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Greetings ...

     In Great Love ... I want to offer some more Salt ... to your Mind ... Indeed in great love.

     Now, one of the "concepts" ... I want to offer to the World in permanent mode ... is ...

The Law of Karma.

     Now ... What is the Law of Karma? ... more conceptual is to consider ... the Words of Saint Germain like ...

The Science of Karma.

      What is this Science? ... Why is important for us? ...

      Consider for a moment in case you ... believe in Past Lives ... You was a Pharaoh ... and visit a Museum ... or better you was a famous Painter and visit another Museum ... You see your Painting ... get freeze ... and some persons with no idea about Art ... intent to explain that Painting ...

      Some others consider you a foreign ... while you lived in that city ...

     You get disappoint because their lack of respect ... But how can they understand you today, if they do not understood you then ... And this do not means they will accept Karma like a Force ... or the Past live a latent reality.

     In fact, Saint Germain explain ...

144 Moreover, to the great masses inhabiting the planet, 145 from whom even a rudimentary knowledge of the science of karma has been withheld, 146 it is somewhat difficult to explain the cycles of reincarnation that predestine the return of abused Power to the one who has misused it.
147 The horror with which some who profess to be religious view any doctrine 148 that is not approved by the church of their fathers 149 is a millstone about their necks. How unfortunate! For if they are to be free from the shackles of an ancient dogma, 150 they must open wide the doors of their minds, 151 without fear and without prejudice.

If "The Science of Karma" ... and there are cases (and happens all the time ...) The Karma return ... and this means enter in Present from the Past like a Bowling strike ... again you have no idea what happened.

All the time is Just ... because you are living with "unseen Laws" ... but the idea is that you "see" these laws and "see" your Past Lives.

I, Giovanni=Jean=John ... saw three of these Lives ... not because I read a book ... They are "sacred" moments when you read "The Book of Life" (in this case your Book of Life) ... and the information is there.

Have a chance to ... record ... and also this has been made ... there are a Mirror where ... anyone can see All his Past Lives ... May be four people in the Planet have access to such Mirror ... is located inside a Mountain ... sealed to humans or curious.

Interesting? ... Also Lord Jesus talk about Karma and Reincarnation ...

 I hope you do not open discussion about ... the Book and/or if the Missing Text existed ... etc. You are very capable to do that ...


 I will continue with something more simple ... like Europe.



Here ... if you click the flag ... will have a Free chapter ... In English is ...  Spiritual Alliance in: German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Why this is important? ... 

This is important because ... Saint Germain was William Shakespeare ... like Francis Bacon (two theorems to be proven) ... both related to the "Science of Karma".

Why is important he was Shakespeare? ... Well ... You have another exquisite material from his pen ... here ...  

I planned to begin to teach ... the High English of Saint Germain on Alchemy ... to first year students.

Interesting ... Don't you believe?


More? ...

The Atom

55 I am a bit hopeful that material science will not look too much askance on the control of Matter by the power of the mind and spirit.

I doubt that religion could justly deny the so-called miracles which demonstrate (if they are to be believed) that individuals who have lived upon earth have been able to practice transmutation, which is simply changing one form into another, such as water into wine; (John 2:1-11) 57 amplification and multiplication of the atomic and molecular substance, such as multiplying the loaves and fishes; (Matt 14:15-21) 58 and precipitation of the elements, such as calling down fire from heaven. (2 Chronicles 7:1-3), 2 Kings 1:10,12).

Equally wondrous feats performed by masters unascended and ascended indicate a most exact science of control over Matter and energy.

  -- Methods of Transfer

Yes ... We can solve also the Einstein Puzzle called "Aether" ... but preference suspense ...

Take care,
Giovanni A. Orlando
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