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Tuesday, 08 June 2010 06:29


    It is clear that there are no Human Evolution without sex. Absolutely! ... So, please reject some mad scientist trying to play to be God, is some Dark Lab.

    What is the best Sex? ... Probably you suppose that the best Sex is a long journey, or with several partners, but you wrong.

    One of the reasons because Lady Magdalene was classified but "dirty" was because her golden bracelet including two serpents, but that object is a sacred object explain her art. The Art of the Sexual Serpents that moves along the Seven Chakras, from the Base of the Spine to the Crown Chakra.

   If your sexual partner does not know what is Chakra, she (or he for the female) will not really enjoy the exthasis of a sexual relation. Please forget homo relations.

   Backing to the point, without a knowledge, or the activation of the KA flow in the body, you probably will be like a young student of Mathematics playing with fractions, instead to study Physics with Functional Analysis, just to say.

   I understand recently, that Prayers are useful to activate the Ka flow in the body. After your body have a KA activated, you don't need to say the Words.

   Lord Meru comment to me, please don't be "Repetitive" in your Prayers. After I did that, after a while and some initiations ... all tailored by him and him words, in an expected mode my KA was activated.

    For those interested in know more about the KA, can read this book,

      (Spanish customers can read, http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/pleyades/ejercicios/ejercicios.htm)

      Lady Magdalene study and become a Master in this art because after you awake your Ka, you can move your KA, the flow of your KI/KA/Chi inside your body ... at will.

      Both, Lord Jesus and Lady Magdalene practice this kind of sex and when they do, they KA (moves from one body into the other, trough the sexual point), and the moves across the Chakras of the other ... until touches the Crown Chakra.

     Masters told me, that each one of us can touch only a certain point in their KA activation. Only after the sexual relation of this type ... the KA will expand and become really strong.

    Friends, please understand that ONLY activation the KA, mastering it flow in the Body you are going to survive in the coming years. No otherwise ...

    ... And of course ... you will heal yourself ... and if you heal yourself ... you will heal the world.

    It is not cool ? ...

    Please think on it ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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