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Saturday, 17 July 2010 03:44

Greetings Beloved Friends,

    I am back this very Violet Saturn-day of Diplomacy and Transformation to give you better understanding.

    A question is in the air: Who will fix the Holy Bible fixing and correcting the mistakes. Who will fix the Science to have the right technology?

    Easy. Please understand that my book, "The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Michael and the Family of Light" gives you great blessings and understanding, to clarify the book of Revelations.

    That book has been written in accordance with the Family of Light. From the very words of Archangel Michael, Lord Jesus, Lady Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Kryon, Lord Meru ... and others.

    Therefore, my friends the real actors, Lord Jesus, Lady Magdalene ... correct when someone speak false true about them.

    Thus, if the Holy Bible speak about Cana Weeding but you does not know who were the Spouse and the who was the Husband ... and Lord Jesus say, "Me and Mary Magdalene", get married at Cana. "We are the Husband and Spouse in that Marriage".

    If Lord Jesus ... in one of him returns explain that he does not say "Father, why hast thou forsaken me?". He say, I really say: "Father! how thou hast glorified me".

    If Lady Magdalene say, "I was not the whore. The Church is the real whore". And "Apostles believe I was a prostitute because my golden bracelet with two serpents, but this bracelet represent my initiations at the Temple of Isis".

    So, the real actors are back to speak about the misunderstanding.

    And how they back? ... you will wonder.

    They back trough the messengers. Mark L. Prophet was a messenger. Elizabeth Clare Prophet was a messenger. Aurelia Louise Jones was a messenger. I, Giovanni are a messenger. Patricia Cori, Barbara Hand Clow, Amorah Quan Yin, Barbara Marciniak, Peggy Phoenix Dubro ... still other very public personages are messengers.

    But where comes from these People? ... Where they lives? ... Where lives Lord Jesus ... Lady Magdalene ... Lord Meru? El Morya, Saint Germain? ... and how they arrive here.

    This is the real magic ... because their physical arrival ... in spirit ... offer a valid proof about Light Speed is not constant (Of course we need more for the atheist scientist ... but we can start also from here).

    If Ascended Master El Morya say, I am the King of planet IA in the Sirius Star, and the Sirius Star is  8.6 Light Years from Earth, and him incorporation inside Raul Yepez ... takes about one minute ... This means that his spirit traveling across the stars takes about 8.6c, where c is the speed of Light, Physics suppose to be a constant.

   If Lord Meru, say that he comes a little bit far from our Galaxy, from Andromeda Galaxy ... and he takes about 35 seconds to incorporate into Raul Yepez, ... 2.54 Mly (Mega-Light-Years) ... 2.5 x 106 Light-years. This means that our Beloved Lord Meru ... travel in Space-Time at very High speeds ... like equivalent to millions of times the speed of Light. I prefer don't do the math, right now.

    Lord Jesus ... also incorporated by Raul Yepez ... comes from a still far distance, very close to the Central Sun, the Sun where all life rotates around ... where God lives ... and this is not God Anu, commented yesterday ... but the prime Creator, our Real Father.

    Like you see both ... Religions and Science includes mistakes ... and the Elohim, like Lord Meru, the Archangels like Michael and Gabriel, Raphael and Jophiel, the Masters like Lord Jesus and Mady Magdalene ... as well others like El Morya, Saint Germain, and Kryon from dimension eleven ... come to us to clarify our understandings based on false trues.

   In the Heaven, there are no Religions. In the Heaven there are no Banks. In the Heavens, there are no Doctors. In the Heavens ... there are only Perfection dimension after dimension ... up to the Central Sun ... in the dimension thirteen and above, when the Prime Creator, the God and the Goddess lives ... in perfect harmony.

    This is the very reason because, I Giovanni include the name "HumanEvolution" in the course. This is the very step in Human Evolution, to unite the Universe ... to live in the Universe ... not with a new iphone, nor Blackberry ... but with our real senses ...

I send my very blessing to you, in this very day.

Giovanni A. Orlando.



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