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Not only Sciences or Studies in Humanities, but also World's Religions.

Please note the name "Humanities". Why are not Humanities ... Mathematics, or Physics, or Chemistry ... still Biology or Medicine?

All World's Religions are supported. Not only the Christ Religions but also the Islam, or Buddhism, as well Confucianism.

When I read what Confucianism means, I said I am Confucian ... but honestly I am all ...

We are humans ... not computers or cellular phones ... or animals. We are humans, and only we can recognize a God, neither animals or machines.



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221 Archangel Michael speaks about "The First Vial" ,,, Administrator 1919
222 What is the Alchemical Marriage? ... Administrator 3424
223 Who were the Masters of Jesus, the Christ? ... Administrator 1200
224 Message to America on the Mission of Jesus Christ Administrator 1013
225 Editorial #4: A necessary addendum about Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism ... Administrator 2145
226 A Message from Sananda ... Administrator 1022
227 Who was the husband at Cana's Weddings? ... (updated) Administrator 1943
228 What is the soul?. Maitreya answer. Administrator 1091
229 Are you ready for the ascension? ... Administrator 1127
230 Are you working in automatic mode (zombie) or are you aware to open the seven seals? ... Administrator 1022
231 Codes of Conduct for a Disciple of the Holy Spirt... Administrator 1088
232 Was really Judas a bad boy ? ... or he was in accord with Jesus? Administrator 1039
233 Who call Jesus "Devil" in his face ? ... Administrator 1098
234 The Significance of the Coming of Maitreya Administrator 1480
235 About the misunderstanding of Second Coming of Christ: Jesus speaks! Administrator 1664
236 What are the three religions founded by Abraham ? ... Administrator 1078
237 Would you respect a foreign God? ... Administrator 1139
238 La llama trina en nuestro corazón ... Administrator 10182
239 Perche ci sono stati tanti santi in Italia? ... Administrator 1501
240 Who is the Holy Spirit? ... Administrator 1169
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