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Saturday, 18 October 2008 15:48

Three examples of Lorentzian Wormholes.


A Lorentzian Wormholes like displayed in the figure above is (for example) a connection between two different universes. I will save you for now, the mathematical and physics concepts involved within, but I will back on this issue, later this year.
From a mathematical point of view, a wormhole is also a topological variety, where the metric changes according with the concepts involved. In a Metric Space we have a formula for the distance. In Topology the concepts are similar.
Formally, Lorentzian wormholes known as Schwarzschild wormholes or Einstein-Rosen bridges are bridges between areas of space that can be modeled as vacuum solutions to the Einstein field equations by combining models of a black hole and a white hole.
Now, when we can find Lorentzian Wormholes?
I will give three example and another still more common.
  • The first example is the shape of our planet.
  • The Shape of the Universe
  • The space-time breach create in the atmosphere of earth.
The shape of our planet is similar to this wormhole, or a modified toroid. The proof is simple. Consider a map of the planet. Then create a cylinder and the unite the borders.
From the book, "The Poincare Conjeture ... In Search of the Shape of the Universe" by Donald O'Shea.
I consider the example for the Earth completed. For the same of the Universe, I will leave it for you like an exercise to solve. You can search the book I comment on the book, and wait for the explanation.
Now, we go something that happens in the past and we see in some Science-Fiction movies like The Nth Degree

The example is when we can traverse distances like "from here to the Center of the Galaxy", distance like 24,800 LY ... in seconds.

Basically, when we will be able to do that, and go physically to the Center of the Galaxy or any other place in seconds, I repeat physically, we had broken the limitations of space and time.

Again, we have a Lorentzian Wormhole, from our local space or Universe, and the remote Universe, or place, located in this case in the Center of the Galaxy.

(I read that this was the reason why Atlantis fall. The words I read comments that around 10,000 years ago a civilization from Lyra constellation comes to Earth, in this way. Slowly, they offering a new and more interesting technology split the people of Atlantis and create their destruction. You can read it on Page 49 from the book: The Pleiadian Workbook by Amorah Quan Yin. You can also found in Spanish and Italian, on the Web).

So, I did you three examples.

Now, I will give you another one. This is personal.

We are multi-dimensional beings and we live simultaneously in nine dimensions, from dimension one to dimension ten.

I want to tell you that each one of us, is a Lorentzian Wormhole, where the center of our hearth is the center of the Wormhole, matching all nine dimensions.

Here, the wormhole don't touch two dimensions but nine dimensions. Please fix your attention in the chart above, specifically in the seven colors. Imagine now that these seven concentric circles get flat in the top of the wormhole.

It is something like this:



I read that there twelve colors:

  • White Sphere ... the most internal.
  • Then there are four secret ray.
  • Yellow Sphere
  • Pink Sphere.
  • Violet Sphere.
  • Purple and Gold Sphere.
  • Green Sphere
  • Blue Sphere.

The source is the book: "The Path to Immortality" by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Care Prophet.

In other words, I am telling you something about Vibrational Medicine, and is that our 3D body is a projection from nine dimensions (and more) from the Center of the Galaxy.

This is very interesting about the replacement or the cure of human body parts ... in a closer future.

... But this is another chapter.

Thanks you so much,


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando. 

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