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Monday, 13 May 2019 10:16


Greetings in the Moon-day (Monday in English, Lunes in Spanish, Lunedì in Italian ...)

      Now ... to die ... if you fulfill your plan ... your life is a success. I know perfectly that My Sacred Mother fulfill her Plan. Also my Father ...

      To live or continue to be is an opportunity for Glory ... to fulfill your Plan.

      We suppose you know there are a plan ... for you ... it is called "Divine Plan"

      I see many "Agents of Evil" ... well these persons have their days counted ... Some will not live another ten years ... may be neither another five ... may be neither another three.

      These are the Time of "Reboot" ... completely new time.

     The Beloved Master has said recently that "Beloved John the Baptist never will leave you" ... This means he don't only return, is here and alive but never quit ... Never will leave the World.

     Please consider 2050 ... an important year ... still also 2023 ... to be years of extreme change ... and Ascension.

     I consider important ... these introductory concepts.


    To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep
No more ...

    -- Hamlet.

    Important is to live.

    Have a benevolent relation with Time ... is to be friend of God ... and live longer ... or like God wish.

    If you reach the point of Time we call "Absolute Time" ... you can have all you want ...


    Time ... is composed by electrical components ... included in the Electrons ... we call "Extas".

    The Secret to explains ... "Entanglement" ... or communication at extremes of the Galaxy ... this must be another proof the Speed of Light is variable ... and cannot be a constant ... never ever.

    Therefore communications happens because the Exta ... and they reflect what American PolyMath Walter Russell call ... the ... Cube-Sphere (both 3D Polyhedron) ... and from the Cube to the Sphere we have all the Possible Polyhedron.

    More important that its form ... which is also important are ... where is ...

  • It is an infinitesimal part of the Electron.
  • It has not only electrical characteristics ... but also Magnetic ... to the point that exta inside the Nucleus of Atom has magnetic characteristics and outside the nucleus electrical and these characteristics are revertible ... from Magnetic to Electrical and vice versa.
  • The Exta was used by God to creates the Atom
  • The Extas creates God ... in the sense they have consciousness.
  • There are a relation between Prana and Extas.

    Plato was right ... when he ask to his students to learn Geometry before talk with him and before become their students.


     What tell you until now? ... Well ... almost nothing and almost nothing can be proven.

     But we will continue ...

     The Space-Time ... is not necessarily a Continuum ...

  • Is not a continuum because is not uniform ... the evolution after the Big Bang do not create a continuous or uniform Universe ...
  • The Hypothesis the Universe is a Space is void. The Universe is not a Space ... The Universe is a TIME. The Universe is an Exta (a Conscious born from explosion ... able to reduce to an infinitesimal bit ... called "Exta" ... once again).
  • Space is fruit and create by Time ... It is like an Ox Cart ...
  • There are a final point in Time ... called "Absolute Time" (You can go there ... There you will have everything ... you wish ...)

    There are infinite symbols to learn to manipulate Time ... but three are the most important: The triangle (2D), the Sphere (3D) and the Polyhedron (3D).

    We will not go too far ... but Egyptian knows these facts ... The Ankh ... or Uriel Cross of the New Age ... means Life.

     Understand Time as Dust and its Symbols ... belong to the ABC of the ... "The Art of Time" ...

    ... Like Shakespeare can explain ...

When rocks impregnable are not so stout,
Nor gates of steel so strong, but Time decays?
O fearful meditation! where, alack,
Shall Time’s best jewel from Time’s chest lie hid?
Or what strong hand can hold his swift foot back?
Or who his spoil of beauty can forbid?
O, none, unless this miracle have might,
That in black ink my love may still shine bright.

   -- Shakespeare.



Giovanni A. Orlando.

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