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Friday, 22 May 2020 13:14


Greetings in the Orange day of Venus ... the day of the Lovers ...

       Now, If I need to explain ... in few words how Master Jesus or Saint Germain perform their miracles ... the answer is with "Light".

       Now ... Light which is composed by Extas (accept temporarily this Word ... and Extas are related to Prana) ... can be controlled by the Mind.

        Now ... Light will not obey you ... or anyone not enough sacred. You need to be confident with Light to let Light obey you and the Atom obey you ... etc.

         Prana are ... Light in static mode ...

         We can quote:  "Love, Divine Mind, and Prana are One in the static or still state. Through the Conscious Action of the individual, Divine Love consciously directed, becomes Love, Wisdom and Power—in action. This is why Divine Love consciously directed to accomplish things produces such marvelous results. It becomes Instantaneous and All-Powerful as soon as the outer consciousness ceases to limit It.

        Of Course ... You need to be "Self-Conscious" ... or Conscious of Yourself.

"When You, the 'Mighty I AM Presence,' will to come forth into an Individualized Focus of Con­scious Dominion and use the Creative Word 'I AM,' Your first Individual Activity is the formation of a Flame. Then you, the Individualized Focus of the 'Mighty I AM Presence,' begin Your Dynamic Ex­pression of Life.

"This Activity We term Self-consciousness— meaning the individual who is conscious of his Source and Perfection of Life expressing through himself. Only the Self-conscious Individual has ALL the Attributes and Creative Power of the 'Mighty I AM Presence.' Only He can know who and what He is and express the Fullness of the Creative Power of God whenever He decrees, by the use of the Words 'I AM.'

    Let us begin to read the full chapter ...



Divine Romance

"NOW I am going to touch upon very important things which are sacredly personal," Saint Germain explained, speaking directly to Nada, Pearl, Rex, and Bob Singleton.

   Continue here ...

   Anything can be created with LIGHT ... Anything ... The Material to create is there ... but you need to be ready.

   The Book of Alchemy ...

   Is the course you need to study ... and ask ... and interact ... and perform ... etc.

   There are a Physics ... beyond ... or "High Physics" ... we can learn from this book ... in condensed mode ...

    In fact, we can read ...

1 Two thousand years ago when Christ walked upon the waters of the Sea of Galilee, 2 his demonstration was a manifestation of the natural law of levitation operating within an energy framework of cohesion, adhesion, and magnetism - the very principles which make orbital flight possible.

3 The light atoms composing the body of Christ, 4 absorbed at will an additional quantity of cosmic rays and spiritual substance whose kinship to physical light made his whole body light, 5 thereby making it as easy for him to walk upon the sea as upon dry land.

6 His  body  was purely a ray of light shining upon the waters.

7 The most dazzling conception of all was his ability to transfer this authority over energy to Peter 8 through the power of Peter's own vision of the Christ in radiant, illumined manifestation.

Continue here ...

But our concerns are Light ... Here we quote Chapter 7 ...

Chapter 7

Methods of Transfer

And God said Let there be light: and there was light.
And God saw the light, that it was good:
and God divided the light from the darkness.
And God called the light Day. and the darkness he called Night.
And the evening and the morning were the first day.
— Genesis 1:3-5.

1 Light is the alchemical key!

The words "Let there be light" (Genesis 1:3) are the first fiat of the creation and the first step in proper precipitation.

When man. who himself is a manifestation of God, desires to emulate the Supreme Father and precipitate, 4 as a true son of Light should learn to do, he ought to follow those methods used by the Supreme Intelligence if consistent and worthy results are to be anticipated.

By examining the obvious methods of the Creator and by observing nature, you can deduce much of value if you will school yourself to think independently. 6 For it is necessary to bypass mere human syllogisms and to penetrate the limitless consciousness of God, 7 who is the great Master Alchemist, in order to "go and do likewise " (Luke 10:37) ever beholding your services as good.

When you have determined within yourself to experiment with the art of precipitation, first create a mind blueprint of the object you wish to produce. 9 This should incorporate definite size, proportion, substance, density, color, and quality in detailed picture form. 10 When the visualization of the blueprint within your mind is complete, it ought to be immediately sealed. 11 This is a vital step in its speedy and effective release into the world of Matter-form.

... You can continue to read here ...

Sai Baba did this ... Lord Jesus did ... I do not yet perform this ... but not too far ... everyone will.

Let us consider the Last book of our concerns:

The Book "The Secret of Light" is our book ... You need to find on the Web and Study ... Find I mean Purchase (Check http://www.philosophy.org)

The Other book "The Universal One" ... means "God" ... God is the Universal One ... the Conscious force that creates everything.

I confess ... I do not yet full read these books ... Also the creation of Planets is included ... and the "Suns" creates ...

One of the key concepts in "The Secret of Light" ... is the ... "Cube-Sphere" ...

  The Existence of components in the Electron ... provoke the fall of Einstein Theory like predicted by Max Planck and Marco Todeschini, between others.


Let there be light ...

May be the Light be with you ...

We continue to complete ... "Saint Germain on Alchemy" ...

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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