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Wednesday, 09 May 2012 06:00

Introducing some notions ... completely original ...


Greetings ... in the day of Balance ... and a Balance ... heal, a Balance attune the Low with the High ...

     And if you listen the Wise ... like Nikola Tesla, Marco Todeschini, Giordano Bruno, Walter Russell ... as well Bertrand Russell.

      You will get inspired.

      And if you read Einstein ... you will get inspired too ... but he was not Quantum, in the sense Professor Einstein was not really multi-dimensional, and therefore you will blame he.

       It is simple what we need ... we need a 'Science of Consciousness' ... a Science that can explain Dimensions in Full and bring us there ... It is a long ... but not too much process ... but the end ... the Final Goal is Peace on Earth.


      Yesterday I got some 'inspiration' ... about to figure out the Science to prove that Professor Einstein was wrong in his concepts.

         I, Giovanni ... like an advance will introduce here some concepts and I want to comment that the number of books in the Bibliography increase a little bit.


         My inspiration was as follows ... and I will be brief ... like Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet.

    First chapter is titled, 'The Big Bang never was ...' ... and I explain was happens ... and this lead us ... immediately to define the concept of dimension, and figure out the Spaces in the game.

     To-day I see that my 'inspiration' was good ... because like the 'Geometrie der Zahlen' by Professor Hermann Minkowski generate the to-day Mathematical discipline called Functional Analysis and Professor Einstein use it ... I, Giovanni in my expertise in Functional Analysis ... in my degree Thesis in Caracas, in 1986 using the Haim Brezis, 'Analyse Fonctionelle' and other papers and in my Italian degree ... both in Mathematics using basically Reed-Simon - Methods of Functional Analysis as well my small thesis: Giovanni A. Orlando - Tesina2 - Il Moto Iperbolico - UNIBO (Italia).pdf have the appropriate expertise.

      My Ego invite me to tell you that someone that begin this journey need to read fluently French, Italian, English and German ... where the main actors play their role, releasing their books and ideas. My days ... walking on the carpet of Metaphysics ... consolidate and crystallize my ideas to transduce them in Scientific terms.

     To begin, I offer a Theorem claiming that the Dimension is a Continuous functions and I figure the concept of Dimensional Space like a Banach Space.

    A Banach Space is a complete normed vector Space, and I prove that the 'Dimension' is a continuous and differentiable function ... the norm, || ||.

      Therefore I am telling you that ... The Pleiades ... that is the Fifth Dimension is a Banach Space.

      I also give an example where I prove that this norm, can be written in terms of the measure of Lebesgue-Stieltjes.

       Now, I want to gift you that is a dimension.

       Each one of us ... we humans ... can be recognized like a ... function.

       In fact we have ideas and work and lives ... have a behavior like 'linear forms'.

       With this in mind,

      Therefore, this ||f || is the consciousness of each person.

       Dimension is the Maximal Consciousness of a Specific Space ... like defined before and is also a function.

     Therefore if in Planet Earth, 3D ... Linear Space and Linear Time (s, t) ... also functionals of 4D and High Dimensions ... the consciousness ... also called Planetary Consciousness is 3,457 ... so will be its place with respect to other dimensions.

        If someone in planet Earth ... touch a Consciousness 5, equivalent to Consciousness of 5D, like the Pleiades ... then the planet will have this consciousness ...

        To calculate the planetary Consciousness we need to adopt another norm. And this is the norm of Lp spaces, where p is real.

      In fact, the norm there is:

         It is like a MEDIA ... of Numbers ... if someone is Smart (High Consciousness) and someone is Bad (Low Consciousness) the result is defined by that norm.

          If p is 2, we have a Hilbert Space.

          I also introduce the concept of Banach Lattice but it is not the moment to comment about.

       To end these words ... I can say that ... 'Mathematics is the correct tool of the Mind ... to understand the Mind and Join Mind and Matter ... to have ... The Science of Consciousness.

         Basically ... ANY SPACE ... is a VALID SPACE ... with a norm that measure its characteristics. We can have 5D Subset in 3D ... and All these Spaces are Physical and Mental, as well normed. They are Banach Space and Banach Lattice.

           It is clear if you have a good expertise on Functional Analysis, and is not too complicated.

           Of Course there will be a Border ... or a Hyperplane of Separation between DIMENSION A, and DIMENSION B.

        Please understand that also 3D ... 2D ... as well 1D (Planet Core) ... is Physical and Mental. Is a Conscious Space but also Physical for us.

          The same is valid for High Dimensions ... 4D, 5D ... etc.

           The previous statement ... prove that there are a Plane between 2D and 3D ... and another between 3D and 4D ...

            Please also consider that 4D can be projected on 3D ... and like for us ... is 1 year ... for someone in 4D ... is a Second.

           Einstein Relativity Theory does not explain these concepts ...

           There are dimensions where we are Love, others where we are Music and others where we are Colors.

Good night.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. This Work is Not Absolute, nor relative ... but a Work in Progress ... until you say ... 'OK', in terms of Time, in terms of 4D, 5D, 6D ... 7D ... 10D ... and beyond.

PPS. Of Course these spaces are Curved ... but describe them in terms of Geometry may be ... too complex ... because we cannot ... figure out or measure ... AN IDEA ... or  A GROUP OF IDEAS. Functional Analysis is more precise. Of course we need describe them in terms of Geometry, but later.



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