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Sunday, 29 May 2011 16:39

(Click to listen a Lee Carroll's Kryon channeling at http://www.kryon.com/cartprodimages/download_Edmonton_11.html, Canada


Greetings again ... in the very day of the Sun, Sun-day ... the day of Wisdom.

     Please let me clarify that I am very happy to live another 100 years and these words are exactly the same that Lord Jesus told at the end of last year. Jesus did not specify ... He say at least 100 years.

     I Giovanni are happy not only for this ... but also because the Jump we will do ... in a close future.

     Masters are Masters and they does not say but Truths. However they protect us and a news for a remote future may happens still next year.

     I will repeat you to be clear. We are not original from Earth ... No. No.

     And we ... Humans are the perfect mix from several races from several Universes and planets.

     Kryon explain me that I am original (my soul ... not my flesh) ... Lemurian.

     The Big Ship of Mu ... was captained by Lord Jesus ... with 300,000 Lemurs and we land on Venus ... When? ... Exactly 4,500,000 years BC tailored by Archangel Michael.

     These were the Blue Andromedan Angels ... You can read this on

    I want you please hear this speech ... It speaks about the Galaxy. It speaks about the Twin forces we did not know and he speaks about our immediate Future.

     Like the Pleaidians ... that land in Hawaii (at the times of Lemuria) give us their DNA Layers 100,000 ago ... and from then we become Spiritual ... we Humans will do the same ... some day ... not too much shortly.

     We will master the Inter-galactic travel and together with the Pleiadians ... we will give our "Quantum Factor" to another race.

    ... And the story ... will be repeated ... And this is the Universe ... This is the Multi-verse!

    (Click the image to hear the speech) ... You will be happy, I promise.

Blessed you are,

Giovanni A. Orlando.


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