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Wednesday, 10 September 2008 19:19

I AM studying Quantum Mechanics and other books.

For me, David Bohm (1917-1992) was absolutely right when he comment for example that is the DNA that using its electromagnetic field create reality.

These facts are full compatible with Einstein and Tesla Theories.

For Bohm, life is a continuous flowing process of enfoldment and unfoldment involving relatively autonomous entities. DNA 'directs' the environment to form a living thing. Life can be said to be implicate in ensembles of atoms that ultimately form life.


In fact, according to Bohm: The implicate order represents the proposal of a general metaphysical concept in terms of which it is claimed that matter and consciousness might both be understood, in the sense that it is proposed that both matter and consciousness: (i) enfold the structure of the whole within each region, and (ii) involve continuous processes of enfoldment and unfoldment. For example, in the case of matter, entities such as atoms may represent continuous enfoldment and unfoldment which manifests as a relatively stable and autonomous entity that can be observed to follow a relatively well-defined path in space-time. In the case of consciousness, Bohm pointed toward evidence presented by Karl Pribram that memories may be enfolded within every region of the brain rather than being localized (for example in particular regions of the brain, cells, or atoms).


there are a complete Theory and this represent a new point of view in the so called Physics, including formulas. We plan to cover in full this matter in our Course on Physics. This is more interesting and clear than the normal concepts today explained in High Schools as well Universities.


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