritus) ? ... Another lesson from the Pleiadian Agenda ... Administrator 997
525 May you wonder we has a "Reptilian Heritage" ? ... Another lesson from the Pleiadian Agenda ... Administrator 1142
526 Discover how Plato and the Hebraic Zohar confirm the existance of your Twin Flame ... Administrator 1741
527 Anubis the Multidimensional view ... from the Pleiadian Agenda ... Administrator 1187
528 The relation between Annunaki and Sirians ... from the Pleiadian Agenda ... Administrator 3966
529 Introducing the first 9 Dimensions ... with a Glossary from the Pleiadian Agenda ... Administrator 1522
530 Editorial #38: The Twelve DNA Layers ... now available on permanent mode on the Main Menu ,,, Administrator 991
531 What contained the Ark of Covenant ? ... Administrator 1612
532 What is the Cave of Creation? Can we read the Akashic records of our past lives ? ... Administrator 2217
533 Finding your Nomad ... and meet the Elementals of 2D ... from the book Pleaidian Agenda ... Administrator 981
534 Un adelanto de mi proximo libro: ¿Cómo abrir el Angulo Noventa? El Grado Noventa por Lord Meru ... Administrator 961
535 It is time you read the Pleiadian Agenda ... Enoch speaks ... Administrator 2787
536 Do you want to fly ? ... Administrator 1015
537 Where Hercules comes from? ... Where go the Incas? ... Administrator 1141
538 Would Dr. Martin Luther King dream fulfilled ? Administrator 1098
539 A Message from Borther Philiip ... Administrator 925
540 Do you want to hear Archangel Gabriel ? ... An pre-release from the coming book: "The Secret of the Andes" ... Administrator 1252
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