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Tuesday, 20 March 2012 15:56

A Graphical representation of Human DNA ...


Greetings ...

    ... Happy Spring! ... Happy Mars day! ... Happy day of the Pink Love of God drawing out by the Holy Ghost.

   And how much we know about Time ? ...

   Time is Circular ...

    How much we know about DNA? ...

    Have we a Great Style of Life? ... Not really ... Still rich people get bored.


    The problem is Spiritual ... because the words of Lord Jesus are not respected. In fact, Lord Jesus say ...

21And he said unto them, Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set on a candlestick? 22For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. 23If any man have ears to hear, let him hear. 24And he said unto them, Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given. 25For he that hath, to him shall be given: and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath.

     This resume the Solution of the entire World Problems ... Political, Scientific, Economic/Financial ... Educational ...

      In fact, if a candle is placed under the bed ... it shall not be manifested. If instead it can be placed High, it can be watched from far ...

      Now the point ... Are the persons placed in the right place? ... May be ... may be not! ... and this regard any discipline.

      Of Course advancements must be executed ... in accord to established laws ... in order.

      Great advancements ... cannot be manipulated by a lack of consciousness for long time. 

      I, Giovanni ... know very well ... I have not did yet ... something important ... but just studying and releasing results, and of course you will know when me, your fellow-friend can got the results, he expect to reach.


      In fact my statement is perfect clear ... History is Alive ... like a Movie we can watch ... and where is the Movie? ... The Movie is into OUR Akashic Field.

      And Were is OUR Akashic Field? ... I will tell you ... Our Akashic Field is into our DNA! ... The chemical reaction between the components of Our DNA ... can let us watch our Past Lives ... Not Live them again ... but just Watch.

     Saint Germain explain in his 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ... the following ...

Although Atlantis may rise again physically, in one respect it had already returned through the reincarnation of its people.

Reincarnation is widely accepted as a fact of life in the East. While still not universally em­braced in the West, it is gaining wider acceptance even in the scientific community—more often through individual experiences and recall of for­mer lives.

General George Patton, the spectacularly successful World War II strategist, believed in reincarnation. Benjamin Franklin predicted his return "in a new and more elegant edition, re­vised and corrected by the Author."

An individual may reincarnate many times seeking to perfect the soul and balance karma. Likewise, entire civilizations reincarnate to­gether to balance karma and work out their group destiny.

Among those who had kept a standard of integrity on Atlantis during its period of iniquity were children of God who reincarnated as the early Israelites. Since then, the seed of Abraham has reincarnated again and again in all nationali­ties, races, and religions. Thus Israelites are distinguished solely by their devotion to the person and the principle of the one God. Indeed they are the issue of the Christic seed imparted to Abraham-yet, through reincarnation, they have been scat­tered across all boundaries of race and religion.

The eastern seaboard of North America, a portion of the New World where the Israel­ites were destined to reincarnate, was a part of Atlantis that did not sink. But even years after Columbus' voyage, the New World was far from habitable.

One initiate of the Brotherhood worked tire­lessly to reestablish the golden-age civilization of Atlantis and to provide the proper environment for the Israelites to fulfill their fiery destiny—the incomparable Francis Bacon.

  the last words explains us that Atlanteans born again in Israel and the again in the Thirteen Colonies ...

    therefore Atlanteans were then Israelites and then Bostonian, New Yorkers and people of ... Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

     Please understand that like Shakespeare explains like when he play its role ... when indeed he was Francis Bacon ...

You must return and mend it.

                   -- The Tragedy of Coriolanus.


     Can Physics explains or assert the validity of Reincarnation? ... Oh, Ay Sir!

      In fact, Saint Germain (who was Merlin, Colombo and Francis Bacon who wrote Shakespeare) ... explains trough Elizabeth Clare, the past messanger ...

Karma. (Skt. karman, nominative karma, 'act', 'deed', 'work'.) Karma is energy/consciousness in action; the law of cause and effect and retribution. Also called the law of the circle, which decrees that whatever we do comes full circle to our doorstep for resolution. Paul said, "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

Newton observed, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

 The law of karma necessitates the soul's reincarnation until all karmic cycles are balanced.

Thus, from lifetime to lifetime man determines his fate by his actions, including his thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds. Saint Germain teaches the accelerated path of transmutation of karma by the violet flame of the Holy Spirit and the transcending of the rounds of rebirth through the path of individual Christhood leading to the ascension demonstrated by Jesus.

     No one can ascend until ALL HIS (or HER) Karma is CLEAR.


     Therefore we go and back ... go and back ... Life is like a school and Death is like a Pause ... until the student understand and learn ALL The Lessons.

   Saint Germain clarify in his Wisdom.

B. Reembodiment—Keystone in the Arch of Being

Now, as I have earlier mentioned, it would be most beneficial if the human monad would refrain from prejudgment in matters of cosmic doctrine and even better if he could universally accept the reality of reembodiment. For it is in the acceptance of this fact of life that he will truly discern the Wisdom of the ages and more easily understand his reason for being.

It is most difficult for people in any age, observing in the life span of a comparatively few short years a series of events relative to the per­sonal self, to be able to judge the world in which they live and the society from which they have derived both bane and blessing, and then to be able to perceive matters pertaining to the spirit and properly assess them.

By correctly understanding and accepting his own reembodiment, the individual develops a cosmic sense of the continuity of self—past, pres­ent, and future—and is better equipped to see be­hind the surface effects of today's circumstances the underlying personal causes that stretch back across the dust of centuries.

Simply because men lack conscious memory of a previous existence does not deny the validity of this Truth. Many have experienced the sudden feeling of having done before that which they are doing for the first time in this life. Others recall in a flash of recognition (déjà-vu) that they have seen a face or place before. Then, of course, there is "love at first sight” which is to be explained by soul recognition from past lives or inner-level awareness.

Many have noted with interest the incidence of genius (that some call a "gift" or "talent") in art, music, and science, or other aptitudes that appear at an early age, indicating the soul's resump­tion of the broken thread of identity. Modern physicians take note of the distinct personality of babies on the day of their birth. And all over the world fascinating stories have been documented concerning people's recall of vivid scenes and experiences from a past life.

Man has been justifiably skeptical of some of this, yet Truth reveals itself not as a pseudo-science but as the very science of Being without end. Think how glorious, how full of hope life can be to all who therefore see before them not death but only self-transformation as the alchemy of positive change!—to all who see in the law of reem­bodiment an opportunity for the slow learners and the rebellious to recover in new dignity from error's stains, rising at last from the astral sea of identity, the personal morass of mortality, into the morning of eternal hope and the crown of victorious Life!

A world fabricated to be the platform for billions of lifestreams, all created as mere moths destined to fall into the flame and be consumed, a world that is a kaleidoscope of changing scenes and ideas drifting, sans stability, in an endless sea of spinning nebulae and swirling gases, holds no promise for the children of the Sun other than to eat, drink and be merry, and to die like mortals.2

What marvel that men have accepted any religion at all when the factor of reembodiment is denied by the religions and many of their leaders! You see, it was by removing this teaching from the so-called mysteries of the early Church that there came into existence the very grave distor­tions of life's purposes in both Church and State that have challenged society to the present day.

When the Wisdom of God is imparted to man, it makes him aware of the fact that the sum total of all that he is—whether he likes it or not— is the result of his own doings. He sees on the instant the need, as well as the Power, to change his ways and to draw himself into alignment with cosmic law.

Faith in God mounts up; for hope joins hands with faith, and the personal mistakes of the past appear to be possible of present rectification. The understanding of current failures reveals them to be the result of wrongful acts, human error, rather than a deliberate resistance to Life.

And men and women are enabled once again to enter the main­stream of Life and to participate in a cosmic drama wherein divine Wisdom eventuates in a union of such celestial dimension as to stagger the imagination.

The greatest of rockets, ancient and modern, have a platform or launching pad from which they thrust off into the heavens. So it is with men and women in their search for cosmic Truth. From the platform of present existence they must seek and find the threads of cosmic light that will lead them through the golden door and beyond to etheric realms where blazes illumination's flame. Thus, from Wisdom's fount as well as inner study, the seeking, striving ones must learn to see God in action in themselves and summon him to take command of their affairs on earth.

How great is the suffering that Christians have endured through the elimination of this one point of spiritual Truth! By denying reembodi­ment they have denied their souls the keystone in the arch of being.

You see, there are certain fine points of cos­mic law that in a relative sense are not as im­portant as this one. Man can deny some specifics without suffering too much damage, but to deny the Truth of the continuity of his own being—its span of previous existence and its future glorious destiny—is to cut himself off from the basic prem­ise of Life!

C. The Eternal Now—Doorway to the Future

The Eternal Now is more important than either the past or the future. It is the doorway into the future even as it is memory's link to all that passes through the heart of man's experience.

Beloved ones, eternal Life is divine Wisdom, for by the acquisition of many fragments of eter­nal Life (segmented as lifetimes) man has stored up for himself treasures in the heaven of Being.1

Accordingly, the guidelines of the Ascended Masters' universities for the training of souls in the way of personal adeptship are firmly fixed, based on the great law of experience—the cumu­lative record in the Great Causal Body of the universe. These guidelines are drawn not only from the life events of one individual and the many, but from the net gain of empirical knowl­edge (as well as the gnosis) derived from the experiences of all who have mastered the three­fold flame in the time/space continuum and ascended to higher dimensions.

One of the most important features of the world's universities is that they are repositories for the many doings of mankind—records of the historical stream and the thought evolution of the race—and by their faculties and libraries they possess the means of communicating this treasury of codified knowledge so that it becomes a part of the mental wealth of their students and the for­ward movement of the planet.

Now consider, the entire universe is, in fact and configuration, a depository of cosmic law; and the most wonderful thing about this cosmic university is that all who will may attend and drink of its storehouse of knowledge!

In the retreats of the Great White Brother­hood one of the first lectures the Masters give their 'freshmen' classes, by way of correcting the misconceptions resulting from a common doc­trinal error, is on the false belief that all things terminate at death.

If death or illness were to be permanent, if human discord, sin, and unhappiness were to remain as an unremovable stain upon the soul, the master of a man's destiny, and their in­fluences could not be broken here or hereafter, if life's opportunity were to cease by the calamity of sudden and untimely death—no further chapters to be written in the book of life—then individual man could never assimilate the wondrous bless­ings held in store for all by the Mind of God. Such a cruel turn of fate could not be conceived by the God of Love whose mercies endure be­yond the grave.

Through the soul's reincarnation, her return to the plane of cause and effect where she has accounts to settle, imbalances to resolve—more Power, Wisdom, and Love to release from her heart for the blessing of many lifestreams— the God of Mercy extends opportunity to try and try again, and to prove that all death and sorrow, sin and stain can be dissolved in the sacred fires of the Holy Spirit. By right choice and his gracious violet flame, with a working knowledge of the alchemy of the spoken Word, souls born again may live to love again and forge and win their immortality.

In their classes the Masters point out, then, that the first and greatest contribution of God to man is the gift of Life as a continuum—identity preserved through the divine spark, the threefold flame of Life. And the second, which is like unto it, is the gift of free will in the exercise of Power, Wisdom, and Love—choosing step by step eter­nal Life.

Alas, the densities and opacities of the world of form, spread over the human mind as a mask of imperfection, have for untold generations robbed mankind of this his birthright of spiritual Wis­dom and experience unto the glories of the end­less Day!


Therefore ... my friends ... Open Your Eyes and Awake ...

If death or illness were to be permanent, if human discord, sin, and unhappiness were to remain as an unremovable stain upon the soul, the master of a man's destiny, and their in­fluences could not be broken here or hereafter, if life's opportunity were to cease by the calamity of sudden and untimely death—no further chapters to be written in the book of life—then individual man could never assimilate the wondrous bless­ings held in store for all by the Mind of God. Such a cruel turn of fate could not be conceived by the God of Love whose mercies endure be­yond the grave.

As soon we fix ... go and fix ... mend ... we will ascend ...


Is important to Live in the Now ... Please also understand that know your Past Lives IS NOT COMPLEX ... You don't need to enter in a Library or something. Your past friends ... may be your neighbors ... if you would need to fix something ... they will arrive to you and knock the door.

I consider is a Step in Human Evolution if some day we will have to Open the Door to Unlock our DNA and Watch Our Past Lives. Would you then go to pay a Ticket to watch a Movie? ... That day we will watch only Our Movies as well to visit a place ... like Greece, Florence or England and watch the past lives ... lived there ... because that records are there ...

Any city or place ... hold the records of the Lives lived there ... any moment ... Ascended Masters can watch and unlock for our eyes ...

Mother Earth and the Moon hold ALL THE RECORDS of OUR PAST ... personal records or place records ... Of Course this must be done.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I Giovanni have lived lives in Atlantis as well in Lemuria, two of the times so-called 'Garden of Eden'.

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