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Sunday, 11 August 2019 16:42


Greetings in the day of the Sun, the Sun-day ...

     And many were the Results in Physics ... performed by Genius Nikola Tesla ...

     ... but is possible he worked also on Mathematics? ...

Nikola Tesla

    Well know is the ... Tesla Love for 3, 6 and 9 numbers.

    He consider these three numbers are the basis for the Universe ...

    A different simplified edition ... show comments about ...2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11 and 13.

Tesla spiral is similar to ...

This is also similar to ... the Prime Cross ... re-proposed in recent years by Prof. Peter Pilchta in "God's Secret Formula".

   Any of these Solutions ... claim ... that Prime respect a Schema which is Easy.

   We (will propose the hypothesis here) ... that Tesla unveil Prime Distribution.

   But ... while we will not extend all the results you see on the Picture ... but only comment it.

   Why J. S. Bach is included in the Book ... "Why Einstein Theory is Wrong?" ... or Galileo? ... or Pythagoras? ...

   Well we do not include William Shakespeare ... like Shakespeare because Shakespeare (the person you know like that) do not write a Word of the Plays.

   Godfrey Harold Hardy ... discover ... that Francis Bacon was the Cypherist of the Government ...

   The Code ... the Shakespearian Plays has been written are exactly these same codes (or cyphers) used today.

   Assign a Letter to a number ... Also Pythagoras was a Numerologist ... see here ...

   The most used Bach Alphabet is ...

  The same (or similar) ... A=1 ... B=2 ... M=12 ... Z=24 ... was used by Francis Bacon (who write the Shakespearean Plays ... the most)

  Bacon is ... 33 (the number of Christ).

  Bach in 2+1+3+8=14.

  All the Music written by J.S. Bach ... was composed this "Art" ... the Art of the Universe.


  Saint Germain (of France) was the Francis Bacon of England and the Cristoforo Colombo of Genova (while these last do not gave the ships) ... but Spain in the persons of Queen Elizabeth and King Fernando ... and this is why ... South America talk Spanish and Brazil talk Portuguese.

  The Educational System of Today ... NEVER will explain or reveal that "Numerology" have a sense.

  You can read ...


  Spiritual windows of action are given to humanity by the Universe in linear ways (representing a period of consecutive years, often in multiples of 8). The profound window opened in 1987 with the energy of the Harmonic Convergence (celebrated later as the 11:11). It closed with the Harmonic Concordance of 2003. This window represented a number of years that were linearly presented, known to you, and even predicted. They all had to do with planetary motion and energy, and were explained by Kryon. Now here's another one with the Transit of Venus. This is a smaller window, something that doesn't happen any more often than every 130 years, and it's an 8-year window. For in eight years, in 2012, you'll have another Venus Transit.

  Also Tesla unveil the 12/12/12 ... which have without doubt the connection with December 12, 2012.

  This means that he unveil the Mayan (from the Calendar) ... Mathematics of Time.

   There are TOO MUCH missing ... and is missing because ... Greed ... some control Planetary Time ... for now.

   These persons do not want ... the Youth evolve and learn ... by example ... "The Physics of Tesla" ... who invent the 20th Century.

   Without the "Math of Spirit" concepts like ... Who was Nikola Tesla before to born ... or who is today ... or Who was Einstein or who was Riemann can never be revealed.

   Neither Gravitation and Magnetism ...

Opps too much for today,


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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