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Wednesday, 25 April 2012 00:00


Greetings in the Mercury-day ... the day of the Balance ...

     And Satya, the Pleiadian Angel ... that direct the book, 'The Pleiadian Agenda' explain us ...

Earth is Alcyone's laboratory, Alcyone is Earth's library, and Maya is running the schedule so that nobody is late. If all this seems too much, remember playing with your Tinker Toys as a child, and remember how they taught you that everything is organized in central spools that are connected by little wooden rods. Realize that everything we are telling you already exists within your cellular memory. Each electron is light within molecules within the cells in your body. You actually are more light than solid. The distance from one molecule to another in your body is as great as the distance from one galaxy to another. You have worlds and universes within your body!

     While the inspiration for my Words is a God and not a Goddess ... this means the very one that inspire me ... to explain you these concepts ... of Philosophy or Cosmology if you want ... is a Lord, and he is Lord Meru ... I prefer to include also the Satya concepts ... because I read or hear that words some years ago ...

      And let me Gift a Quote ...

'If Thou Art God ... Thou will get an chair in the God's Table' ...

      In fact, you have no idea what is God. You say ... God creates me ... and you are right but who? ...

      You, like me ... like anyone is a sum of Atoms ... these atoms are chemical elements reacting ... over 3 Trillions of elements ... and we are Water, Wind, Earth and Fire.

       Again you have troubles to understand where each Nature element is ... but there are Air in your lungs, that Oxygen your blood where Gold, Iron as well Water. Water is Hydrogen and Oxygen ... and Fire is the electricity produced by the speed of the electrons in the Orchestral chemical reaction.

     Greeks got closer to represent the four elements ...


   However, I post a question ...

    and let me explain ... but before I want to begin with the latest Satya's statement ...

The distance from one molecule to another in your body is as great as the distance from one galaxy to another. You have worlds and universes within your body!

   Why Satya say that? ... How is possible that inside our Body we have Galaxies ... inside Our Body.

     In fact is a question of ... Consciousness ...

     Can an atom include a Universe? ... In fact it can ... but now we will walk the carpet when Spirituality and Science exchange roles.

      Like His Holiness explains 'WE NEED A SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS' ... and we don't have.

      In fact is the Consciousness that define the Dimensions ... and STILL the First Dimension is multidimensional.

      Atoms are conscious and can be invited to change. Cells (part of the body) are made of Atoms and Electrons ... and of course Light, Photons.

      And in Our Passage into the Photon Band ... Showers of Photons will bless us ... from the Center of the Galaxy.

      I modestly can conclude that we can fix ... the Physics ... live in High Spirituality ... and return to the Garden.

      Now, I will figure out ... why ...

     It is evident that God cannot create something less than itself. No. If you create a Robot it will represent you,the Creator ... and THIS IS A MISSING POINT ... about ... What God is ...

     Some say ... He is Yaweh ... Jehova ... and some will knock your door claim to explain you the Universe ... but No.

     God is ... Love and Love is equal to Consciousness ... Consciously, explain Lord Meru.

     And Who is Lord Meru. I say, Lord Meru, or Master Mer is a God. A God? ... Yes! ... It represent God and dwell Dimension Twelve.

      And who is Satya? ... She is a God ... a Goddess ... from the Pleyades, dimension 5, 5D.

      We ... humans ... are a creation ... and we are composed of several bodies.


      Like you see ... some bodies are made of Spirit ... and some are made of Matter.

      While we may understand ... what is Matter ... may be 3D ... may be freeze Electricity.

      ... And what is Electricity ? ... Again Electricity are Electrons ... in a Conscious Flow ... Matter is Electricity.

      Like you see ... We ... have bodies made of Matter and Spirit ... at the same time in the same place.

      The Missing Point about God is the 'Inheritance'. In fact ... we suppose we have Liberty ... but It is Freedom to Create ... because like God is a Creator so we are.

       We were made by the Elohim ... and we are a very Blessed Mix of DNA. And What is DNA? ... DNA are Atoms and Electrons ... reacting ... that is what creates Life ... like you and me, the Cat, the Dog ... the Top Model and the Tree.

       Just remain to explain why ... You are the Universe.

      God is the Universe, because like He (It, He is Father and Mother) ... Atoms ... or we can have a Polarity and a gender.

       In fact the Father splits ... like Water ... Multi-Universally ...

       There are NO ... One Universe ... but Many ... as Many like you can handle ...

       How many atoms are in 1 gr of Carbon? ... The number of Avogadro (Italian Scientist) explains that in 1 mol ... we have 6.02214129(27)×1023 elements.

       A magic question is ... Are there Finite or Infinite Universe? ... I repeat ... it depends of how much you can handle.

       Some persons (or Souls) are so advanced in their Path to Ascension that they can move to Dimension 10, close to the border of Milky Way ... in this Universe ... and they can ... at GREAT SPEED ... about 20,000 c, where c is the Speed of Light ... move to another Galaxy.

       If you can handle this ... 10D ... you are close to Handle two Galaxies. You are a very respectful person.

       Let me tell you that Lord Meru is a very Great Lovely and Wise God ... but He has a Boss, a Chief ... and his Chief, Aaram ...and he is the Ruler of Sama Galaxy ... around which rotates another Seven Galaxies ... like Our Galaxy.

       You are made of Atoms ... live in a Galaxy ... but inside each one of your Atoms are infinite Universes ...

 Fare Thee Well,



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