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Wednesday, 10 September 2008 15:30

We are made of light. We are spiral of light from the God heart.

Now, the good news is that all this, the cars, the buildings, the animals are made of light.

Please note that I said Light, not energy. But Light and Energy are basically the same equivalents.

Physic's Scientist soon will re-write the origin of cosmos. However, they miss some fundamental concepts and they does not know the real meaning of light. There are for example several universes and 26 dimension like Mr Green explains in "The Fabric of Cosmos".

Light creates matter. Can you accept this true?

Again, time is also a kind of energy, also not understood.

However, if you can accept that the Photon in our DNA, are light and we are of course matter. There will be other systems to produce matter from light.

Light, (like for example Sun light, or Star Light) is free energy. Therefore, we can produce a rose, or food, or wear from this "free light".

It is clear, that is someone can produce or materialize these things ... economy will disappear.

I will not go too much in depth, but just call your attention on these facts.

Because we are made of light, we can be cured by Light. So, neither medical doctors are necessary some day in the future.

However, let me go on time. Time is an energy, a tool.

Fix your mind on the fact, that we are living in 3D, and there are of course 1D (The Earth core) and 2D The Telluric realm.

Einstein, introduce the concept of fourth-dimension. and there are also a fifth dimension and so on. Our galaxy, however is confined to the dimension nine. All nine dimensions are arranged in the tenth dimension.

(I prefer to stop here, and we will back soon on this matter) 


Giovanni A. Orlando 


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