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Wednesday, 10 September 2014 13:02


Greetings in the Mercury day of Balance ...

     And I Giovanni must confess that the noise created by yesterday article was great ... in fact, it cause much stress because people does not believe ... and is logical they don't ... because is a Process.

    We can classify Humanity in the Path to Mastery ... as follows:

  • Normal person with no idea of Wisdom or Sacredness.
  • Low Siddhi ... basically Advanced Students or Good Apprentice not yet Masters. They can listen thoughts and predict simple facts
  • Great Siddhi ... they are able to materialize Thoughts, Walk on Air, Walk on Water ... etc.

    In fact we have ... 2008 ... New Beginning ... 2009 ... The year of Equilibrium ... 2010 Acceleration ... 2011 Gaia (Japan Disaster) ... 2012 ... Change ... What changes!? ... 2013 Communication ... 2014 ... Sacredness ... 2015 ... Mastery.

      Many people will gain more Mastery in 2015 ... More Self-Control, More Love ... More Strength ...

      By the year 2018 ... just few years ahead ... a Great Clean up will happens ... By the year 2023 we will be in Fourth Dimension and by the year 2030 ... Most Humanity have learned to have Fourth Dimensional Mind and Thoughts.

      Today ... Dear Friends ... I will give you the lessons which are some chapters of the Book ... 'The Magic Presence' ...

  In this book which is difficult to Master because the Great Light and Wisdom ... similar to 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ... we can learn about Medicine and the Fluid traversing the Nerves, we can learn about Prana, Love and Divine Love ...

   In fact, at page 94 and 95 ... we can read,

"When you use the Dazzling White Light, you are actually accepting the Electronic Structure which is then present in manifestation, for you are acting from the Plane of Action, or Perfect Manifestation. Your desire, when held steady, unwaveringly, becomes the Con­scious Thought directing, for you cannot have a desire without Conscious Thought in the desire.

"Great strides have been made in the Higher Use of the Light at the Inner Levels in the past fifteen years.
(Before 1935 year the book was published) Your conscious great adherence to the Light shows you are ready for Its Highest Use. If in your use of the Light, you will know the Perfection of what you wish is already present in manifestation the moment you start the dynamic action of the Light, It will remove all uncertainty in your mind as to the positive assurance of the manifestation, or what you wish, taking form in your physical use.

"In clothing or visualizing any person, place, object or condition with the Illuminated Figure of Jesus Christ, or the Figure of any other Ascended Master, you are really unclothing, penetrating through the atomic garment—where you see, recog­nize, and accept the Perfection you now want pres­ent in form, for you have swept aside all imperfection in the action.

    "The student should see and feel his body as if composed of Pure White Flame sending out long Rays of Light. The Flame is your Real Self—'The Mighty I AM Presence,' the Full Christ Perfection. The Rays shooting forth are the Divine Mind, or 'Love in Action.' These Rays are what follow your Conscious Direction, carrying your thought and producing magical results when consciously di­rected, held firm by determined, unwavering, Con­scious Attention. The 'Light' you thus visualize is the Electronic Substance the Hindus call 'Prana.'

    "This Light is always directed by thought, but it is imperative that all learn to control and direct It consciously. This Conscious Control and Direction is how the Ascended Masters accomplish such Marvelous Results. Divine Love is a Presence, an Intelligence, a Principle, a Power, an Activity, a Light and a Substance. When we command Divine Love to go forth and do anything, we are setting into motion the Highest Form of Action—the most Powerful Force.

    "This, however, does not require terrific effort; in fact, it requires just the opposite. It is a calm, steady, determined, conscious knowing. As this becomes a fixed consciousness, an absolute certainty in one's conscious awareness, he will find more and more instantaneous response to his demand and com­mand. Never be afraid to demand and command anything that is a Universal Principle of Life.

    "Make no mistake! The Light, the Universal Electronic Substance, is for your use—is at your command! Your 'Mighty I AM Presence' is a Self-Conscious Being of which your outer consciousness is but a fragmentary part. Therefore you can talk to your Mighty Master within as you would to a loving father who possessed limitless Light, Love, Riches, Power, Health, Happiness, or anything you could desire; for the more you consciously use this Mighty Presence of the 'I AM,' the quicker will It respond to you.

    "Divine Love can control all manifestation! If in your use of Divine Love you are conscious that It has within Itself all Love, Wisdom and Power of this 'Mighty I AM Presence,' the fact is that you qualify this Principle which you command with whatever quality you are conscious of as being within It. You are given Dominion over everything in the air, in the earth, in the fire, and in the water—through the command of this 'Mighty Universal Principle' which is always at your Conscious Service and for your use.

    "Love, Divine Mind, and Prana are One in the static or still state. Through the Conscious Action of the individual, Divine Love consciously directed, becomes Love, Wisdom and Power—in action. This is why Divine Love consciously directed to accomplish things produces such marvelous results. It becomes Instantaneous and All-Powerful as soon as the outer consciousness ceases to limit It.


  Now, I Giovanni ... begin this Journey to speak about two women, one is called 'The Veiled Women' (Leto) as well another called Electra ... able to teleport their bodies with no effort.

   Now, I am leaving you to a link to most of the chapter of the book ...

[TXT] 06 - The Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood.html 10-Sep-2014 16:53 81K  
[TXT] 07 - The Mysterious Message.html 10-Sep-2014 17:05 90K  
[TXT] 08 - The Conquering Power.html 28-Aug-2012 05:30 84K  
[TXT] 10 - Closing Experiences and Our journey to Arabia.html 10-Sep-2014 17:56 77K  


   I will include some quotes from these chapters ...

You see," She continued, "I am not as far advanced as your wonderful Escort, but I have attained enough dominion to eliminate time and space."
   -- 10. Closing Experiences and Our journey to Arabia
"'I have a means of transportation,' She ex­plained, 'with which you are not familiar. However, you will be taught to travel as I do. We are able to transport Our Bodies to any distance We desire without using any physical conveyance.'
   -- Leto - 6. The Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood.


  I want my friends ... with Holy respect you order this book (best choice for Saint Germain Press) and then begin to study. I, Giovanni propose you order Vol 1 - Unveiled Mysteries and Vol 2 - The Magic Presence.
   I promise you will take years to get enough confidence with such Wisdom.

   I hope you appreciate this my effort to move you ... into a Level of Understanding more close to Heaven and the Brotherhood of Heaven ... that mundane Empirical Science.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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