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Wednesday, 06 June 2012 13:44


Greetings in the day of Mercury and the Venus passage ...

    And while Venus ... visit us and say 'God buy You ...' ... we are more wise and more calm.

    Odd numbers like 3, 5, 7 and 9 ... are male. And they are male because a male is positive like an accelerator for the mind.

     Even numbers, like 2, 4, 6 and 8 are balanced like Women ... more balanced by nature.

     And these words are like a Torch to awake Lemuria and Atlantis as well an anticipation for very few words of the coming book ...


   In fact ... we are no aware ... about the cycles of Evolution.

   If I tell you that Humankind have computers ... about 12,000 years ago, and Wash machines and Radio and TV ... you probably will NOT believe me.

   In fact, the cycle or the sinusoidal curve touch its Apex in Atlantis ... and then fall down ... at the moment of the Great Flood ... and now again we are moving to touch the Apex again.

   But this time, if we touch may be very permanent.


    And people is the same ... that back and go ... your lovers was your lovers in other days. Your friends were your friends in other days ... etc.

    If we had computers in Lemuria and Atlantis ... was very probably that The Atlantean Steve Jobs invent in that days.

    Is very probably.

    The same for other inventions ... past inventions ... or coming inventions. Oh, Really!


     Our lovely planet had originally SEVEN continents ... Two are down ... they fall because the arrogance of their Technology.

     These TWO Continents were Lemuria ... the first to sank ... and Atlantis.

     Americans basically lived in both ... and has been seen ... in those Atlanteans days ... The American Flag with Blue, White and Red and its Stars.

     Therefore, the intentional or probably Future was visible 12,000 years ago.

     Some lived also on Lemuria, but while many South Americans lived in Lemuria, and Atlantis people found 'El Dorado' ... Americans lived in both.

    Still Lemurians found Atlantis ... because Lemuria was the Mother Land and the Mother Civilization ...

    Atlantis was like a perfect state ... founded by 'Europeans' like American was founded by Europeans.


    Europe is playing the role of Mother Land ... nowadays ... because many Europeans moves to North America and South America.

    Europe still is a Laboratory for UNION ... in Diversity ... like United States.

    Europe is a more complex laboratory ... because while in North America people need to go and travel. In Europe people change ... without to move.

     The European Union ... was created and founded without the necessity that Europeans travel to a special city ... but living in their cities, and evolving in their cities with the Euro.

     The Euro is a sacred Experiment of the First UNION of Multiple Cultures ... similar but different ... like Spanish, Italian, Greeks, Germans, French ... and all the states that conform and adopt the Euro.

     Like Europe, the Euro is expensive. Is expensive its adoption in terms of consciousness ... is expensive in terms of remove the borders ... is expensive to accept but necessary.

     This is just another step for ONE WORLD ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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