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Saturday, 23 March 2013 16:04

The Rose of 13 Petals ... reloaded ...

The New Rose of Thirteen Petals ... for the Protocol ... FTHumaEvolutionCourse




Greetings ... in the day ... of Sabbath ... When Mercury and Saturn meet to open the Doors to the Queen Mother Mary.

     And is my Joy ... to re-submit a New Edition called 'Holy' ... for the 'Rose of Thirteen Petals'.

     This Rose which includes in sequence thirteen rules ... has been dictated recently by Elohim Mer.

     If I, Giovanni A. Orlando ... founder and product designer of Future Technologies ... can submit a story, I can tell you that I begin to work on these 'Roses' of Wisdom ... from a discourse of Ascended Master Saint Germain, made in 2009 title the 'Nine Petals'.

      Now, in December 2012 ... Elohim Mer give to us ... this Rose of Thirteen Petals, and I understand is for 2013.

      I want you please ... understand ... that God is NOT ... a man sitting on the Clouds, neither Angels, nor Archangels are playing harps on the Heavens.


La Creazione di Adamo (by Michelangelo)

    This idea ... like some Hollywood movies have nothing to do with Reality.


     I modestly can comment that I am working on the Educational Protocol ... 'FTHumanEvolutionCourse' ... in the last Five Years, may be Seven.


FTHumanEvolutionCourse Logo (The Compound of ten tetrahedra)

    I choose this Logo ... for the popular TV Movie Television ... (Automan) because remember me (Cursor) ... The Felix Klein book title, 'Lectures on the Icosahedron' explains what is an Icosahedron ... where the Logo company is a polyhedron which is a stellation of the icosahedron.

     Now, The Plato Model for the Universe is directly linked with the number 12 and the Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. (No. Not was because looks cool Wink.)

    Now if you look how the Youth study today in Colleges or 'Lyceum' (originally proposed by Aristotle) ... you will see that they have some Physical Disciplines ... like Basket, Volley ... may be Baseball, may be Footbol (Calcio) ... (Some people can base their entire existance on this game ... can You believe it? ... Incredible! ... and they become Rich too Money mouth... Amazing ... Surprised. I have no idea if they can drive a car. I suppose they do not know how is the distance between Moon-Earth ... They don't care ... They are rich).

    Doing my business and is Teaching ... I note ... (and I lived) ... Education is divided between Science and Humanities. Priests go to Seminary ... Musicians to Conservatory ... and like in a Jail ... each one do their own business.


    Not only Science is very Obsolete ... including and based on an Empirical Mathematics ... but Scientist have no idea about concepts like Time ... Space ... God. Government have serious troubles on Energy ... and the people? ... Well the People remain Ignorant and Poor ... Unfortunately.


The Rose of 13 Petals ... reloaded ...

(Click to enlarge ...)

    I recently changes the Rose of Thirteen Petals ... which are: Sadness, Past, Departure, Throne, Wisdom, God, Sublimation, Contact, Evaluation, Matter, Self-Esteem, Truth and Laugh.

     In out effort to push Consciousness and Wealth ... to the right Level ... because no one in Heaven is Poor ... or have no sex ... or is Ignorant. Everyone in Heaven has ... its Mastery ... and Queen. You can use the terms ... Gods and Goddess ... but is more convenient to use King and Queen ... more close to us ... the Children of the One.

     I will conclude this News ... commenting my decisions ... how I have re-assigned ... published books and coming books.

  • Sadness

            Past may give Sadness. Future too. Present? ... Well. However, Sadness can never kill you like a bullet. Sadness is a Sensation like Joy and like Fear. If you feel Happy Smile ... if you exult ... Laugh ... and if you feel Sadness ... do not cry. (go to sleep).

            I choose these books (main books about Religion)

    Like I comment actual Mathematics is Empirical ... but if you do not know this ... how you will know the Quantum Mathematics? ...

  • Past

        Past is based on Bad or false understanding about the Bible ... or Science including Physics. I add to previous books ...

  • Departure

       Sacred word ... Honestly ... but Where to go? ... I propose the Moon ... Of Course for a Honey Moon ... may be the second or the number 52 ... of the year. Before to go ... is better to discover ... and work with a Lunar Calendar ... Don't you? ...

     There are also a 2013 edition ... (and also a Deluxe edition with Saint Germain meditation on Full Moon) ...

  • Throne

          Based on the concept that each man is a King and each Woman is a Queen ... (Homo people are Queens ... in fact they like 'Queen' group)

          A Volume is under development.

      In fact this is a serious problem ... of behavior ... not only for the Plebe ... but also for established Kings and Queens.

  • Wisdom

          While all these concepts regards Wisdom ... there are a High Wisdom ... like Lao Tsu ... show us ... long time ago.

          Like probably you know ... we are working to release a New book ... re-edited ... which title is:


    I have included also in this Discipline ... the coming Milestone ...


     To navigate the Universe we need to adopt a Duodecimal System (12) ... not decimal. Some efforts are made on this path.

  • God

           While some people ... consider know too much ... unfortunately they do not know. An entire collection title, 'Lessons of Happiness' has been designed on this direction ... which two main volumes are:

  • Sublimation

         Few things can offer Sublimation like Music, Dance, Arts (Painting, Sculpting ...)

         For now has been announced only the following book ...

  • Contact

           I want you please forget your iphone ... and consider to discover what is Tantra ... (from the Garden of Eden who was India (Rama)), time ago ...

     Have you ever wonder ... a better Contact? ... Impossible!

     Do not say you know Tantra, because few people know this. In the case you want to expose your Martian (Male) behavior ... let me say that only in the cases ... you have enabled your KA (Chi, Ki) ... and feel in your Body ... Only in such cases and probably there are NO ... 100 people in the planet ... you can ... begin to Understand ... What Tantra is ...

     I propose to give you an idea, the Words I wrote time ago,

Can the sexual relation between Yoshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene prepare him for the resurrection? ...

       Of Course Lord Jesus, Mary Magdalene ... Mother Mary, Joseph and each Apostle have activated their Ka.

       If you want to read more about these concepts ... like 'KA' and 'BA' ... you can read ...

  • Evaluation

         While for you may sound 'Odd' ... Medicine and Healing ... are part of Evaluation.

         In fact, a disease ... including Financial is caused by mistakes ... bad behavior ... For this reason I include the Medical book, under this Discipline or Petal.

      Honestly I have no idea when ... the book can be released ... This book give explanations on the Physics of the Body ... like an Energetic Invention ... as well Multi-dimensional Intelligence ... and Ayurveda, Chinese and Western Medicine are blend.

  • Matter

          And Matter is an interesting Petal. While you think on Physics ... I can comment also about the Lord Jesus miracles, and the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes ...

Why Christ propose the communion with Wine and Bread? ...

     The relative book is available ... and comes from 'Joseph' the Mentor of Lord Jesus and Husband of Mother Mary, who was and is Ascended Master Saint Germain.

    This book, has commented recently is the book that engine the entire FTHumanEvolutionCourse Project, now with a New Rose.

(Click to order ... Play attention in the country where you live Amazon.co.uk ... for UK ...)

      This is a book of almost 700 pages and a valid Milestone on the New Science. You can discover how Lord Jesus or King Salomon realize its Miracles. King Solomon, again was Ascended Master Saint Germain.

  • Self-Esteem

           How is your Self-Esteem ... this Saturday Afternoon? ... Do you win the Lottery? ... Not, yet! ... let me say that because Probability does not exist ... because was a result based on an Empirical Mathematics ... a Better Mathematics ... a Quantum Mathematics can help you.

     However, be aware that while you suppose that a Lottery can solve your problems ... you will NEVER WIN. From another point of view, Saint Germain who was Shakespeare say ... 'Fortune is as fortune does!'.

         Let you Self-Esteem ... be Great ... You are a Children of the Lord ... and the Lord knows your problems. 'Be Happy don't Worry!'

         I include in this Section ... Self-Esteem ... also the Italian edition for a book published in United States ... title, 'The Magdalen Manuscript' by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion.

        Because Italy have no idea about Magdalene ... her suffering bringing her child, Sarah ... I modestly will release the book in Italian, which cover is:

      This is VERY IMPORTANT. Is very important because she was the Wife of Lord Jesus. She was offended. She lives in Silence.

     It is FUNDAMENTAL you get Clear in this New time about this TRUTH. Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene weed in Cana, where lord Jesus realize the miracle with Wine and Fish ... requested by Mother Mary.

      The Volume 2, 'The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Sanat Kumara and the Family of Light. The Return of Lord Jesus, cover this story in two chapters and also explains the REAL Story of the Holy Grail, who was carved from a 'special' rock!

    In truth ... she was offended and cataloged ... in a woman that get money for sex, because its bracelet.

    Elohim Mer, Lord Mer ... call them ... 'Saint of Saints'. Few women are so blessed and sacred like Mary Magdalen, which means Mary of Magdalen (a city).

    If you read Italian ... you can read these words ...

La Nuova ristampa del Libro: "Il Libro della Apocalisse spiegato dall'Arcangelo Michele" ... spieghera La Prima Cena di Gesù ... dopo l'ultima Cena ...

  • Truth

          Shakespeare will say you ... on a Saturday afternoon ...

In truth, la, go with me; and I'll tell you
excellent news of your husband.
-- The Tragedy of Coriolanus.

I choose the key book,

   The Truth is an Art and a Commandment of the Lord. However, without to offend anyone ... few people say the Truth in this World. Have they Faith? ... and do not respect the commandments? ... Interesting ...

  • Laugh

         Please Laugh and fell Happy ... My Friends ... there are a Plan, Always there are a Plan.

         There are a Volume in FTHumanEvolutionCourse which resume and engine ... the Shakespearian Soul in you,

   ... and we finish ... the 13 Petals ...

    Like John of Patmos wrote in the 'Book of Revelations' ...

5And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

  -- Rev 5:5.

For some people is a serious problem ... when a Lion arrive to teach ...

May you be Blessed this day ... because you are Holy ... and never alone. 

In Bless and Love,

I remains, Yours,
Giovanni A. Orlando.
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