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Greetings in the Fridda-day, Friday ... or Orange Venus day ... the day of Lovers and/or the day of the Love in the Family.

     Now ... is the Master ... that choose the student. A Student can wait a special or great teacher take the approval of Faculty ... but in Heavenly design ... is the Master or the Masters that choose a person to offer training.

      Many are the reasons to intent to ... explain the reasons ...

Why Einstein Theory is Wrong

   Planned Cover.

    What we waiting to release this book? ... We are waiting Devil become Good ... You know, better we do not wait for him.

 Between the reasons are at the Base to release this book ... are:

  • Simple Scientific Truth: There are an Aether ... The Speed of Light is not always a constant ... and there are another Science.
  • The real views (plural) about Time ... and its Geometric component very popular: The Triangle, the Sphere and the Polyhedron.
  • Explain ... well the Atom ... This create a New Theory of Matter ... where the meaning of Light is more exact ... includes New components ... not figured before.
  • Introduce in Science ... The Lord ... and what creates the Lord, What creates God.
   Now ... God is Consciousness ... It has many levels ... The "missing" Aether play a role here ...

42 Now, it is true that it may be more comfortable, at least temporarily, for mankind to vegetate neath the sun and the moon in an isolated reverie, remote from the challenges of life, 43 without benefit of the sometimes violent but always disturbing alchemical heat which, 44 as Christic fires, acts to purge mankind of his dross. 45 But I am certain that the soul which desires to climb the hill of attainment to reach the summit peaks will neither find fault with nor reject the necessary chain of experiences that are intended to broaden the mind, sharpen the intellect, 46 exalt the spirit, and test the mettle of a man.

47 While on the subject of the gradations of consciousness, remember that each level represents a phase of the alchemy of transition from the human to the divine. 48 A just sense of the equal opportunity of all to apprentice themselves to the Master Alchemist is a prerequisite to personal freedom.

-- The Crucible of Being

Now ... I will offer a Chapter ... Chapter 9 ... Commanding Consciousness from the Book "Saint Germain on Alchemy".

This chapter ... begin with a Plato statement ... "God geometrizes"

Then by example ... "Man, know thyself must be applied by you to the pure truth of being and not to human concepts of what that truth is. 20 It is dangerous, however, to be critical of another or of his concepts; 21 for only the individual can apprehend, through the screen of his own being, his world and the cosmos beyond.

22 When you realize the meaning of interpreting life for yourself, you will see how utterly impossible it is for you to perform this for another ...

You can read this Chapter ... here:

Commanding Consciousness ...

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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