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Tuesday, 01 May 2012 04:45


Greetings in the Mars-day ... the day of the Red Planet ... that control our Blood ...

     The announced book, 'Why Einstein Theory of Relativity is Wrong?' ... will delay a little bit.

      In fact we are giving precedence to the Book Collection '2012, Galactic Alignment' ... and next 'important' (all are important) ... will be ...

      for first time in Italian and then in Spanish.

      The reasons for the days of delay are because some books has been announced and are pending ... like

  • The Secret of the Andes - 'Vol 1 - 2012, Galactic Alignment', in English (in Spanish is available).
  • The Second Edition of the book, 'Vol 2 - The Book of Apocalypse explained ...' (In Three languages ...)
  • The Second Edition of the book, 'Vol 4 - 443 Questions and Answers about New Age'
  • The First edition of 'Volume 3 - The 144,000'.

     These books are planned to be released this month.

      Then ... we plan to release ...

       after that we will continue with:

  • The First edition of 'What is Linux?'
  • The first printed edition of 'FTLinuxCourse Base - 10th edition'.
  • Volume 5 in the Collection: '2012, Galactic Alignment' - The Holy Bible explained ...

       We (I and the Family of Light) will continue working to complete the '2012, Galactic Alignment' Collection until Volume 7 ... then we will work to release ... The Three Pearls ...

      By that date ... we will arrive September 2012. Then we plan to release another 'important' book (All are important) ...


     An important Volume for the Collection 'Forgotten Science and new Age' titled,

      is also pending ... and we plan to release in the first group of books ... after 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ...' or at the same time of the book about Einstein Theory.


      Future Technologies offers many 'Book Collections' ...

  • 2012, Galactic Alignment - (12 Volumes + 1 Calendar) = 13 books x 3 languages = 39 Volumes.
  • Forgotten Science and New Age - Many Volumes. Volume 1 - 'Shakespeare and the New Bible' is available. More books coming ... 'The Education of Shakespeare in the XXI Century', 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ... 'Il Diario di Maria Maddalena', '25 Italiani Illustri' ...
  •  America, and the New Politics - Volume 1 - 'Las Cuatro Estaciones de Manuela' (under print).
  • High School, University and College - 'In Introduction to Mathematics', 'A Complete Course on English and Shakespearian Plays' (in Italian, 'L'Inglese per tutti') ... No Volume has been released for this collection.
  • High Physics, Cosmology and the Theory of Everything - 'Why Einstein Theory is Wrong?' ... is expected to be in print in July ... On sale in July.

The Head is not for the Hat.

Fare Well and Happy day ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. As soon a Collections is completed ... a Catalog will be printed ... Our FTStore will return soon and you can order books also directly from us ... Thanks!

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