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Greetings in the Venus-day of Ascension ... and Immortality,

       I am here ... to explain you some important facts you probably does not know.

       Were there a Nuclear Explosion before the Hiroshima Atomic bomb? Yes, it is.

       When ? ... It is explained in the Bible when Abraham destroy Sodom and Gomorrah

       Was this the real reason for that explosion? ... No. The real reason was to control the World ... and to control our emotional bodies.

       Who wants to control our Emotional bodies? ... The God of the Bible, Anu ... from planet Nibiru, like explained by Zecharia Sitchin in the Twelfe planet ... however this information comes from another source ... the Pleidian Agenda.

       Who engine the bomb? ... The bomb was prepared by Anu and carried by Abraham.

       Was Abraham a Nibirian? ... Honestly not. He is a Sirian, from planet IA in dimension 7D ... while Anu is the God of Nibiru ... in the 4D ... the dimension that control time.

       Why Abraham did that? ... Simple. He born to do that ... and other things ...

       What Ascended Master is Abraham?

       Abraham is Ascended Master El Morya ... He was Abrahm the very founder of the three Monotheist Religions: Islam because his first son Ishmael, Chatolic and Hebraic Religion. 

        El Morya was also Mose and this is why he know the Ark of Covenant.

        What includes that Ark, the Ark of Covenant ? ... The Ark of Covenant includes the Anu-bomb, or Atomic Bomb designed to be exploded in Levant, exactly at Ur ... and this is the origin of the word, Ur-anium.

        This has been made to control our Emotional Bodies and so our minds ... by Anu.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I take about one week to transcribe and correct these words. Probably in the next release I will  be offer to complete the entire chapter which Enoch ... was the first part.


Abraham and Uranium

It is time for you to remember that a nuclear war has already occurred on Earth.2 Since this fact is hidden, and even though you've split the atom, you can't see the precariousness of your situation because you think nuclear war is a probable future. Facts are, nuclear war is a past event that you have not processed, and it is about to overwhelm you unless you process its meaning. I know that now is the time to deal with all the coded and crippling guilt because I feel how desperate you are. This gigantic guilt created an all-perfect, all-responsible Father, who blocks you from being responsible—"able to respond." This has made you into sheep. The nuclear war in 2024 b.C. made the Dead Sea into a lifeless body of water, and this was triggered by Abraham. Before you attack us and say, "Oh, Satya, how can you utter such disrespectful thoughts about our great Father? " please tell me why you admire Edward Teller—" Tell Her"—and the Los Alamos S.W.A.T. Team?


The reason you have not been able to see the truth about this part of your past is because nuclear events thousands of years ago exploded 2D elemental forms out of their own realm. This caused you to feel elemental pain so intensely that the Hebrew Bible was constructed to distract you with every story except the most important one. Yahweh is portrayed as an avenging fire god, and then you built temples and religions to contain this great denial. Yes, your temples and churches are structures and systems for holding this denial. The denial has piled up; implants in your bodies exist that hold it, and just like a nuclear reactor, your bodies are spewing emo­tional waste. Next, you exposed the denial by splitting the atom. Einstein awakened dim memories of the awful truth, you were terrified, and so you made it all into a probable future. Many of you have very nervous feelings about Yahweh, and some of you intuit that "he" did it. This juicy and cloaked thoughtform manifests in your now as seriously ingrained apocalyptic thought processes, the most dangerous trend in your reality. Since letting go of your obsession with father god will enable you to eliminate apocalyptic thought poison, allow me to tell you all about Abraham.


At the end of the third millennium b.C., Nibiru controlled Ur, an ancient city of Sumer located on the Euphrates River, and the Nibiruans were then called the Sumerians. Like the Vatican, the Sumerian control was theocratic. As I scan your past, I see Abraham sent from Ur carrying a small box with a glowing element inside it. He guards it carefully, for he knows this element is very dangerous and creates great fear. This element came out of earth from deep, deep below Ur, where it had been deposited by the Nibiruans. That is the source of the word, "ur-anium;" it is time for you to notice how deeply coded these words are—the place where the cen­tral control center of your creativity resides is in your "ur-anium." All the limitations and potential creativity in your world exist right in your lan­guages. From my 5D perspective, your blindness is laughable, except that it may kill you. The facts are, Ur was the Nibiruan capital selected by Anu for deposit of radiation. If you want more information about this, just follow the path of the Ark of the Covenant, built to contain the radiation in those days.3

Abraham's mission was to deposit the power of Anu into Anunnaki temples, so as to control the emotional bodies of your ancestors. It was a plug into culture that has gotten more and more complex, and it will be helpful now to realize that this problem didn't start in the twentieth cen­tury. Uranium undergoes a half-life process that causes it to gradually transmute into inert elements. I will call this deposit of the power of Anu "the Anu Bomb," and as I read you, this explains why you felt like your modern atomic physicists were godlike. As I see it, there is a symbiotic  relationship between the breakdown of the emotional body through karma and the breakdown of radioactive elements via transmutation. Remember, I do not always understand how things work in your reality, and when I say I read or scan you, I am trying to see what is going on in your bodies. I am struggling to understand this symbiosis, for I know it will be the avenue to ability to become conscious about the transmutative process. I can see that transmuting radioactive materials is deeply tied up with the work you are doing, on your emotional bodies. In that sense, radiation is an Anunnaki or Nibiruan gift. 

Then are many, many ways to look at this. Back to the Ann bomb: as I see Abraham carrying his radioactive box, it looks like the uranium was going to be used for the deposition of the consciousness of Anu in the temple in order to begin a new level of Nibiruan control of Earth. Thus, at the opening of the Age of Aries began the stream of patriarchal con­sciousness that enslaves you now, unless you pay attention to what it really offers you. During the Age of Aries, war and control were appropriate. They are not appropriate now.

The uranium needed to be deposited in the Middle East, the Levant, because that part of the planet was once deep in the ocean where the sur­face was close to the hot interior mantle. By means of Continental Drift and crustal shifting, this section of the planet had moved to the surface during the 10,800 b.c. Pole Shift. There Anu could cause this potent energy to be deposited in a very profound and lethal way. That all depends upon your point of view. After all, what has happened as a result of this emotional-body consciousness that Anu and Abraham deposited is that you have gone through much karma and much experience. Remember that your Sun and all stars are nuclear. Still, don't fail to notice how the Middle East has been enslaving people for a long time.

Anu simply wanted to control the world. He is the great father god of Nibiru, and Earth was his chosen 3D territory. Naturally, he thinks he knows what is best for you. Therefore, whenever he has contact with Earth—when Nibiru orbits into the solar system and Nibiruan ships land on Earth, or when he monitors you by means of temple technology—he simply uses you. Once you became sufficiently self-reflective around 2000 b.c., your feelings began to awaken. Anu did not possess feelings then. He saw that you were slipping out of his total control, and he knew uranium would enable him to monitor you even when you came to the end of the Mayan Great Calendar when Anu would be far away from your solar system.

When Anu is monitoring you, 4D archetypal forces can impulse you into playing out their dramas in 3D. Remember, 4D is the most polarized dimension, while 3D is a four-directional dimension that makes things happen. After 5000 years, uranium is thoroughly polluted with emotional-body detritus—human karma. The Pleiadians joke and call it your "Anu-karma." As a result of being jerked around by 4D and going from one pole to another, human feelings are very accelerated. You are being globally linked, and the active radiation of the Ann Bomb cannot contain all this nondirected creativity. Emotions are spewing into inappropriate realms as you run back and forth like rats in a psychology lab. Uranium holds the vibration in your physical bodies that resonates with the agendas of Anu. However, because of the half-life principle, I can see that the primordial Anu Bomb is fizzling. I can decode part of this with you, since plutonium is the unstable element that resonates the most closely with our 26,000-year Pleiadian cycle. Plutonium in your environment is lethal to all Pleiadians. Remember, I can see into your bodies, like a visual Geiger counter, and I can see the Anunnaki control plugs in your bodies starting to loosen. As you transmute emotions, you are transmuting the plutonium, and the Pleiadians are more free to bring more love into Earth.

Meanwhile, more radiation is being released, in to the environment by the military-industrial complex. Everybody seems to be powerless to stop this because it feels like God to them because it is attached to the ancient Anunnaki power play. The Anunnaki are triggering you into manufactur­ing radioactive materials, you act like zombies, and Einstein is a god to you. Get smart, people! The degree to which you are paying for being poisoned is outrageous! Meanwhile, the increased level of radiation is beneficial to Nibiruan lifeforms. They plan to make a radioactive planet on which to live, ii you are dumb enough to destroy the third dimension of Earth.

It is time to remind you that I am only discussing the 3D and 4D aspects of radiation. Radiation is a great example of how a situation can seem to be very negative in linear space and time, and yet the meaning of it changes completely by moving to a more subtle dimension from which to view it. Chris Griscom told my vehicle in 1986 that the emotional body has been vibrating at a lower frequency than the physical body. When she heard that from Chris, we Pleiadians got excited because this explained something I couldn't figure out. We've had a difficult time understanding why you don't clear yourselves faster. From our perspective, this emotional-frequency retardant was what was set in motion by the first Anu Bomb, and we could see that the block is in your emotional bodies. Now that the atom has been split again—dualized, so it can seek fusion in your reality you must quicken your emotional bodies back to their normally higher frequency.

Listen, peoples, your integrity is to be found in your bodies! Extraterrestrials can only invade your emotions, which are higher dimensional. Look at at the 4D canopy in figure 10.



















Of course, once invaded emotionally, your bodies can become diseased, and then you can be invaded in those places where frequencies have set in that are not in tune with your body. You are not in your integrity when your emotions are denser than your bodies, and this has opened you for invasion. From my 5D perspective, during the energy acceleration, the natural symbiosis of feeling with ura­nium will quicken your emotional bodies, so that your Pleiadian higher self will become your true center while you inhabit Earth. With a quickened emotional body, your heart is quickened by us Pleiadians. The resonation of uranium with the galactic cycle shows that humans must raise their vibrational frequencies to match uranium. Then you will naturally "radi­ate" unconditional love, which centers you in your heart, and all dimen­sions open simultaneously.


The next question has to be to ask whether Anu laid his Bomb to do just that—raise the vibration of humanity. From my perspective as a Pleiadian, it is difficult to credit Anu with the possibility of a loving deci­sion due to his seeming lack of kindness or compassion for humanity. This is a fascinating razor's edge because while influencing your planet, the Anunnaki have been playing a very parental role with you, and all aspects of your parents are valuable to you.


Like all parents, many facets of their activities have to do with en­couraging you to slowly but surely develop and grow, and that is what is confusing. On Earth, many parents, especially those from undisturbed indigenous peoples, are loving in a 5D Pleiadian way. This creates bound­less trust in the child. The parental tendency of Anu is not a loving, com­passionate kind of parenting. It is more like most parenting in the Western world. If you were to go back into your own experiences with your parents and separate out every place where they felt true love and concern for you, and if you stripped out that loving part of their relationship with you, you'd be left only with the part of them that was intending to grow you, like a plant. They gave birth to you, then they had to feed you, clothe you, and then they had to be concerned about your development. But, imagine if they did not activate the heart-centered loving part of you because it was not in their nature. Have you not known parents who are nurturing their child, yet seem to feel no true or blissful love for that child?


Around 3600 b.c. Anu felt the next level of growth for the human would be city cultures, because that form leads to planetary consciousness. For city culture development, Anu's progeny would need to develop socialization, a way of relating to the other humans that was different from ways of relating that existed before. He believed he would need to moni­tor you during this phase, and so he utilized radiation. This part of Anu is the part of you that enables you to live in cities and set up territories, take money from others, control other people, and use other people. This is not a loving sense of community and giving. It is a new level of complexity in living, which offers great experience but is not necessarily loving.


Anu deposited the uranium into a very deep place in the planet as a device for monitoring and influencing your maturity and development while Nibiru orbited out of the solar system; and then Abraham delivered it into the temple 1600 years later. This next stage of growth had never before been developed in the indigenous people of Gaia. Anu directed the indigenous people of Earth in building temple/city culture, but once Nibiru left the solar system, he believed he had to have a way to monitor development until you matured in time. Otherwise, setting up these com­plex structures and leaving them to the inhabitants would be like putting a two-year-old in the pilot's seat of a Boeing 747. I, Satya, can see that whatever goes on with uranium on your planet makes you totally accessi­ble to Anu. I can feel this monitoring device in Anu's brain, which I can easily access because I am higher dimensional. It's like an implant in his brain so he can tune into what you're doing. I can see him scanning you. Just like you can see things in X-rays and CAT scans.

Now Anu is on the verge of an aneurysm caused by the degree of materialization on Earth. These archaic implants are becoming lethal, like old batteries spewing PCBs. Remember, I've told you that Anu once tricked you into self-reflective awareness by encouraging you to emulate him-- worshiping him as an idol made you idle. That worked during one phase of your growth, but then you got bored. You began to want to be God also, and so you split the atom. Just as Anu was beginning to let go of control, once enough of the Anu Bomb was being transmuted by means of the half life principle, you began pulling uranium out of Earth. What has this removal of 2D elemental power from Earth caused? Have you not noticed that emotional-body conflicts are intensifying? And have you noticed that the release of uranium on your planet is directly related to the explosion of emotional karma and emotional activity? Notice that. It is true and it is a huge speeding up of your evolution.


Back in 3600 B. C , when temple/city cultures formed, people who had been in a pastoral mode suddenly went into cities. Their feelings were aroused in a new way, and the same cities became armed camps by 2000 b.c. Uranium triggered defensiveness and the armed camp. You had to go through this stage to come to a higher vibration because the ego or iden­tity of the Anunnaki is deeply involved with growth and development on your planet. Much of this experience has been negative, and I will be going into the most negative elements of this in order to assist the Anunnaki in letting it go.


Just like the 2D elementals want to return to their realm, so do the 4D archetypal lords want to return to theirs. Dimensional pollution has outlived its usefulness. You could say from one point of view that Anu was impulsing you into exploring radiation because he was lonesome. So, recognize that lonely god within yourself and agree to gift the planet with your own genius. Now the time has come to relate to him and everybody else at the next level of frequency. Anu had complete control over the known world in one time frame. The next question is: What is Anu's rel­ative state of control at the present time?


From our perspective, Anu decided in 3600 b.c. to impose a creation on Earth, which was a form of opening up his underwear drawer. Anu exposed himself—Anuflashing—by offering the complete temple/city cul­tural form, but why would he do that? Well, now I will tell you a secret: Anu was competing with the Sirians, who had deposited their temple/city culture in Egypt, and Anu got jealous! After Nibiru's return in 7200 b.c., the Sirians built magnificent temple/city complexes around 6000 b.c. that activated all the power vortexes on the Nile, and they even built activation structures all over the Aegean. The Sirian work with humans was for higher brain activation, but the Anunnaki thought of the human brain as just a robotic structure to be used by them to control humans as workers.


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