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Sunday, 11 March 2012 11:17

A New Cover for the coming book ... 'New Numbers: 12' originally published by F. Emerson Andrews in 1935.

Greetings in the day of the Lord ... the day of the Yellow Flame of Wisdom ...

    ... and please be aware about how many times in several places in the World ... we use '12' a Dozen ... or 1/2 dozen ... but not anymore.

  • How many hours we have in a day ... 24 hours ... 12 hours x 2 ...
  • How many days have a year? ... Basically 360 days = 60x6 + 6-6/6.
  • Distances between stars and Galaxies also comes in multiple of Twelve ...

At the beginning of Last Century, around the year 1935, Professor F. Emerson Andrews release the first edition of its book, 'New Numbers: 12'.

    This create like a fashion a trend to acquire and move the World from base 10 (decimal) to dozenal or duodecimal (12).

    The American Duodecimal Society adopt the following clock:


   This is the past ...

    Now we add the New Age trend ... from the very words of Angel Kryon we have ...

I want you to take a look at nature. On your planet, take a look at nature. Almost everything comes up in the factors of 12. Mathematician, you know what the factors of 12 are. [There are six.] The most common factors of 12 that you see in nature are three, four and six. When you crystallize water on its own, it comes up with a six-arm pattern [a snowflake]. The crystallization formations are base-12 with the factors of 12 clearly showing, mostly with six. We have told you for many, many years that the elegant science of physics should be base-12. It is an interdimensional math that includes a zero that doesn’t mean nothing or infinity. A zero in universal base-12 math means the potentials of all the answers probable. It’s not an empirical math as in 3D, yet this math will bring you some realizations when you begin to use it. For instance, does it make sense to you that one of the most profound equations that you have, being that of the circle - called pi [π] - is an irrational number? [An irrational number in math is one having an infinite and nonrecurring expansion when expressed as a decimal.] It goes forever! Does that make sense for one of the most profound formulas of the Universe? We happen to know that on one of your spacecrafts to communicate with anybody who might find it, you put that number pi right on the plaque on the spacecraft. It’s like a communication in math, in case any intelligent life-force should find it, they would then say, "Oh, Humans have pi! Therefore, they must be intelligent." Let me tell you what an intelligent society will know when they see that. They will look at it and say, "These creatures are flying in space, and they don’t even have base-12! Look what they think pi is! They must still be in base-10." It’s like finding an advanced society with black and white TV. π as expressed in base-12 is not an irrational number.

There are six forces of nature. Although four is a factor of 12, six and 12 are the ones that appear the most, and are most nature-like. Look at the chemistry of DNA and behold the factors of 12 in the chemistry. It’s everywhere. Before I tell you what the other two forces are, let me tell you about naming things. I will give them attributes, not names, because they will be named according to what science wishes to name them later, and they will then explain dark matter.

There’s a difference between the galaxy and the solar system - a big difference. Newton, listen up. At the middle of a solar system is ordinary mass. No matter how big or how small the sun is in any solar system, it represents ordinary, consistent mass. When you get into the giant systems such as galaxies, that’s where the magic is, and that’s where the discoveries are. Years ago, we told you what was in the middle of each galaxy that would cause the rotation, even before it was notated in science. We said there is something in the middle that is interdimensional - a black hole. Some years ago, we then gave you the rest of the story; we said there are twins in the middle of each galaxy. There are two quantum attributes. One that you call a black hole, and one you cannot see that is its twin. They are a push/pull system of interdimensional energy. They represent the missing piece of the named forces of the Universe and the energy that surges back and forth.

Now, stay with me [mainly said for Lee]. I’m going to give you some pictures in your mind for this. Let me tell you what happens when you have this kind of interdimensional energy in the center of anything. Newton’s law no longer applies, since the center is not ordinary mass. This interdimensional energy has a cohesion to it. It creates a flat, rotating galaxy because of this cohesion. There’s a whole set of laws that must be developed for a strong and a weak interdimensional force. These are the last two, and now you have the six. You have gravity, you have electromagnetics, you have strong and weak nuclear, and now you have number five and number six, which are strong and weak interdimensional force.

... You can read the entire speech here


   Therefore the adoption of a system of Twelve ... 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A and B ... and rejecting the actual decimal system 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 ... would simplify and let us to ... EVOLVE!

   Would this Dozenal system ... be finally adopted.

   The New Edition of my book ... expect so.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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