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Friday, 01 May 2009 07:16

The meaning of the word ... and books and movies ...


What was a statement like "There Be Light!" ... was an expression and an order.

A book is a set of words written by a man or woman to express its thought, but it is more. It is a set of word, and like our voice (or our mental thoughts) are expression ... but they are also waves and therefore have an intensity and resound in the Universe.

Until we understand that each single word is an order, an statement ... you will still be lost. Once, you understand the power of the voice, the sound or mental formed words ... that are orders to the infinite Universe ... you will understand that you are capable to realize any dream. You need only to ask for!

Ascended Masters like Saint Germain are capable to condense in their words a special meaning and secret power. They can transfer a flame of wisdom inside the book, like is available inside the book: "Saint Germain on Alchemy".

The Kyballion explains that wherever are the words of the Master, like Saint Germain, the Ascended Master student, the so-called chela, will found these words and assimilate them as your words.

This is a very important sense, the mystical sense of the words, that very few are aware of. There are also the mystical sense of the numbers (Numerology) and the mystical sense of the forms (Sacred Geometry), all covered in FTHumanEvolutionCourse.

I want you remember the triple flame in our hearth.

Saint Germain said that we need to let each flame have the same bright and power, as well the same height. The Blue flame represent our power. The Pink flame represent the Love, for us, our family and others, and the Yellow Flame our Wisdom.

Power-Love and Wisdom are the key for a perfect and eternal life, in perfect harmony.

So, each one we read a book we are getting the waves of Power-Love-Wisdom from the author, and if this book arrive to us (and this is valid also for a Website, including this), this means that they are necessary for our and your Power-Love and Wisdom.

Also songs, music (without words or with words), poetry ... and the latest expression: Movies.

Movies are a strong package of waves, and TV advertising as well TV news, are words that force as to shopping or to live with fear and in not comfortable conditions. For this reason, Ascended Masters alert us about them, and in some cases they tell us to avoid TV, or to watch TV without to consider they like the Holy Bible.

Just remember that they are Waves!

You cannot make sex with a wave!?

Now, today we have thousand of E-books or Electronic books. Again there are Power-Love and Wisdom inside each of them, but they are different that printed books.

If we consider Books like Waves, then E-Books are Waves in Transit, while Printed Books are Waves that reach the Wall, and get condensed.

We can re-produce an entire Library if we have Electronic books. We can print them thousand of times, including the fact that we can perfectionate these books, enhance, updated and include colors and images, as well to translate in other languages to maximize their diffusion.

Therefore, both types or books are important, but specially printed books.

Remember how many books are passed from Gutenberg to the personal printer.

I will close this advice with an small warning. Please remember the tacit and hidden words or message in advertising to clean your mind, and try to avoid them.


Giovanni A. Orlando.



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