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Welcome ... in this section we will include the Tips and News about Human Evolution.

Human Evolution is connected with us like a being ... living in a planet. And therefore we comment about Medicine, Vibrational Medicine ... and human biology, as well Human History.

Of course, because we live within an Universe, we comment about Astronomy, and Physics, as well Chemistry. And because all this need Mathematics, we comment about Mathematics as well.

Enjoy human being ... we are moving to a big holiday after long time.

Welcome to the party ... you are the honor guest!



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1 What are the Past Lives of Lord Jesus and Maitreya? Administrator 134
2 The Reality of God ... vs The Illusion of Man by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 121
3 The New Age of Light is the Age of Maitreya ... Administrator 110
4 Editorial # 217: A King for Europe? The Return of Atlantis? ... Humm Administrator 127
5 Esta llegando 'El Despertar' ... por Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 128
6 Have Chinese Language use of Alchemical Symbols? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 112
7 Editorial #216: Is the Art to Press a Button ... the Best Art ? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 116
8 Editorial #215: Future Technologies celebrating Six Years of New Age: The World is One World and Its Suffering are One Administrator 141
9 Editorial #214: Remember you are a Master ... Administrator 151
10 The Destiny of Humanity (Part II) ... The Challenge and the Solution by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 156
11 The Destiny of Humanity ... by Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 142
12 What provoke Karma? ... May be Disease? ... Introducing His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda Administrator 236
13 Why United States is suffering the Freeze Season? by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 156
14 Can a Symbol represent ... Life? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 172
15 Announcing a book about 'The Science of Vegetarianism ' ... Administrator 146
16 The Hidden Story of the Divine plan for Europe ... Napoleon and Saint Germain ... Administrator 147
17 Do you know ... the Good Predictions of the Mayan Calendar? ... Humm by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 126
18 The Mathematical Art of Johann Sebastian Bach and Johannes Kepler in Music ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 370
19 Editorial #209: If Heavenly Stars dance in Harmony, and so the Atoms ... What about the Souls? ... What about us? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 284
20 Editorial #206: Y la verdad sera dicha tambien en EspaƱol ... La verdad sobre la Biblia, sobre la Historia Sagrada de Sudamerica ... Administrator 210
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