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Tuesday, 05 July 2011 17:06


Greetings in the day of Love ... the Mars-day of the Pink Flame of Love ...

    ... And Yes

    ...A Teacher must Love his students. Inspire respect in the mind of the revel Youth ... may be a travail ...

    Would the students ... respect their teachers and Mentors? ... No..

    Would the patients (because they must have patience to be healed) respect their doctors?

    To-day, I Giovanni will explain how the Life or Energy of God ... arrives from the Central Sun into the Heart of Man and then back to the Central Sun ... where God dwells.

   How many Chakra has the Man (or Woman) ...? ... and What are the Chakra?

   The Chakra are Chalice of Energy ... like Suns in the Sky on the Human Body ... and there are Seven Main Chakras. These are the Seven Seals explained in the Book of Revelation.

     The Seven Chakra are:

  • Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)
  • Third Eye (Ajna)
  • Throat (Visshuda)
  • Heart (Anahata)
  • Solar Plexus (Manipura)
  • Seat of the Soul (Svadhishthana)
  • Base of the Spine (Muladhara)

The Base of the Spine or Base Chakra is about 3 centimeters from the anus. The Solar Plexus is not the Stomach but a ganglionic-nervous center. The Crown Chakra is where the three bones joins in the center of the Head and the Third Eye is an Energetic Center in almost right line from the Pineal gland.

   Check the figure,


    The Seven Bodies of Man (Woman) are,

  Now the Question is what is the relation between the Pineal, the Seven Bodies and the 144 Chakra?

  The 144 Chakra may be composed as 7 Main Chakra (see Above), 7 Main Sub-Chakra and the other 130 chakra.

   To explain this well and fast, I will use Fig 25 from the book, "The Path to Immortality" by Mark and Elizabeth Clare,

Click to read on Google.books (See Chapter 2 - pp 115-120)

   Check the Figure 25 ...

   Here you can see how the Chart of the Seven Bodies ... (below) is expanded (above) ...

   In Fig 25 we can see how our two hands and two feet are also Chakra (Sub-Chakra) and from the fingers and toes the energy back to the Universe ... in cyclical mode.

   Check how AMI device capture the Energy: Can we got a fast diagnostic from our meridians? ...

   When the cycle stop and the Higher Self CUT the Energy ... you are Death ... but you can "tune" the cycle and let the Energy flow faster ... at High Speeds ... this is when the Higher Self ... basically enter multi-dimensionally in the body ... and thus Body #3 ... touches still Body #1 - The Physical Body.

   The term "The Central Sun" is a metaphoric term. In Astrophysics the Central Sun is located in Alcyone the Main Star of the Pleiades, in the Fifth Dimension.

   Please note ... by the way ... that the people from Atl star, Maya Star and Merope where respectively people in Mexico (The Maya), Tibet and South America, as well the Native Americans.

   You can check Book Pleiadian_Perspectives_on_Human_Evolution/ for a more precise explanation.

   Therefore, my friends ... the Body is "Electric" or "ElectroMagnetic" ...

   The so-called Medicine (drugs/pills) is something that produce a chemical reaction to produce an "expected" healing ... but not necessarily necessary.

    The Body is Electric (second expression) and the organs are made of matter that is Electricity at low rate.

    Once you reach a certain point ... Physics, Biology and Medicine ... become facets of the same coins used by God to built us ...

    Please always remember that atoms has electrons to compose molecules ... and the Hearth is made of Electrons and atoms ... still the coronary arteries.

    Any disease that may be elaborated and listed in books with over 1000 pages are nothing but a consequence of an electric or electro-magnetic bad function.

     Once that inner electronic machinery has been fixed ... any problem dissolve ... from a headache, an Heart disease ... or a problem in the circulatory system.

     Most people has a "dirty blood" because they eat pork, meat of cows ... full of blood. To clean the blood you need to clean the Liver.

    ... And to clean the minuscule holes ... you can drink a Tea based on Boldo. (Any serious herbalist store must have. I advice dry leaves) ... just like Lipton Tea.

    This plant will dissolve the dirty accumulations produced by eating meat, tobacco or liquor.

     Once your liver is clean ... the Blood in your blood is also clean ... and it will arrive to your brain faster and when circulate into the brain ... does not push you to anger, hate ... or greed ... or low morality.

     Some people consider eat Meat or Meat with Blood ... a Masculine attribute. This is considered stupid!

     Still Blood transfusion ... or mix our Blood with other Human Blood is dangerous ... imagine the Blood of a pork or a cow? ...

     Therefore ... please tend to be Vegetarian ... removing meat from animals with four feet and accept meat from animals with two feet, like Chicken. Or eat Fish ... because with low blood.

     The problem is to protect you Blood ... Because your Blood is You. It is your evolutionary and cosmic inheritance.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Let me add that the Pineal Gland (and see the Figure for the other Glands) ... The Pineal is the Gland that attune with the Cosmic Time ... or "The Future".

In past generation that Gland become of great Size ... and is expected that also in the coming years expand like in the Past.

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