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The book 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' will includes also 'The Kybalion' as well other books! PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 12 May 2012 19:37

The Third Edition of the book ... 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ...


Greetings in the day of the Mother-Mary ...

    And is my pleasure to accumulate Great Wisdom to create a Moment of Alchemy.

    In fact, Saturday is the day of Mother Mary which her Isis-like of Celeste Color ... but also the day of Saint Germain which his Osiris Violet Ray.

    In my work to release the book ...

     I am like a Director of a Movie writing the script for some actors. The Actors are Giordano Bruno, Nikola Tesla, Marco Todeschini, Albert Einstein, Walter Russell and many others.

   There are also Ethereal Actors in my book that offers a consistent contribute. But basically The Heart of the concept is ...

"THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental."

             --The Kybalion.

     Of Course the book, 'Why Einstein Theory is Wrong ?' is a Scientific book ... but What is Science? ... Science are the results to explain Reality and the Universe. But what about a Universe ... that is Mental and Limited? ...

     In fact the Universe is NOT UNLIMITED ... is Huge and Large ... but Limited and it depends of Mind of God ... the Expansiveness of its Mind.

        The words of Walter Russell find a perfect Match with the 'Appearances' of Marco Todeschini ... that display an Holographic Universe.

        Would the Kybalion be a Scientific or Spiritual book? ...

        The point is that Science and Spirituality are consequences of a most High Concept: Alchemy, The Sacred Science.

      Can we unlock the Science? ... The Technology ... the Key that open the Century 21th? ... The so-called 'Science of Consciousness'? ...

         Well ... The Masters can teach what we don't know ... or the Ones, the students that listen the Masters.

         Saint Germain was Thoth, who establish the Sacred Science in Egypt. The Kybalion was NOT written by Hermes ... but by their apprentice like a treatise for Posterity.

          The Book 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' is the book that engine this practice from an Alchemical Point of view, like has been also by Thoth, Francis Bacon, Roger Bacon, Hermes Trimegistus, Merlin, Christian Rosenkreuz and/or Saint Germain.

           ALL These Persons were the One who we call Ascended Master Saint Germain.

[   ] Francis Bacon - La Nueva Atlantida.pdf 25-Sep-2009 08:55 189K  
[   ] Francis Bacon - New Atlantis.pdf 25-Sep-2009 08:53 151K  
[   ] Hermes Trismegistus - The Divine Pymander (1650).pdf 02-Aug-2009 01:42 8.3M  
[   ] Israel Regardie - The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic.pdf 02-Aug-2009 01:51 24M  
[   ] Israel Regardie - The Tree of Life.pdf 02-Aug-2009 01:47 10M  
[   ] Neil Powell - Alchemy, The Ancient Science.pdf 04-Aug-2009 09:58 6.5M  
[   ] Roger Bacon - The Mirror of Alchemy.pdf 06-Aug-2009 14:02 150K  
[   ] Rosenkreutz - Chymical Wedding Christian.pdf 04-Dec-2008 03:45 534K  
[   ] Saint Germain - 7Rayo.pdf 03-Dec-2008 04:04 330K  
[   ] Saint Germain - El Libro de Oro.pdf 04-Dec-2008 03:53 544K  
[   ] Saint Germain - La Llama Violeta.pdf 03-Dec-2008 04:04 185K  
[   ] Saint Germain - La Practica de las Llamas.pdf 02-Feb-2009 06:27 782K  
[   ] Saint Germain - La Tres Sainte Trinosophie.pdf 29-Jul-2009 10:33 8.6M  
[   ] Saint Germain y Godfre R King - Misterios develados.pdf 08-Dec-2008 14:13 796K  
[   ] Saint Germain y Godfre R King - Yo Soy la Magica Presencia.pdf 08-Dec-2008 14:11 563K  
[   ] The Three Initiates - THE KYBALION.pdf 04-Feb-2009 09:15 490K  

 By the way ... Francis Bacon (who was Shakespeare) in Hamlet wrote ... about another of his personages ... Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.


    Saint Germain did any possible effort to establish the Sacred Science also like King Solomon and Cristoforo Colombo. He, unlock the Sacredness ... but basically like the Comte of Saint Germain.

      In the year 1912 ... Isabel Cooper-Oakley wrote a book titled,  The Comte de St. Germain that we will include in the book,

      I consider that the Wiser of the Past ... have the very key and the original book, 'Saint Germain on Alchemy', is ONE of the most recent treatise about this Science.

        Also the Vocabulary about New Age will be included in the book.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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