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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 10:37

A view of the Other side of the Veil ... not metaphorical ...


Greetings Dear Ones ... in the Sacred Wednes-day ... or Odin day ... as well Mercury-day ... the day of the Green Flame of Abundance and Healing ...

    And let me say ... that WE ALL ... will got ... GREAT WEALTH ... very soon ... as soon we solve our mistakes ...

    Each one of us ... have a mission and a Destiny ... Of course under the Path of Free Will (and basically we got lost) ... until we embrace of God Will.

    In some sense ... it is complex to speak about these matter ... but I need to.

    Like a Dentist ... that need to remove an useless tooth ... inserted in your mouth ... I need to extirpate ... some old mental implant you have ... very deep ... and look me ... like a Dentist to-day ...

    Are you ready? ...

    This lesson ... from my book ...

      This is one of the Appendix ... that I call ... Appendix 2 - What is Death? ...

       (One of the reason because the delay of this book was also the ISBN code. In fact I assign the same code to two books ... This problem is now fixed and the ISBN for this book is: 978-8888768960. The other book was ... 'The Holy Bible explained by the Family of Light' which ISBN is 978-8888768991. The incriminated ISBN will be assigned as soon all Our 100 ISBN codes are full released in Books and CD/DVD).


     Friends ... there are NO DEATH ... and WE WILL REUNITE ... WITH OUR LOVERS ... FATHER and FAMILY THAT HAS PASSED ... Not too far in years.

     Yes ... I am too touched by this ... but Worry not ... look for to-day ... and Have Fun.

Enjoy the Lesson.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


Chapter Eight

Transition of the Soul, Called Death, and

Losing a Loved One in the Times to Come


Because there will soon be so many changes on this planet, and so many souls have made a conscious choice at soul level to depart their physical incarnation at this time, I know that many of you will be facing the physical transition of one or more loved ones. They are those who have made, at this time in their evolution, a different choice than you have for their soul path, and I would like to encourage you to start seeing the soul transition that you call "death" with a different perspective.

You all know that there is no such thing as "death." Of course, there is a transition of the soul from a human experience in a physical body to another state, perceived as death, but ultimately, this is for the soul simply a transition.

It is almost always a time of joy, release, freedom and reunion with other aspects of self. It is a time of liberation, reflection and new beginnings, and never a catastrophic event.

Once you fully understand this, you will allow yourself a grieving period, for this is how we honor the energy of those who have departed, but you will never again feel sorry for the one who has left.

You will be fully comfortable with the choice made by your loved one, and will endorse total allowance of it.

You will thank them for the time you shared together within the incarnation, and truly bless them on their way to a new experience, knowing full well in your heart that separation is only an illusion of the third dimensional mind. You will know, without a doubt, that you can see and be with them again at any time on the inner planes, and that your connections with the ones you love can never be broken throughout eternity.

Those who love each other very deeply in an incarnated experience are usually those who have known each other, loved each other and incarnated within each other's life experiences for eons of time. You have experienced the physical loss of each other again and again, and you have found each other and lived as friends or family time and time again.

Sometimes the transition, or death, occurs seemingly by accident or because of a crime, a war or natural event that you call a tragedy.
All transitions, no matter what form they take, are planned by the soul in another dimension.

These choices are made for various reasons, according to the soul path or the balancing of karmic accountability that the one departing has willingly chosen from the other side of the veil. At soul level, for the one leaving this is generally a time of great excitement, and he or she cannot wait to be on their way to their new experience and adventure on the great journey called "life."

Here is the story of a woman well known to us who lost her only son in a car accident. She was totally devastated with that loss, and could not bring herself back into a normal state of emotional balance. Finally, she asked to channel Adama to find out why such a tragedy had come to pass in her life. She saw this event as a great injustice, and wanted to prosecute the one whom she felt was responsible for the death of her only son.

Here is what Adama replied to her through me. I also want to share that the answer came to her as a great relief and healing to her heart. Upon reading Adama's reply, she was then able to release most of the pain and grief rather quickly. She was able to look at life again with renewed joy and hope, knowing that her son is well and alive on the other side of the veil, loving her more than ever, and doing exactly what his soul wanted to do next.
I feel that it is important for all of you to understand more deeply this process of transition that you call "death."

We know that many of you, sooner or later, will encounter a similar situation either in your life or in the life of someone around you.

For those fully embracing this understanding in your heart and soul, you will be able to comfort yourself in true mastery when confronted with a similar situation in your life. You will also be able to comfort others around you who have not yet embraced the grace, of such an enlightened understanding of physical transition. I now leave you with the story.


Adama Replies from His Home in Telos


Dear Lemurian Sister,
This is your brother and friend Adama. It is my pleasure to communicate with you this day, heart to heart. As I open my heart to you, I ask you to open your heart to me as well, and to the truth of your being.

I feel your deep sorrow and pain regarding the loss of your beloved son.

It is such a normal reaction for a mother's heart to grieve the loss of her child.

Please dear one, it is important that you allow yourself to feel the pain and the grief, as it is not physically, nor spiritually healthy to deny or repress one's pains. When you are ready, after a time, it is even more important that you release the pain and move on into your joy. Life must go on for all, as it never ends.

You have a beautiful open heart, dear sister, and the pain from the loss of your beloved son is a catalyst that is assisting your heart in reaching a greater opening. You know, dear one, that there is no such thing as death. It is an illusion of third dimensional perception. If you could perceive beyond the veil, you would know that your son is alive, doing well and more aware than ever before. Your son now has the ability to understand his shortcomings towards you when in physical expression, and has been granted permission to come closer to you and to your heart than he ever did in his earth life. He is now fully aware of the deep and true love you held for him, and his own heart is much more open. He also realizes that he did not return your love the way he could have, the way you hoped for, and this is motivating him greatly on this side of the veil to seriously review the lessons he wants to learn for his next incarnation.

You have had thousands of incarnations on this planet in the course of your evolution, and you have had thousands of children. You have incarnated with a great many of them again and again, and truly, you have never been separated very long from the ones you had heart connections with. Your son has been part of your life many times before, and he will be again, especially as the veils between the dimensions are getting so much thinner.

In the years to come the veils will lift completely, and all of you will see your loved ones again face to face.

In a not too distant future, as you commit to your ascension, you will experience the great joy of finding yourself one day, face to face, with all your loved ones who have departed the physical world. You will be with them again tangibly without having to leave your physical body. Can you imagine the spectacle and ecstasy this great reunion will create! It is part of the plan, my friend. Keep the candle of love and hope burning.

Feel the presence of your son around you, and feel the love that he is now returning to you. Since his transition, he has gained much new understanding that he was lacking while in his physical body. Your son petitioned the Karmic Board Council of Light for permission to be at your side very often, and also to be allowed to become one of the guides assisting you in your next evolutionary step.

I, Adama, ask you to let go of the sense of tragedy. As far as your son is concerned, the accident he was subjected to was the working out of destiny, in spite of appearances. The man who hit him was the instrument of the settlement of a karmic agreement. Know that unless there was a soul choice by your son on the inner planes to end the present incarnation and move on to the next level, the accident would not have occurred. Ultimately, there was no accident, but the working out of soul choice for an evolutionary step.

At the level of the soul, it was not time for your son to come along in the ascension process as you have yourself chosen.
There were too many issues that needed to be worked out from a different perspective. Know that it would have been extremely difficult for him to work them out in the incarnated experience he just left.

By choosing to leave his body at this time, your son is now having an opportunity to prepare, with much greater wisdom and understanding, his goals and destiny for his next incarnation. He will come back again in a few years as a wondrous child of the "new world" to grace the planet and assist others. In his next incarnation, he will be much better equipped emotionally to realize his dreams. He will be able to accomplish the goals of his soul agenda with much greater ease than he would have been able to at this time.

Know that by making the choice to leave now, he will be able to ascend in the next life without all the pains, difficulties and hardships he would have to have encountered at this time if he had stayed. And because of the great love you have sustained towards him, you have assisted him greatly in receiving this special dispensation for his next incarnation. He is most grateful for the love you have gifted him with so unconditionally while in the physical form.
Know that your son is honoring you for this love unceasingly. He is assisting you in preparing the way for your homecoming.

Because you love your son so much, without holding back, allow now the choice that your son made to move on to his next step.

From our perspective, and the perspective of the soul agenda, leaving the incarnation wan for him a timely and positive choice.

Your son loves you very much and he truly desires to see you happy and in your joy. Your son does not want you to deny your grief, but he wishes you to accept his departure as the best thing that could have happened to him at this time.

He is saying to you right now: "Mom, I am still alive and feel so much better.

Life is so wondrous here, and I am preparing for our next reunion, which will be physical and tangible. It will not be so long until we meet again face to face, and you will know that I have never left. During my seeming absence from your physical life, take this time to love yourself so much more, to become all the love that you are, and then move on into your joy and aliveness." This is your next test and assignment.

Your son wants you to contemplate more than ever your belief systems around the life experience called "death." This event is also an opportunity to create within the Self a new leap in consciousness as a result of the transition to the next world.

Ask yourself, is there such a thing as death, or is it simply a transition from a physical experience to a greater reality? Do I really own my son, or does he belong to God, as do all other souls in evolution here and everywhere else? Was my role as his mother primarily to sponsor and assist this soul in an incarnation experience on Earth for a time, and because of it, we have created bonds of love that will endure throughout eternity? Is my son really dead of is he alive and more vibrant than ever on another plane of consciousness? Is our separation a permanent one or just a temporary illusion? Can I choose to go on living in the love and in the embrace of my Divine Presence and really enjoy my life again without my son physically present on earth, or will I choose to experience extended sorrow rather than detach and let go?

Dearest sister, I know your heart and I extend my love to you very deeply.

Accept the gift of peace from Adama and move into your joy. Think about the death of your son's body as the caterpillar exploding into a brand new and happy butterfly. Become a butterfly yourself, and soon, the two of you will be playing, frolicking and laughing together in God's garden.
I am Adama, the father of all.

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