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Wednesday, 09 May 2012 21:50

To be available in 2013 ...

Greetings in the Jupiter day ... the day of the Blue-Sky when Jupiter activate our Kingship ... (or Queenship in the case of the Ladies ...)


      And let me say that ... Everything you read on this Website ... about Einstein, about Saint Germain, Lord Meru ... about Lord Jesus and the Religions ... ALL and any word ... belong to a BIG Project and a BIG Plan, titled ...



    In some sense ... it is a plan to activate your Multi-dimensionality ... and there ... working, interacting and studying the Dimensions ... Lower Dimensions ... lower than 3 ... and therefore 1D, 2D, 3D ... we get happiness and control ... and working with Higher ... 4D, 5D, 6D ... we get confidentiality with The Higher Mind ... Working with ALL THE DIMENSIONS we ... JOIN Mathematics and Physics with Biology and Medicine ... because the explanation may be transduced in Physics and Biology thanks to Mathematics ... but there are JUST ONE explanation ... The Multidimensional Caduceus.

     If you have a disease ... is because something ... some energy is disturbing your organs ... and the flow of your energy ... and this force 2D elementals in the Body ... of Water ... in the Blood ... that disturb you. The Energy in the Body accumulate around the Chakra and the Spine is like a Electromagnet where the Liquid Light ... that enters in the Pineal Gland and invade the nerve channels that are called in Chinese Medicine, Meridians.

     The book to explain these concepts is:

     Of Course I am speaking about Medicine ... but there are Physics involved ... and we need to explain that Physics ... Most concepts will be introduced in the book ...

     In Mathematics there are many open problems and bad concepts.

     The Concept of Infinite or the Godel theorems are not yet full understood and another book has been announced for this role.

     There are of Course ... concepts of Energy that can be applied to daily life which are there and are not yet become available ... New books are under development for this scope.

     At last, FTHumanEvolutionCourse is a Work in Progress to offer NEW Courses for Universities based on the New Science and the Real Spirituality ... called in Atlantis ... Xioqua and Incala.

     ... Nothing is New under the Sun ... Therefore they are NEW ... because you don't know ... but in fact we USE them in Other times ... therefore there are a re-activation of the removed Memories.

     By Today ... and titles and content changes frequently we have, Twelve disciplines.

[DIR] 01-MA-Mathematics, Economics and Preparation for University/ 09-May-2012 12:42 -  
[DIR] 02-LA-Languages/ 02-Feb-2012 07:24 -  
[DIR] 03-PH-Physics, Chemistry and Free Energy/ 09-May-2012 12:42 -  
[DIR] 04-ME-Biology, Medicine and DNA/ 16-Dec-2011 10:51 -  
[DIR] 05-AR-Arts, Architecture, Design, Music and Sports/ 06-Jan-2011 08:08 -  
[DIR] 06-LF-Life, High Biology and High Physics/ 16-Dec-2011 10:53 -  
[DIR] 07-AS-Astronomy, Astrology and Seismology/ 12-Nov-2010 14:47 -  
[DIR] 08-CO-Computer, Internet and Programming/ 13-Sep-2010 14:08 -  
[DIR] 09-HE-Human Evolution and New Age/ 09-May-2012 10:30 -  
[DIR] 10-WR-World Religions/ 17-Feb-2011 16:47 -  
[DIR] 11-EG-Engineering/ 15-Sep-2011 03:27 -  
[DIR] 12-AL-Alchemy,The Sacred Science/ 09-May-2012 10:31 -  

  Where we will offer 144 Courses ...

   English Language is the first language but also other languages will be supported to let no one out of the game ...

  FTHumanEvolutionCourse has been inspired on Francis Bacon  ... Nova Organum (New Organon) ... but it is completely new ... because we are now walking on the New Age of Light ... which is new in almost 8400 years ago ... basically from the end of the Age of Leo, when the Sphinx were built



The Sphinx was built by the Sirians in 17,800 BC. The Great Pyramid was built was the Nibiruans, the Sirians and the Pleiadians, all together around 10,800 BC. These constructions were built to stabilize the Energy from the Central Sun, and Sirius arrive on Earth.

Therefore ... a New Time is approaching and we need the Tools to walk in ... FTHumanEvolutionCourse is one of these tools.

    The book,

     explains ... How was realized ... FTHumanEvolutionCourse ...


Thanks and Happy Jupiter-day,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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