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Greetings in the day of Sun-day, the day of the Sun ... the day of the Lord ...

   And ... I, Giovanni founder and President of Future Technologies ... want to figure out ... the secrets behind Electricity which are far beyond the common or approximative understanding of Modern Science.

   I will NOT tell you ... the Secrets on this day ... or you will know and unlock in few hours what is know after many centuries, of Course not.

   But please consider these words ... like a footnote ... in introductory form which ... in few lines ... let you to one heavy book of over then 1000 pages ... to another of about 600 to another 3 for about 700 each one ... for a total of many thousand pages ... just to produce some paragraph in the 'Coming' Science of Consciousness, we can declare the Science of the 21th Century.

   Because if unlocked, when unlocked ... the Entire and Sunshine Garden of Eden ... will be visible.

   Now if we back in Time to the 19th Century, with James Clerk Maxwell (13 June 1831 – 5 November 1879) ... or Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) ... or others ... we can recover Tesla Words ...

   In fact, he say ...

Electrical science has become the mother science of all, and its study has become all-important. The day when we shall know what electricity is, will chronicle an event probably greater, more important, than any other recorded in the history of the human race. The time will come when the comfort, perhaps the very existence, of man will depend upon that wonderful agent."

Mr. Tesla in the same lecture says: "The phenomena of light and heat and others besides these, may be called electrical phenomena." It may be well to remind Mr. Tesla that heat is the opposite of electricity, being expansive in its nature, while electricity is contractive. Both are correlates, each being unable to work without the other and both equally important.

It is cheering to learn that the scientists arc getting somewhat outside of the old ruts and gradually approaching the etheric-atomic law of force here laid down.

" The facts of electrolysis," said Nikola Tesla, "point to the great probability that electricity is atomic." " Electricity is divided into definite elementary portions," says the great Helmholtz, " which behave like atoms of electricity."  

   Considering well that Modern Science ... have no control on Magnetism, neither on Electricity ... which are different sides of the same coin ... I want with your permission call into cause the Theosophist.

   From 'The Secret Doctrine' Third Edition Volume 1 ... we can read ... at page

All the Kabalists and Occultists, Eastern and Western, recognize:

(a) the identity of "Father-Mother" with Primordial AEther, or Akasha (Astral Light); and

(b) its homogeneity before the evolution of the "Son," cosmically Fohat, for it is Cosmic Electricity.

"Fohat hardens and scatters the Seven Brothers"';* which means that the Primordial Electric Entity—for the Eastern Occultists insist that Electricity is an Entity—electrifies into life, and separates primordial stuff or pregenetic matter into atoms, themselves the source of all life and consciousness.

 "There exists a universal agent unique of all forms and of life, that is called Od, Ob, and Aour. active and passive, positive and negative, like day and night: it is the first light in Creation" (Eliphas Levi)— the "first light" of the primordial Elohim, the Adam, "male and female," or (scientifically) Electricity and Life.

The ancients represented it by a serpent, for "Fohat hisses as he glides hither and thither" in zigzags.

The Kabalah figures it with the Hebrew letter Teth,ט, whose symbol is the serpent which played such a prominent part in the Mysteries.

Its universal value is nine, for it is the ninth letter of the alphabet, and the ninth door of the fifty portals, or gateways, that lead to the concealed mysteries of being. 

From 'The Secret Doctrine' Third Edition Volume 1 ... we can read ... at page 136 ...

Fohat, then, is the personified electric vital power, the transcendental binding unity of all cosmic energies, on the unseen as on the manifested planes, the action of which resembles—on an immense scale—that of a living Force created by Will, in those phenomena where the seemingly subjective acts on the seemingly objective, and propels it to action. Fohat is not only the living Symbol and Container of that Force, but is looked upon by the Occultists as an Entity;

There are too much to say ... because the Universe is ... made of Entities ... or Spirituals ... which is the very point here ...

As already expressed in Five Years of Theosophy the essence of cometary matter, for instance, "is totally different from any of the chemical or physical characteristics with which the greatest Chemists and Physicists of the earth are acquainted." And even that matter, during rapid passage through our atmosphere, undergoes a certain change in its nature.

Thus not only the elements of our planet, but even those of all its sisters in the Solar System, differ in their combinations as widely from each other, as from the cosmic elements beyond our solar limits. This is again corroborated by the same man of Science in the lecture referred to above, who quotes Clerk Maxwell, saying "that the elements are not absolutely homogeneous."   He writes:

It is difficult to conceive of selection and elimination of intermediate varieties, for where can these eliminated molecules have gone to, if, as we have reason to believe, the hydrogen, etc., of the fixed stars is composed of molecules identical in til respects with our own.......In the first place we may call in question this absolute molecular identity, since we have hitherto had no means for coming to a conclusion save the means furnished by the spectroscope, while it is admitted that, for accurately comparing and discriminating the spectra of two bodies, they should be examined under identical states of temperature, pressure, and all other physical conditions. We have certainly seen, in the spectrum of the sun, rays which we have not been able to identify.

Therefore, the elements of our planet cannot be taken as a standard for comparison with the elements in other worlds. In fact each world has its Fohat, which is omnipresent in its own sphere of action. But there are as many Fohats as there are worlds, each varying in power and degree of manifestation.

The individual Fohats make one universal, collective Fohat—the aspect-entity of the one absolute Non-Entity, which is absolute Be-ness, Sat. "Millions and billions of worlds are produced at every Manvantara"—it is said. Therefore there must be many Fohats, whom we consider as conscious and intelligent Forces. This, no doubt, to the disgust of scientific minds. Nevertheless the Occultists, who have good reasons for it, consider all the forces of Nature as veritable, though supersensuous, states of Matter; and as possible objects of perception to beings endowed with the requisite senses.

   I want now to give some glimpses ... and we have not spoken about Mathematics ... which is Volume 3 ... which regards Quantum-ness of Formulas ... Formulas changes in Quantum or Conscious mode, are not static, like today.

   5. Fohat takes five strides  (a), and builds a winged wheel at each corner of the Square for the Four Holy Ones and their Armies

(a) The " Strides," as already explained in the last Commentary, refer to both the cosmic and the human Principles—the latter of which consist, in the exoteric division, of three (Spirit, Soul and Body), and, in the esoteric calculation, of seven Principles—three Rays of the Essence and four Aspects. Those who have studied Mr. Sinnett's Esoteric Buddhism will easily grasp the nomenclature. There are two Esoteric schools beyond the Himalayas, or rather one school, divided into two sections—one for the inner Lanoos, the other for the outer or semi-lay Chelas; the first teaching a septenary, the other a sixfold division of the human Principles.

From a cosmic point of view, Fohat taking "Five Strides" refers here to the five upper planes of Consciousness and Being, the sixth and the seventh (counting downwards) being the astral and the terrestrial, or the two lower planes.

(b) Four "Winged Wheels at each corner ... for the Four Holy Ones and their Armies (Hosts)." These are the " Four Maharajahs," or great Kings, of the Dhyan Chohans, the Devas, who preside each over one of the four cardinal points. They are the Regents, or Angels, who rule over the Cosmical Forces of North, South, East and West, Forces having each a distinct Occult property.

These Beings are also connected with Karma, as the latter needs physical and material agents to carry out its decrees, such as the four kinds of winds, for instance, professedly admitted by Science to have their respective evil and beneficent influences upon the health of mankind and every living thing. There is Occult philosophy in the Roman Catholic doctrine which traces the various public calamities, such as epidemics of disease, and wars, and so on, to the invisible "Messengers" from North and West. "The glory of God comes from the way of the East," says Ezekiel; while Jeremiah, Isaiah, and the Psalmist assure their readers that all the evil under the Sun comes from the North and the West— which, when applied to the Jewish nation, sounds like an undeniable prophecy.  


The Seven Chohans ... or main Seven ... are El Moria, Koot Hoomi ... Jesus (one of his many roles), Kuan Yin,Saint Germain ... etc.

    Each one of them have a property like Will, Love-Wisdom ... and a color. Its Sound is their name ... etc.


   Electricity is ... therefore an Entity ... and Though is Matter ... Where the m, in E= m c2 is matter, but E is Mental Thought where Professor Einstein ... never enters.

   Please meditate ... in this Spiritual Universe ... where we belong too.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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