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Wednesday, 19 January 2011 17:00

What is the real Story of Lucifer ? ...

Greetings in this very Green-day of Healing ...

      I just read the story about How Lucifer falls ... and is similar to Dark Vader who was a Galactic Federation member who arrive to Maldek like a Helper and Supervisor ... but then ... Fall ... defying God ...

    Let me include a piece ... right now.

     Lucifer say ...

"... Someone had to defy God and prove that God was holding us all back and keeping us under his control in order to prevent us from knowing that we were as powerful as he was. This was how Lucifer’s thoughts were running by the end of the 5200-year cycle. Furthermore, he believed he had to keep his ideas to himself because everyone was so under God’s hypnotic spell. Lucifer believed he had to operate alone until he had taken control and broken free of the encodings from the Sun, the Pleiades, Sirius, and Galactic Center".

Oh my God.


Let me say ... I feel bad, very bad about this story ... and I delay and delay this healing on myself and on you, until now.


Like a Seeker of the Truth, I was curious about the destruction of Maldek, that actually is the Asteroid Belt ...


I, Giovanni suppose that Archangel Michael and/or some angels destroy the planet ... but I was wrong.


     Planet Maldek was destroyed because Lucifer move ... avoid the Sun encoding touch the Center of the Planet ... and the angels avoid that the Galactic Center codes arrive to Planet Maldek.


    All this produce an explosion from the internal that destroy the planets and his inhabitants.


     Have you ever wonder about the Lyrans? ... Amazing. Don't you? ... It seems when the US Government go to Vietnam, or to Iraq with "Bush I" and "Bush W"... Don't you? ... Or The Red English go to the New World ... etc.

   The Lyrans are still here ... They to-day are what conform the "Network" called Satan.

   Please never call Darkness ...

and never say

"I want to know also the Dark Side ... it is important for my experience".

   If you do that ... you will walk the Path of the Dark Ones ...


   I, Giovanni had alerted you. Yours is the choice.

   It is interesting that there people ... very Children of the One ... who embrace this choice ... Can you believe it?

   Yes, it is complex to believe ... Honestly just one group ... in a country is sufficient to move to Darkness the entire Country ...

    Darkness works like Light ... Always by Invitation ... and when you say

"I want no more Darkness ... then Darkness cannot stress you any more!"

    Again ... The Dark Ones are just one aspect and they are also Children of the One, but in the High Spheres there are no Darkness, there are no Black ... Just Colors ... Infinite Mix of Colors ...

    I know that you don't want to know this ... but you must remember the Darkness around you ... and why things works in this mode.

   Now, I Giovanni will describe the Introduction of Archangel Lucifer in Our Scene ...

  1. This was in Planet Maldek, and I tell you that that planet has been destroyed and that to-day the rest of that planet is the Asteroid Belt.
  2. The Second Part is at the end of this Lesson when I recall an OLD article dated Deb 03 2009.
  3. The Third Part is right-now ... To-day ... RIGHT NOW. THE WAR IS IN ACT ...

  This is a very important lesson ... described also in the Book of Apocalypse ... Rev 12:9

7And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, 8And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. 9And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. 10And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. 11And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. 12Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

   Let me say,



In the name of the Hierarchy, I am speaking ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Like Lucifer suppose he can defy God, and then escape to Orion to join some "friends" like him ... So, Tunisia President suppose he has doing well and escape to their friends ... and I suppose you will see several of those from to-day until the end of 2012. Blessed, you are!

PPS. The Story continues ... with the Colonization of Earth ... stay tuned ...


1000-Year Grace Period-Years 15,600 to 16,600

When the Maldekians who were willing to listen asked the Pleiadian young ones how to deal with violence and crime, they were told that a grace period would be created. During that time, anyone attempting to harm another or take away a person’s free will would experience the instant-karma effect of having the intended harm turn back on the sender. During the grace period of the next 1000 years, the Maldekians would have nothing to fear from one another, due to the instant-karma law. They could use that time to break the karmic patterns that had been played out so vividly over the past 5200 years. Healing modalities that addressed the issues of emotional denial, negative and victim thinking, control and domination, and addictions would be taught to those who were ready to work as healers. The priests and priestesses in the temples, and the temple devotees, would be available for spiritual teaching and healing practices as well. Still, disciplined spiritual focus and healing would be required on the part of the people. It was recommended that the Maldekians create gathering places for group meditation services that would be led initially by members of the temples. This would be the best way to help people align with one another with higher intentions and as co-creators.


Other planetary laws remained the same, except that the people requested the ability to call for assistance from the higher realms with a majority agreement. They felt that if this arrangement had existed during the previous 5200 years, perhaps they would have found something other than capital punishment and police forces as an answer to their problems. Their request was accepted.


With amazingly little resistance, the police forces were disbanded and the jails torn down or converted into other types of structures. A ritual ceremony of forgiveness, release of the past, and commitment to co-creating a new kind of win/win future was held in each city. The Pleiadians who had been born to the people were middle-aged adults by this time. Along with the priests and priestesses from the temples, and a delegation of Pleiadian Archangels who had arrived on lightships, the Pleiadians conducted the ceremonies. All of the Maldekians were asked to attend the ceremonies, and most did. A few who were still self-righteously holding onto the old ways refused to participate and were left to their own choices. The ceremonies took place for one full week. At the end of this time, the Pleiadians who had been born to the Maldekians made a group ascension in each community, setting an energetic example of spiritual completion and transcendence. The lightships placed new Pleiadian Archangelic delegates in each temple and then left Maldek. A deep peace and love filled the hearts of those who had witnessed the ascension event and gave them a sense of renewal, hope, and determination.


The next 1000 years was filled with great spiritual acceleration. The Maldekians learned how to deal with their emotions and karmic patterns. Meetings were held regularly for group meditation, and more and more people chose to dedicate their lives to the temples and spiritual growth. Those who did not participate were left alone, but after a few generations they died out and left Maldek a quickly evolving spiritual planet. Since the people’s life spans were around 150 Earth years by that time, those who began young could cover much spiritual growth in a single lifetime. As a result, several more Maldekians from each group became enlightened, including the first Solarian to attain spiritual mastery.


Music and art also played major roles in their culture again. Even the Soganites began to mix with the other groups, though minimally at first. When the entire city of Sogan was destroyed by a giant flood about 500 years into the fourth 5200-year cycle, most of the people evacuated prior to the critical stage, and all of the Soganite survivors arrived in Solaris for shelter. Gradually the uprooted ones migrated into the other communities, until they were completely integrated into the diverse Maldekian culture. About 300 of the Soganites chose to rebuild their own colony and remain segregated, but friendly, with the other groups. Their colony was established only two days walking distance, or about four hours by steam car, from Solaris, where the largest number of their people remained. A small temple was built in the new colony and some of the priests, priestesses, and devotees from the previous Soganite temple took up residence and teaching and healing practices there.


After the 1000-year grace period of instant karma had passed, the Maldekians were a peaceful people again, and the instant-karma ruling was lifted. This did not affect their life styles at all. In fact, most of them were not very conscious of the ruling anymore, because it so seldom had been activated for the past few hundred years.

Lucifer’s Fall-Years 16,600 to 20,800

In the higher-dimensional realms, during the whole history of Maldek colonization, Lucifer’s role as Supreme Being had been mostly to maintain and transmit the encodings and instructions from Galactic Center to the appropriate devas, angels, guides, guardians, and keepers of the magnetic and energetic grids and poles. He had, of course, dispersed helpers and personal guides as needed, and held the focus for the higher collective consciousness to develop. Now that the Maldekians were developing a stronger higher collective consciousness, Lucifer’s role was changing. The group evolutionary patterns were now being held by the Maldekians’ own higher collective consciousness as well as by those Maldekians who had become enlightened and chosen to serve in the higher realms. Therefore, Lucifer was now more of a spiritual administrator, so to speak.


Though Lucifer had witnessed the evolution of species prior to his experience with Maldek, this was the first time he had served as Supreme Being. Blending with the consciousness of the entire planet and its population while maintaining his own autonomy had been an incredible learning experience for him. What he did not realize was that he had also been imprinted with the lower-vibrational patterns of Maldek’s collective consciousness. The pattern that was affecting Lucifer’s own developing subconscious most—which he did not think he had—was the distrust of Divinity. Other patterns of violence, victimhood, addiction, shame, low self-worth, and general distrust had also made lesser imprints on his subconscious. However, until his role of holding the higher collective consciousness was lessened by the evolutionary growth of the Maldekians, he did not know he had been impacted. As Lucifer gradually separated from the group mind of the higher collective consciousness and began to commune with that consciousness instead of experiencing it directly, he felt waves of restlessness and apprehension move through his beingness. He dismissed these experiences as being merely aftermaths of the change in his connection to the Maldekians. These waves continued in infrequent, but regular, patterns and were a direct feedback from his subconscious, or shadow side.


Believing himself to be beyond temptation and error on all levels, Lucifer continued to dismiss these sensations and thought patterns until they began to come more regularly. The more he ignored and denied their validity, the stronger they grew. He soon found himself feeling a need for more control over the evolution of the people, and a vague distrust in their ability to evolve without that control. The subconscious impressions were weaving their way into his consciousness more and more, and since he believed that all of his thoughts and feelings were responses to truth, he gave validity to the urges. As his own consciousness grew cloudier, the weather of Maldek responded accordingly. Rain and overcast skies, as well as lightning and thunderstorms, increased in frequency. He did not realize that his self-absorption in control thoughts and distrust of the people were clouding his perceptions and literally creating a fog in the filtering system of the solar encodings.


When the weather and climate-control devas asked Lucifer why the solar encodings seemed less accessible, and at times vague, he thought the beings were trying to excuse lapses in their own responsibilities. He did not stop to realize that there would be no logical reason for such action; he had simply come to have a certain amount of distrust in others, and it was spreading to the devas and guides.


He asked one group of devas to observe another group as a back-up system, but the new back-up devas could find nothing wrong with what the others were doing. So Lucifer began a full-scale search among the devas, angels, guides, and other higher-dimensional servers for the problem. It never occurred to him that he could possibly be the cause of the breach; he never questioned his own effectiveness, even to the very end.


On Maldek, the people were experiencing erratic energy and emotional patterns that seemed to parallel the changes in weather. Their moods swung drastically. They became short-tempered and restless during thunderstorms. Their minds felt foggy after days of cloudy skies and fog. When the Sun came out again, they were relieved, but wary about feeling so out of control. They felt a need to be in control of their own emotions and bodies, but did not believe they could be. Lucifer’s lack of belief in their ability to evolve on their own was affecting them subconsciously and beginning to change their overall sense of self-confidence. The people tried harder to maintain self-control, and went to the temples as often as possible; they sensed a need for more help. Continuing their group meditations, healing practices, and self-observation helped to a point, but addictions also started to creep in again. As a result of their mounting underlying fear of not being capable of spiritual evolution, they reached out for stimuli that could calm them and make them feel more relaxed and confident again.


As Lucifer observed the people, he grew to believe more and more that they needed to be controlled. He lost confidence in the ability of the solar encodings and the crown-chakra, time-released evolutionary stimuli to bring about positive results. He felt that the energies being generated from the center of the planet were too subtle to make a difference. He lost confidence in the personal guides’ abilities to have any impact on the people at all, and came to believe that none of the higher-dimensional guides and servers of humanity genuinely cared about the people or even thought about their welfare. He believed that all of the guides, angels, devas, and other servers were merely robotically following orders as he, himself, had done for a long time. He believed he was just awakening to the fact that Galactic Center, the Pleiadians, and all of the others he was working with were under some kind of trance and unable to think and respond to individual situations appropriately. He truly believed that he was the only one who was capable of appropriate response and decision making.


By this point in Lucifer’s descension into the subconscious imprinting, he had lost almost all touch with Divine Truth and the purity of Light. He had fallen into a delusionary state and believed that there was some giant plot on the part of God to keep everyone asleep and under his thumb. Lucifer thought that he had to become more powerful than God and the forces of Light in order to wake up and take control over the evolution of the Maldekians, and perhaps, over existence in general. Someone had to defy God and prove that God was holding us all back and keeping us under his control in order to prevent us from knowing that we were as powerful as he was. This was how Lucifer’s thoughts were running by the end of the 5200-year cycle. Furthermore, he believed he had to keep his ideas to himself because everyone was so under God’s hypnotic spell. Lucifer believed he had to operate alone until he had taken control and broken free of the encodings from the Sun, the Pleiades, Sirius, and Galactic Center.


Meanwhile, on Maldek, the people were erratically having emotional fits; many even were going insane. Dementia, paranoia, split-personality disorders, and neuroses were rapidly increasing among the people. Outbreaks of violence were recurring. The priests and priestesses were even affected by the change in the input coming from the Sun and from the center of the planet. Lucifer’s derangement had created ever-increasing veils between the solar encodings and the planet. Without the solar encodings, the Light Beings at the core of the planet could not receive instructions and energy patterning to transmit to the planet, and they were “winging it,” so to speak. At first, when the encodings and patterning were disturbed and erratic, the Light Beings continued to transmit whatever they received; but, as the transmissions became more and more irregular and even chaotic, a decision was made to override the imbalanced input and return to the most common patterns of transmission. The Light Beings sent telepathic waves to Lucifer for direction; all they received in return were strangely garbled signals that were undecipherable. The Light Beings knew something was off, but they had no idea what the cause was or what to do about it.


On Maldek, power struggles were taking place everywhere, even in the temples. The priests and priestesses were reacting to the pollution of the higher dimensions by fighting among themselves. Arguments broke out over the appropriateness of healing practices, and over which rituals were required for which purpose. The priests and priestesses withheld information from the devotees and one another, thinking it was for the other’s own good. Each thought that only he or she was still in touch with higher purpose.


Gambling, drinking, drugs, violence, and loveless sex were becoming very common again, and with each sign of regression by the people of Maldek, Lucifer became more confident that his conclusions and decisions about taking control were correct. The people of Maldek had lost touch with any kind of sane reality and were wildly attempting to find comfort through “numbing out,” or seeking extremes of sensation. Suicide was occurring frequently among the people. Climatic conditions were totally unstable. Crops were failing. Animals and plants were dying rapidly. Very little peace or normalcy existed anywhere on Maldek.


When the Photon Band began to contact the planet from Galactic Center near the end of the fourth 5200-year cycle, Lucifer made his move. He used all of his force to come between the planet and the influence of the Photon Band. He ordered the serving angels and devas to form a great shield of reflective light around Maldek. He told the angels it was to protect Maldek, but would explain no further. Since they were supposed to follow Lucifer’s instructions exactly, they did so. The Light Beings at the core of the planet, receiving waves of hate and distrust from Lucifer, were trying to maintain the tantric transmissions, although they were doing so with some desperation—and with resulting energy pollution—by this time.


Higher-dimensional Light Beings such as the Pleiadian Archangels, Sirians, and Andromedans attempted to break through the shields created by Lucifer and all of those he had recruited to hold them in place. Finally, the internal and external pressures around Maldek grew so strong that they threw the planet completely out of its orbit. Lucifer had planned to do just that, but he had not anticipated the results. As Maldek was jerked from its orbit, the external temperature rose and spontaneous combustion occurred in the atmosphere. The internal pressure plates gave way and the entire planet exploded into small pieces.


The Light Beings at the core of Maldek, as well as many of those in the atmosphere around the planet, were fragmented and hurled through space. The Pleiadians, Sirians, and Andromedans were ready. They magnetized the damaged ones into healing, protective cocoons as they left the planet’s atmosphere. All life-forms, including humans, were, of course, destroyed instantly when the planet exploded. The human souls and soul fragmentations were also gathered into healing cocoons for transport. All of the cocooned beings and fragments were taken to Earth, and the cocoons were placed in the oceans to be tended by the thousands of dolphins who had already been living there for a few hundred years.


3_6.jpgAuthor’s Note: When the cocoons containing human beings and-higher-dimensional Light Beings who had been fragmented or otherwise damaged arrived in the oceans of Earth, the dolphins were prepared to receive us. Yes, I was among them, and I have re­-experienced the entire episode vividly. All of us who were stationed at the core of Maldek at the time of the explosion were cocooned and brought here. The dolphins were foretold of our arrival and circumstances by means of their highly sophisticated communications network with the stars, the Sun, and other planets. This network operates through their electrical systems and Ka bodies. In fact, their light bodies, electrical systems, and Ka bodies are blueprints for what ours are becoming. They are our more highly evolved elder brothers and sisters, placed on Earth to set the example for what we are evolving into. Therefore, they magnetically guide us toward our own destinies as fully awakened, multidimensional Light Beings.


These loving ones began at once to examine the cocooned beings one by one. They sent love and reassuring telepathic messages through the walls of the cocoons to those inside. Turning the cocoons with their snouts, the dolphins swam in pods around them while transmitting high-frequency stellar and solar emanations through their sonar. They healed all of us and nurtured us back to consciousness and peace again.


Now listen again as Ra continues:


Lucifer escaped to the Orion warrior colony, deciding that perhaps they were the only others who might understand his revelations and give him asylum. He was right, of course, and glad they were to attain such a powerful ally for their ongoing war against the Light and Galactic Center. Thus began the Lucifer Rebellion, as it has become known.


Fires burned in the atmosphere where Maldek had been for the equivalent of hundreds of Earth years before the last visible signs of the catastrophe were gone. Left behind was what we now know as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This belt includes the Goddess asteroids: Pallas Athena, Vesta, Ceres, and Juno (Hera). The Goddesses represented are all ones who had power and sovereignty and lost it to patriarchal demigods; they are in the process of healing and being restored on Earth at this time. Coincidental or meaningful symbolism considering their origins? You decide.


Chiron is a large asteroid located between Uranus and Saturn. It is the astrological divine counterpart to this Maldekian-created belt. Chiron is the astrological aspect of the wounded healer who, in the process of serving, becomes damaged and must heal himself in order to ascend. His location in, and aspects to, your astrology chart are the major keys to unveiling your own individual wounds that, when healed, will lead to your own wholeness, enlightenment, and ascension. The key theme, once again, is in male/female balance and the right use of power and sexual energy.


Author’s Note: Though they were few in number, the enlightened and ascended Maldekians do exist. They now inhabit the fourth and fifth dimensions of Jupiter, holding the lessons of expansiveness of spiritual integrity, Light, trust, and freedom. Calling on these Maldekian Ascended Masters, as well as exploring your astrological relationships between Jupiter, the Goddess asteroids, and Chiron are ideal ways of identifying and healing your own Maldekian karmic patterns.
















In the spirit of the Maldekian lessons of outside authority, trust, and spiritual exploration, I offer this poem.




It’s time now. A voice from behind gently pulls at me, pulling me back to here and now, to that moment where everything begins and ends all at the same time. A firm, yet soft, touch on my shoulder echoes without words, It’s time now.

Responding with only a turn of my head, I acknowledge her. I see in her eyes the message once more.

My eyes reach out and say , “Just a little longer.” Her smile replies, compassionately, It’s time now.

“Come,” says she. And I turn to look behind me one last time, as her hand upon my shoulder presses, ever so slightly, adding emphasis to her beckoning, her invitation. “Come,” is repeated by her touch and nod, like a bowing of her head.

With one deep breath I turn to face her, and away we step, together again, Spirit Woman and I, hand in hand.

“Don’t look back,” she says; and these words send a quick shiver of panic through me. I jerk and start to turn, but her hand now tightens, close around mine, repeating once more, “Don’t look back.” And we walk on, my heart loudly pounding. I look at her hard. I say to her with my eyes, “Just one last. . .” Her eyes cut me off, silently warning, “Don’t look back.” I feel her urging me on with her heart, the message repeated in love.

But I cannot stop; my impulse is strong. And quickly I turn, hoping for one last something to pull me back, to say, “Stay. This is where you belong.”

But instead, only darkness and empty silence abide.

I look to her for answers now, in hope of understanding. But her eyes, her heart, her touch, her silent words, all say, “I tried to stop you.” Her arm around me tightens, but gently, and pulls me forward once again. I do not understand, and yet deep peace moves through me now like a gentle wave.

And together, we walk on. Nothing ahead. Nothing behind. A pervading sense of presence; of here now; of anticlimax. I am not sure why I avoided this for so long.

Time passages lose their power in here now.

Whether we walked for minutes or hours, days or centuries, I cannot tell.

We’ve never stopped.

And in the silence and peace of movement days or lives could pass in a single step.

I know I’ve learned something that gives me a sense of Strength, Faith, Patience, Trust; for they are real: omnipresences, as natural to me as taking a breath, or feeling the wind in my hair, or splashing cold water in my own face from a clear stream.

The two of us move, silently, reverently, onward: a living, walking Namaste to all that has been, to All That Is, and all that shall be; and to each other. And with each step a little more of the burden of meaning with which I have laden everything and everyone in my past drops away.

Piece by piece, it dissolves as easily as the Sun into the evening sky.

Until, at last, all that is left is a Luminous Void abiding within me, and I abiding within the Luminous Void.

It’s time now. Her words take on a new meaning, but I do not understand. As the Luminous Void inside and around me grows, she squeezes my hand, and then lets it go, and somehow this gesture echoes her words. My eyes seek answers. But her eyes grow first brighter and then begin to fade away. Her image disappears into the Luminous Void.

I gasp and reach out to pull her back, but I cannot. A last, loving smile and gentle nod and she is gone.

Sounds of silence roar forgotten memories. Winds of time blow through my core. I am alone

on a path to and from Nowhere—so suddenly, like a falling star that soars through a darkening sky to who knows where. Behind me: darkness. Ahead: soft haze. And here and now: the Luminous Void.

Something inside me settles somehow. A wave of peace and acceptance spreads through me—though I do not know why. I begin to walk on. Nothing ahead. Nothing behind. Just pervading sense of presence: my own, the sacred presence that I Am, of here now, of anticlimax. I am not sure why I avoided this for so long.

Alone I walk on—minutes or hours or days, I cannot tell.

But I’ve never stopped.

And once again in the silence and peace of my own movement, one step at a time, I learn something.

I become more.

And Strength, and Faith, and Patience, and Trust deepen:

Omnipresences as real and natural to me as existence.

Walking on in silence and in reverence, I am a single,

walking, living Namaste to all that has been, and All That Is,

and all that shall be, and to myself.

And with each step the burden of meaning I gave to her,

to us, to everything, slips away: dissolving with ease as softly as a sigh.

Until, at last, all that remains is only a Luminous Void abiding within me, and I abiding as the Luminous Void. And only then, from deep inside, I hear a distant, familiar voice.

It’s time now. I hear this time—resistance gone—and with an inner glow I softly reply, “Yes!”

And closing my eyes, I hear her voice: “Just a few steps more,

and ahead there is a bridge: an arched bridge. You cannot see

to the other side until you stand at the crest, in the center. Walk slowly, and at the crest you will see a light in the distance. Follow it, and it will lead you home.”

In silence, I softly reply, “Yes!”

Deep inside what I Am, I feel a warm breeze comforting, caressing, filling me with all the love I’ve ever known—in a single moment between times.

And just as I open my eyes to step forward, I see endless horizons with endless bridges, one after another. And with quiet laugh and willing heart I step forward toward the first bridge knowing I will cross them all, eventually, without question. I am not sure why I avoided this for so long.

Just as I hit “Save” on my computer after inserting the poem at the end of this chapter, I felt eyes staring at me, and looked up with a start. There, with his nose almost touching the window in front of me, was Earnest, my deer friend. After telling him to wait for a moment, I went to the refrigerator and got out a large yellow tomato. I cut it into eighths and went outside to greet him. He would not accept the food until I sat on the ground where his nod implied I should sit. Once I was seated, he began to enjoy the tomatoes, knocking three pieces to the ground in the process.  

When Earnest had finished the tomatoes in my hands, he nuzzled the ones on the ground and made light snorting sounds. The juicy fruit pieces were covered with small pebbles and dirt. While sending him pictures of what I intended, I asked him if he would like me to clean off the tomato pieces for him. I sensed his acquiescence as he moved his head aside a little to allow me access to the fruit. I picked the pieces up one at a time wiping them clean with my fingers while he patiently waited, then accepted each offering as it was free of debris. As I reached for the last one, he lowered his head and my hand brushed across his velvety antlers. He twitched slightly, then looked deeply into my eyes. As I still held the last piece of tomato in my hand I felt an opening in the deer; in response, I lifted my hand and slowly stroked from his chin, down his neck, and to his chest. He then ate the last piece of tomato after which he slowly, albeit thoroughly, licked every drop from my hands including between my fingers. Tears gently trickled down my cheeks as I felt the deepening of our bond of trust and friendship.  

Then he backed up slightly and just stood there looking at me. I waited for him to walk away while maintaining eye contact continually for another minute or so. Finally I received the message, “He wants you to walk away while he watches this time.” In response, I stood slowly while Earnest remained close by. After I stood, he looked up at me and I felt a wave of love and trust from him that penetrated my heart and soul completely. We were quiet together for a few moments before I turned and walked away. As I reached the door I looked back to see him still watching me. I went inside and looked out the window as he turned and walked away.

I have never seen Earnest again since that very special afternoon during which he visited me twice. But the healing and bond between us remains even in his absence.

This last experience with my deer friend was another confirmation to me of the importance in the messages about healing trust among humans, between humans and animals, and in humans toward higher-dimensional Light Beings. In other words, unity in diversity is the path of the future.

 I Giovanni now wants that you read ... like a continuation for this ...

Ra Speaks

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