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Wednesday, 23 July 2008 07:11

It is important to fix here and list the past announcements we did in Physics:

  • The speed of light is variable.
  • The Bing Bang never was.
  • The Universe is multidimensional. Consider 9 Dimensions for now. However, there are 26.
  • The Shape of our planet is a toroid (this is a more simple announcement we are doing here to simplify). I will back more in depth on this ... with other announcements.
  • The Shape of the Universe is a Möbius Toroid

Because there are really a lot of things here, we will go slow.

We are talking that the "c" in the formula, is wrong:

and therefore the Force experiences by a charge q, inside an Electric field E, at the speed of v, and a fixed magnetic flux B, is not exactly the previous formula.

Well, the gravity on the moon is lower than the gravity on earth. Also the gravity on Jupiter is different. It is higher than here. Therefore, this formula will be valid only here on Earth. Where c is 299,792.458 km/s.

I am including here a little table about the Gravity on the moon and other planets:

Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Chiron Saturn Uranus Maldeck Neptune Pluto Nibirus
0.38 0.9 1 0.38 2.53 0.037-0.040 1.07 0.92 0.53 1.19 0.053.58

Gravity on the Moon is 0.833 m/s.

So, if your weight on Eath is 107 Kg, your weight on the Moon is 17.8 Kg.

Would be nice ... when you ask a fat person ... what is your weight? ... and you reply ... I what planet?

In the previous table I include the 12 planets of our solar system. Where three of these may be unknow for you.

  • One is Chiron, that is called also 2060 Chiron This is actually classified as an asteroid, but is a planet.
  • The second you surely don't know is Maldeck. You don't know this because the planet explode and is the actual asteroid belt.
  • The third, you neither know. It is Nibiru, the Planet X. You don't know because its orbit is 3600 years around the Sun, and our master Jesus, live on Earth just 2000 years ago.

However, I include all twelve.

Again, the concept of light-year is wrong too. If the light crossing galaxies is modified by the gravity and accelerate, then the galaxies are closer than we expect!

We are also talking here that the "c" in the Hendrik Antoon Lorentz transformation are wrong. We can change "c" by Cg that have the same value. But understanding that the formula regards only the planet Earth.

I can also comment that most of the results from the RelavitityTheory are wrong or that there are a better explanation. Einsten's Relativity Theory, wonderfull explained in Landau-Lipfists "The Theory of Fields", present a theory that offers an imcomplete view.

It is possible to reach speeds faster than the actual speed of light and honestly had been proved by several scientists ...

I will stop here for now. However, please evaluate these concepts carefully.

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