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Wednesday, 01 May 2019 15:06


Greetings ... in the day of Mercury ... the day of Alchemy ...

      Some months ago ... I wrote some words fruit of Study about Light ...

      This is the article I wrote:

(Click the image to read ...)

      The result of that research is the well know statement: Light is the alchemical key!  

       If you study ... (like commented in the article) ... All Nobel Prizes in Physics ... from the discovery of X Ray ... to Einstein on "Photoelectric Effect" you will see that All Nobel Prizes are related to unveil ... one concept:


     In the Book of Genesis we have: "Let there be light" (Gen 1:3) ...

     Angel Kryon exlained ... that some population never saw the Light (he means ... saw Greatness ...)

     In fact, now changing Music ... to attune with Hinduism (and the Founders of All Religions were the same ... just one divided that visit Space and Time) Hinduism say ...

"Ignorance is the absence of Light in the Mind of Man"

     Now ... "The non-sense litigation" is the war between Light and Darkness ...

     Many thousand of years ago ... like expressed by Great Writer Patricia Cori ... in the title of her book ... "Atlantis rising ... There are a Struggle between Darkness and Light"

      Atlantis was Light (Eden) ... but the subtle imposition of the Serpent people ... let their destruction ... because they implanted "Seed of Corruption" ...

      There was a disruption (a real disturbance in Space-Time) when the destroyers arrived ... one of the many ... You can read ... Words from another Great Old Priestess of Atlantis ...

“Ra” speaks.

      Ra is the Spirit in Our Sun ... Amon-RA is beyond ... and Amon-Ra creates the Meditterean Sea with its helpers ... Yavhee and Yehova ... respectively the Gods of Israel in different times.

     The Pharaoh ... in a time posterior to the Garden (and any Pharaoph ... male or female ... talk with the Neters and Ra ...)

     Therefore the fall of Lemuria ... the fall of Atlantis ... the War in Venezuela ... the Wars of Vietnam ... all are ... temporary. Here in 3D (Linear time and Linear Space) there are Wars ... also in 4D ... but not in 5D ... before 7D ... there are Wars again.


    From some perspective the Odd Side of the Caduceus is Light ... while the Left Side or Even side is Darkness ... but not in the sense we understand, because Dimensions are not teach in High School.

     So ... What we can do? ... We can control Light ... Darkness cannot be destroyed ... and we need "small" quantities ... like Pepper and Salt in the Soup ... where all the Soup is composed by Water (Good or Great Quantity of Neutral) ... etc.

     The Alchemist knows ... how to produce the good ... and that Sodium and Chloride produce Salt ... (See THE JUDGMENT OF THE CARNAL MIND AS THE SEAT OF AUTHORITY IN MATER - The Fifth Vial)

    Now ... to conclude ... and I excuse without any proof of my words ... I can repeat ...

Sec. 471. “Cold is as much a substantial entity as heat, and darkness is as much a substantial entity as light. There is a prism of seven colors resident within each white ray of light. There is also a septuple prism of black entities in the blackest gloom. The night is as pregnant as the day.

Sec. 472. “The Poseid investigator thus became cognizant of wondrous forces of Nature which he might bend to the uses of mankind. The secret was out.
It had been discovered that the attraction of gravitation could be nullified by the repulsion of levitation; that the first belonged to the Day Side of Nature, while the second belonged to Navaz, the Night Side; and that vibration governed both the darkness and the cold.

Sec. 473. “Thus Poseid like Job of old, knew the path to the House of Darkness, and the treasures of the Hail and the Cold. (Job 38:22) Through this wisdom, Atlantis found it possible to adjust weight (positiveness) to lack of weight (negativeness) in such a manner that no tug of war was manifest.

   Therefore we can solve ... "one day" ... all the Puzzle of Physics ... and we can also use the Bible ...

For now ... please find a "Job" ... and read "Job" in KJV.

Happy Labor day,

Giovanni A. Orlando
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