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Thursday, 28 May 2009 18:55

Why the Bible is punctuated ? ... an invitation to What is FTHumanEvolutionCourse?

Why the Bible is punctuated? ... ... an invitation to What is FTHumanEvolutionCourse?

FTHumanEvolutionCourse is not a list of books or free or pay-for-read books. This is not a definition of FTHumanEvolutionCourse.

Instead, FTHumanEvolutionCourse is a collection of tests to understand everything!

In the original Bible in Greek manuscripts there were no chapters, verses, or punctuation.

The Bible was divided into chapters by Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury in the 13th century; and that the Old Testament was first divided into verses by Rabbi Nathan. The New Testament published in 1551 by the French printer, Robert Stephanus, was the first to use verse divisions.

This means that the derived verses and sentence order of the Bible may not reflect he original first century Greek messages, as the Chapters were religiously derived and the Verses were added by a French Printer.

These changes were made some 13 to 15 centuries after the original Greek messages ere written.
This is why there are added English words in the Old English version to try to make sense of the religious translation and interpretation.

This indicates that the English version of things may not be exactly hat the original Greek intended.  However this is not the point.

The Bible was punctuated because it is more easy to read.

Our idea with FTHumanEvolutionCourse is to produce tests, a high number of questions and in several languages. Only the questions will reflect the know of the student.

The material, free or under-payment it is only a mean of knowledge.

So, how we can produce the questions, or the phrase to emit knowledge? ... Using the punctuation of the books.

The Bible approach ... a punctuation a point to separate phrases is the most appropriate.

The usage of points like:

"From the Great Love of My Heart—seeing and knowing from the Inner Standpoint, as you do not and cannot possibly as yet—I urge you to avoid everything that savors of a negative expression or condition. Then you shall rise on the Wings of your 'Mighty I AM Presence' into that Everlasting Freedom and Blessing of the Perfect, Eternal, Limitless Light."

The "I AM" Discourses 3: 173
Used by Saint Germain Press is wrong because it means Book 3, page 173, in the serie.
Calling phrases like: Exodus 17:8, Exodus 24:12, Exodus 33:8, are clear punctuated phrases.
But, because we will punctuate all these will become "King James Bible-Exodus 17:8".
The idea is to open a research on all the books we include.
This will open a direct search on the book, still better than the digital search! ... This is also FTHumanEvolutionCourse ... but still more.
It is still more because he generate the questions from what is the standard of understanding in the New Age for example, but also in The General Theory of Relativity.
Today, we publish an interesting fact. We comment that Master Sananda, from Sirius Constellation, was Master Jesus, but also King David, also Muhammad as well Buddha.
So, a question may be: "Was Master Jesus ... the Gautama the Buddha in one of his last embodiments?"
or,  "Was Master Jesus ... Muhammad in one of his last embodiments?"
or, "What is another name for Master Jesus: () Sananda, ()Ananda ()Pericles"
Produce the probably on Aleph, the first numerable possible is also a goal of FTHumanEvolutionCourse. 
Thanks for now,
Giovanni A. Orlando. 


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