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Sunday, 05 August 2012 13:23


Greetings in the day of the Crystal Ascension of Lord Jesus ...

    In fact ... Lord Jesus ... in his High Position occupy several roles. He is actually not only the King of the Pleiadian Confederation but also the Chohan of the Crystal Ascension Path to the Lord, a role played before by the Beloved Serapis Bey, who ruled the Temple of Luxor.

     This is the language of the Heavens ... know who changes, who do, and what do.

     In this 'lesson' ... I will comment about Lord Jesus, his recent messages and his past visits, not only when he was 'Jesus'. I will comment about Alchemist Nikolai Tesla and also about Professor Albert Einstein.

      Please understand that if Catholic Religion is the most popular 'Religion' ... deny Reincarnation, people will not have the Mental Utility and Spiritual Lesson to understand the World and the Universe.

     The point is simple: "If you can accept that those who violate children, claim to be the ones that have the 'Word of the Lord' ... that represent the Word of Jesus, without to give a simple 'miracle' ... but asking instead to give ... negating the sacred true of reincarnation, claiming that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute ... telling you ... 'You are dirty' because the sin of your fathers' ... Well if you accept that ... you are catholic. No otherwise.

     Lord Jesus message was simple: 'I am a Son of God, and you are like me'.

     Now, of course ... if you become offensive (not incisive, but offensive) ... and use arms ... then may be you become like the Catholic of the past ... that burn people like Giordano Bruno in Rome, in 1600, or Miguel Servet who also was executed because said that the Body has blood circulating in the veins.

      Oh Lord, Why people may be so stupid ... and continue to be so stupid?

     Lord Jesus has returned and he comment that he will not have a PUBLIC Life.

     Lord Jesus is called 'Sananda' this is his real essence. Back he return to play the role of Jesus, because the best attainment ... people can accept.

      In fact, Lord Jesus in his last Public visit ... change the World. He change the World.

      Also Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein changed the World ... not necessarily for better ... but let me explain the story ...

      In my story, you need to accept in full the reincarnation.

      You need to accept that Lord Jesus was crucified, die or rest ... and then back to the Apostles.

      Saint Germain who was Joseph mentor of Jesus, Merlin at Camelot and Bacon who wrote the Shakespearian plays wrote in Hamlet:

To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause: there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life;
  --The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

Do you believe in Resurrection? ... Do you believe in people that resurrect others? ... like Lord Jesus did? ... If you believe in him, in Lord Jesus ... then you are Christian.

    I, Giovanni A. Orlando ... am very Christian and a follower of Lord Jesus and this does not obstacle me to follow also Saint Germain or Mother Mary or Kuthumi (who was Saint Francis and Pythagoras) ... or Elohim Mer. In fact, in the Path of Mastery ... you NEED TO follows many ... all Ascended Masters, as well to receive the Words of the Archangels, like Archangel Michael, or Gabriel, or Uriel, or Raphael.

Remains clear that Lord Jesus changes the World ... and he was a single man.

He visited us ... before in the past ... before the last great visit, before 2,000 years. He was also Mohammad. He was the Buddha with Maitreya, but he was also King David, the father of Solomon as well Joseph of Egypt, son of Jacob in the Old Testament, has some of the most interesting parallels to the life of Jesus. In Judaism, the Messiah was thought of as the son of Joseph as well as the son of David. He was also Joshua, the one who led the Israelites into the Promised Land in the Old Testament.

Lord Jesus, Sananda also visited us in the times of Lemuria. He also visited us in the times of Atlantis, 13,000 years ago.

He arrived in two forms, but in his case is one form: Landing.

He, Lord Jesus was 'land' in the Womb of Mother Mary and was Archangel Gabriel to place him, there. His last arrival was on February 10th, 2012, and was a landing too.

He did not belong to the cycles of Birth-and-Death. Basically he can arrive ... if someone receive him ... at any moment. Was necessary a special ceremony to Welcome him, last February. Soon we will see him. We all.


Now, I will speak about Nikola Tesla ... someone call him, 'The Man that invent the XX Century'.

He was the first that ... expose facts to use Alternative Currents, transform the Niagara Falls in Electric Current and many other thousand of inventions.

Tesla did well, but before he did still better ... in fact he was Akkaenest, the Keeper of the Energy in Atlan, the Capital of Atlantis.

He was a child trained in the Alchemy, and capable to engine Electric Power Lights with the Mind. Then he was chosen by the Dark Brotherhood to manipulate that Mind waves ... and therefore manipulate the Mind of the People. His experiments, 13,000 years ago ... with the Fields of Gaia was the cause of Atlantis fall, Lemuria falls, the ruling of South American continent and the 'Gaia' reaction ... the Noah Flood.

Like was 13,000 years ago so was last century ... with his HARP Project and Death Ray. Him Ego ... looks for Peace and find that peace in the Dark Side.

Please note that Akkaenest, was A Young Apprentice in the Light Brotherhood ... accepted in the Temples of Atlantis and trained by them, by the Woman ... by the Priestess, in the Cave of Generators. Then, he moves to the Dark Side and the Dark Brotherhood use him to manipulate the Mind of the people of the World. Like may be an advertising or a movie ... of today.


The third person that changes the World, was Professor Einstein. And unfortunately for your expectations my words are not fair, not lovely.

In fact, Professor Einstein was like a star. Today we have Rock Stars, Pop Stars, Sports Stars, Movie Stars ... a lot of Stars. A Star, male or female is someone placed in a position to got applause. Someone which Ego is feed ... in outrageous mode, and is important if a comparison can be made ... that Lord Jesus has NO EGO. No.

In fact, Lord Jesus, the Jesus we know in Israel ... was also an apprentice. In fact, Lord Serapis Bey, recall us when Lord Jesus knock the doors at the temple of Luxor, in Egypt.

He knelt in Holy innocence before the Hierophant, refusing all honors that were offered him asking to be initiated into the first degree of spiritual law and spiritual mystery.

Therefore the key ... and mistakes of Einstein and Tesla and the righteousness of Lord Jesus, can be resumed in these words:

The most important key we can release to the alchemist at this stage of his development is found in these words of Jesus: "Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein." (Luke 18:17). All of the pristine beauties of nature—the ethereal highlights whose gentle glow can be sensed by the budding spiri­tual faculties of the children of God—hold as their essential content the sweet creative longing of a child.

I do not wish to disabuse the minds of the children of men who have held such high and mighty opinions of the Masters of cosmos of any false glamour with which they have clothed our office under the Godhead, almost as a gilding of the cosmic lily. However, I do feel the need to point out, not only from my own experience but also from the experiences of those who are above me in the hierarchy, that the higher we have gone in our contact with the Deity, the more childlike, the more simple, the more beautiful has been his representation.


This is also because the to-day Princes of Science are unable to enter in the Cave of Wisdom. It is because they do not deserve to enter, and they cannot bow or become humble. They cannot knelt in Holy innocence like a Children do.

Very Blessings,


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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