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Monday, 11 August 2008 18:01

Three US Patents proof that the Permanent Motion is possible ... and it is! ... Yep!

Of course that the permanent motion is possible.

Now, please tell me what said your Physics Book ... It said that is impossible ... but is possible ...

How this can be? ...

The answer is that the permanent motion is possible in the same way, planets rotate ... eternally.

Your Book is wrong and incomplete ... This is one of the reason we are speaking here about Physics concepts!

How this may be possible? ... It is possible.

There are also another reasons ... and are connected with money. If you can built an apparatus or motor, magnetic or like the MEG, then you don't need to pay anymore your bills about electric energy.

... and the same is valid for Gas, Water, Methane and any other.

All the energy is free ... I don't want to touch the Spiritual/Religious or God part, but all is free.

For now, you have the patents ... please study and take a look.

Thanks for now,

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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